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Morning Muse: 26/02/18- Find that truth 🙌 - #MorningMuse #thesoftlander #museontv

We joke too much in this country. Singer Skiibii warns his American friend, August Alsina, against his association with a chimp - #wejoketoo much

Yes we know that its definitely going to be lit.
Regrann from @omawonder - Yassss!!!! I'm so excited!!! I don't get to do this often. But when I do...you can be rest assured it will be LIT!! - #museontv

#repost @iretidoyle
I had to repost this one cos honestly this is a concept I've been pondering for a bit now...
Fun and games and "pop-culture" aside; the underlying spirit driving the "pepper dem movement" is spite.
Now don't get me wrong...if you're existing and operating within your God given light and some pple are being blinded; frankly they can reach for a pair of dark glasses...
However, I will never understand the concept of a fully grown person living for, deriving pleasure from, and going out of their way to intentionally make another feel uncomfortable or less than.
If all you are living for is to "pepper dem" it says more about you and your insecurities than it does about the pple you're trying to "show". And frankly one day...you'll realise that very few pple are actually watching.
Ps: you should follow @febidahosa ....gain some wisdom.
#BetterNotBitter - #museontv

Morning Muse: Feb 21 2018
You gotta pick a side! Choose one.
#MorningMuse #morningmotivation #dailyinspirational
#thesoftlander #museontv

NINA in tears 😭 because of the dissolution. What do y'all think?

What's your take guys!

But the govt. had the power to move against "adult" act in gay marriage: bunch of hypocrites!! - #Museontv

#repost @ms_dsf - I remain a Fighter. Not a crier. 
I’d like to thank everyone that’s supported me, publicly and privately during this difficult time..
We can leave the social media war now & let the law take its rightful course.

Peace & love, D♥️ - #Museontv

Not to spoil your Monday but what's your take on this issue?
#marriage problems #thesoftlander #museontv

Saraki Invites Emmanuella To Senate As Comedienne Lands Hollywood Film Role - #Museontv

Now that you are on break: May I remind you that you did not wake up today to be mediocre. Dare to be different stand out and do some goddam creative thinking today. #productivity #Monday blues #thesoftlander #Museontv

I wonder if @unlimitedla will regret posting this post now, as Khloe don fall everybody hand 🤔
#kokobykhloe #bbnaija #bbnaija2018 #bbnaija3updates #thesoftlander #museontv

Make peace with that 😁🤞🏽
#mondaythoughts💭 #thesoftlander #museontv

Morning Muse : Monday19th 2018

Energy aligns people. The ones you spend most of your time with, influence your attitude, thoughts, beliefs, and your level of success more than you think.
Everyone walking around is holding a level of vibration. Some people are stuck in their own cycles and habits that keep their energy at a low vibration. In this state, the person tends to see life from a negative perspective. They always seem to be complaining without wanting to change. A person like this, will most likely try to bring you down if you're around them. They'll try to make you see life from their "negative" perspective, and discourage your dreams and visions. If you're around them too long, you'll start to share a vibration of belief with them.

Energy connects people, and you can't expect to stay positive being around negative vibrations. This is why it's crucial to understand how important the energy you hold, and the people it aligns you with is.
High vibrational beings are people who have an optimistic view on life, they're always happy, because nothing affects their internal state, they get what they want because like attracts like, success is apart of their life, because they hold a positive belief that anything is possible. Being around someone like this will inspire you and show you an insight into a life that you probably didn't know existed. Their good vibrations will uplift you.

However, to attract someone in higher vibrational state, you have to be in that state to align yourself. All this alignment is happening, but we can't see it unless we start paying attention to the things we've manifested around us. When you realize the kind of energy you have been attracting, than and only than can you make a change. Don't try to hold on to meaningless friendships, and relationships that are keeping you in low vibrations. Life is too short to waste your precious energy on being unhappy. Shift yourself to align yourself.
Comment if you’re ready to SHIFT to a HIGHER VIBRATION.

Tag your friends that inspire you to do better ✨🙏✨
Repost #idillionaire #thesoftlander #Museontv

What's your status? Oya 🙌 your hands if you know where you belong!
Me, I'm no 3.
#relationship #goals😍 #dating #Museontv

Sunday Mood! Another science student moves. Cc @baddosneh

Morning Muse: Sat 17 feb 2018-
Its not too late to be nice. Be kind People are fighting struggles you know nothing off. Don't forget to smile ☺ and to put smile on people's face 💞💞😀😀😁.. @house.of.leaders - #museontv

Ladies! Get in here.
What do y'all think about Reno's statement.
Credit to @diaryofanaijagirl - First of all, Reno is ignorant of the female anatomy. Where there’s abundance of Kegel, the vagina walls will never stretch like this picture he posted
Secondly, Reno is a chauvinist and Patriarchy flows in his blood with the velocity of a waterfall
The Virgin education has been restricted to women while men are allowed to explore freely. The responsibility of morality lies with females alone. WHY????
This man is such a hypocrite and his sense of entitlement is at a level where even he is beginning to lose touch with what’s real and what’s acceptable
My body parts will not be objectified to please anyone or drive home a Point
My vagina is mine and how I derive pleasure with it is my sole business. Don’t ask me to wear a Chastity belt, even if I was a Virgin, I would never wear it. Because, I know better than to believe it’s the gateway to marital happiness or that the lack of dick in a vagina equals purity of heart!
Let everyone choose what they want to do with their genitals. If you’re going to preach celibacy/chastity then preach it to both sides, if you’re incapable of doing that, KEEP KWAYET

This rubbish needs to stop! Stop having sex with fish Mr. Reno. Even though you can only fit into number one, it’s still not okay!
#DANG ™️Diaryofanaijagirl ©️ - #museontv

Hey guys, check out this, amazing video by the talented @babyfazeworld and his interview on #museontv today on STV or DSTV channel 252 at 11am.
Don't miss it !dude is exceptional!
Cc @larryforeman007 @drealeve

@ciara - She’s The Sweetest Angel! Read my letter to Sienna and see more photos of Baby SiSi and I Shot By Daddy on my TraceMe App. ❤️ - #museontv

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