My son on stage with Nahko Bear! So proud seeing him up there singing all the words. 😍 🌏 ✌🏼 #projectearth #redtiedye #musicfestivaljunkie #nahkobear #harmonypark #magic #music #camping #hugsallweekend

GORGeous 🙈🌞🎶 Everyone’s favourite part about @paradiso_usc is the venue, right? Dancing on the edge is the best ✨🌲

Paradiso was seww deep ✨🔮 green fields, peachy sunsets, deep haus, psytrance, spicy sweet grilled cheese, kandi making stations, even the gnarly wind was refreshing 😋

Performing live at The Kind Mind Campout 2018 @bandwich !! #KindMindCampout #TheCampoutCup

The Kind Mind Campout is proud to bring you an in depth educational experience with some of the brightest and best in the field of cannabis. We will feature a number of celebrities, cannabis business owners, journalists, activists, cultivators, breeders and entrepreneurs on our panel discussions and workshops on Friday and Saturday. Attendees will also be able to engage and ask questions!

Friday* "Celebrity Judges Panel" Moderated by Bobby Nuggz 12:00-12:45
-Randy (Trailer Park Boys) -Marc Brownstein (The Disco Biscuits)
-Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Keynote Speaker/ Intro Speech: Catherine Lewis 11:45-12:00pm "Budding Industry" Moderated by Ellen Brown - 12:00-12:45
- Jennifer Grue
- Laura Beohner
- Eric Martin
- Devon Soloniewicz [Breakout Session - Workshop Tutorial] "Dosing" Hosted by Jamie Joplin 12:30-1:00 "Cannabis Industry Experts" Moderated by Bobby Nuggz - 1:00-1:45
- Nikka T
- A.J Sour Diesel
- Michael P. Whiter
- Kyle "Tuna" Gairhan
- BURNTmd (GuerillaHealer) [Breakout Session - Workshop Tutorial] "Cooking" Hosted by Mass Cannabis Chefs 1:30-2:00 "
Ganjapreneurs" Moderated by Ellen Brown 2:00-2:45
- Philip Hardy - Hannah Jane
- Uncle Pete [Breakout Session - Workshop Tutorial] "Hemp" Hosted by John Dvorak 2:30-3:00 "Green Future" Moderated by Ellen Brown 3:00-3:45
- Marion McNabb
- Joseph Gilmore
- Sonia Erika
- Sandy Bernier
- Maia Jolicoeur [Breakout Session - Workshop] - Side Stage
"Applying Cannabinoid Therapy" Hosted by GuerillaHealer 3:30-4:00

Keynote Speaker/ Closing Speech: Alex Grey 4:00-4:20 [All panel discussions will be held on main stage, workshop tutorials will be held on side stage] #TheCampoutCup @kind_mind_campout

Maine legends The JAW GEMS performing at @kind_mind_campout !! #TheCampoutCup

We're incredibly happy to have Matisyahu joining us for this year's Kind Mind Campout !! @matisyahu
Grab tickets at the link in our bio ☝️ @kind_mind_campout #TheCampoutCup

Taking on this week like a girl with a hula hoop at a music festival! 💫

Three people, some occasional guest players, and a lot of genre mixing. That's how @tusnuaofficial describe themselves. The band released their first album last year, got a lot of positive critical acclaim and started to gain recognition regionally. See them play on Tam Tam Festival!

@jheneaiko is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 | 📸 @iamstevenrhys #festhype #jheneaiko @smokingroovesfest

We had a pretty epic couple of days at #ultrasingapore #festivalsquad #thenittygrittyguide

N.E.R.D DID THE DAMN THANNNG🔥🔥🔥 I grew up dancing like a loon in my room and making music videos to their songs as a kid with my cuzzies, so you know I was LIT!! @nerd @pharrell #day3#nerd#childhooddream#lemon#bouncingaround#lit#suckatposting#musicfestivaljunkie#raving#lifestyle#issavibe#oldschooljams#pharrell

There's a little bit of devil in these angel eyes 🧚🏻‍♀️
When you’re in Music City the music is never-ending 🎤 I had the opportunity to share my favorite venues with the crew at @travelawaitsnow Read my Local’s Guide to the Nashville Music Scene by clicking the linktree in my profile.

Get your tickets before they go up at midnight tonight!!! Stay Funky!✊

Feels like festival season! #waoevents

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