Tonight’s quinoa bowl was topped with chicken breast, steamed spinach, cherry tomatoes, Irish mushy peas, and balsamic vinegar. So delicious!

A year on and still have to say we were the best looking bridal party. Happy Anniversary Beautiful. #mushypea

OMFG! This beautiful human @nsph0t0s is 40 today. This means neither of us died in an alley in 1998, which is a minor miracle, quite frankly. Instead, over the past 20 years, he’s somehow gone from partner in (very) messy crime to my greatest inspiration (even if I usually ignore his advice, haha). The Astoria no longer exists but our friendship is still going strong. Happy birthday from me, Lolly, Vogue Boy and Liam. We love you. #fortyandfuckingfabulous #squadgoals #desperatelyseekingeuan #mushypea #nationaldrugshelpline #letsdopoppers #notkai #friendshipneverends #gerihalliwellstillwantstobeme #ilovehorses #stillcantdothekick #oyenoughwiththehashtagsalready #butwevegotsomanyinjokes #cheersthen

Fish and chips like a damn boss. #fishandchips #cod #mushypea #mainline

True myth!

#cookhousescoff #lovemushypeas #lovethegreen

We hear it all the time – 20% exercise, 80% diet. Or, wait…is it 30% exercise and 70% diet? Aren’t abs made in the kitchen, but you won’t get definition without some heavy liftin’?
It’s not that these sayings are untrue so much as they’re misleading.

There is no mathematical way to break down whether exercise or diet is more important for your goals. If you want to run a marathon, changing your diet isn’t going to help you with endurance. Exercise, specifically running, will. This goes the same for any goal – gaining muscle isn’t achieved by just increasing protein consumption, it’s gained by exercise. Sure, the two go hand in hand, but is it really as simple as an 80/20 or 70/30 ratio?

So what are these numbers trying to tell us? If you’re falling short on your goals – fitness or weight loss – you need to look at your diet. If you don’t appropriately fuel your body you’re not going to get anything out of it. Additionally, if you’re trying to lose weight, falling into the “exercise your pizza away” trap will lead to a vicious cycle. Exercise should never be a compensatory tool for any meal you just ate.

The truth of the matter is that diet is very important, and much easier to tailor than exercise for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you must create a caloric deficit. Creating a calorific deficit by switching out high calorie foods with low nutrient density for low calorie foods with high nutrient density (see: trading pizza for chicken breast) is much easier and takes all of 1 minute. If you wanted to burn those calories off, you’re committing yourself to miles of running or hours at the gym. It’s easier to rein in your diet and make small changes here and there than to spend surplus time at the gym to “make up” for a bad diet.

Want to read the full article?? Follow the link below. (I'm not sure if links will work on here)


Feeling the love 💕 still in my pjs #workinghard thank you ladies @prettyfiercemarketing @littlesocialyorkshire #investinyourfuture #mushypea #feelingfierce 🙌🏻💕🙌🏻💕

Home improvements . From stable to nanny and pops home ❤️❤️❤️ #barnconversion #investinyourfuture #family #mushypea 😍❤️😍 one year on xxx

🙌🏻😍😘 #mushypea #homelife #bouncing

MUSHY PEA CARBONARA🥓 - I absolutely love this dish it’s honestly so bloody tasty. I hope the bank holiday has been good to you all, I’ve spent mine sitting a 3 hour exam and countless hours in prison (aka the library) and to make matters even worse the weather has been glorious. Anyhow, sensationally pukka dinner which has certainly amended the crappy weekend. 10/10 #pukka #mushypea #pea #carbonara #pasta #linguine #norty #creamy #lactoseaintmyfriendbutidontcare

This must be my favourite picture ever ❤️ my bestie and beautiful mamma , watering our family pony .
The most wonderful weekend ever #mushypea #homelife #view

So todays the day. I'm finally being posted overseas! 🇨🇳
5 months ago i met the girl of my dreams and it's going to be the hardest thing in the world leaving you behind @samthrax91
You've encouraged me at every step and never let me sell myself short. No one gets me like you or makes me smile the way you do. You're everything I never knew I needed and I'm going to miss you more than you'll ever know. But we got this 😉 124 days and counting 😍 I love you 🖤🖤 #mushypea #mygirl #124days #thecountdownson

Just catching my breath after the last couple of weeks results 💖🔥Chantilly Galway girl going supreme today at BSPS 2b . This little lady has been a duchess from the day she got off the boat from Ireland.
The sweetest Dolly ever 😍 . My team @djinksy @charlotte_grooby you make my dreams come true every time 💖 I wouldn’t do this without you . I love to pick them #ragstoriches 💖 #overthemoon #mushypea xxxxxxxxxx

Princess and the pea.... and the bafta!! @rebecca.ryan91 #bafta #shesapea #mushypea #armstrongsmushypea

#circles ... working on some new shapes today. Enjoying the fact I have had a big clean up & tidy in my home workroom so it’s time to get some stitching done ✅.
#clutch #purses #newshapes #wedding bags #spring #leather #mushypea #tan #shapes #onmydesk #onmymachinenow #manchester #manchestercraft #maker #handmade #homestudio

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