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“The eye has to travel” - Diana Vreeland /
Musée Picasso Paris
Inspiration / Grey / Gold / Pleated
Ph Credit / @cucinadigitale

Picasso is really known for repeating the same scene over and over but varying it so greatly that it transmutes into a deconstructed series. One of his most famous is the drawings of the bull he did from December through January 1945 which takes a full bull in the first frame and breaks it down to an almost single line in the 11th frame. In Le Musée Picasso there's a series of Picasso's interpretations of one of Manet's paintings Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe which while not a direct exercise in realism to abstraction, definitely shows how intrigued he was by Manet. In the attached quote he refers to Manet's work as "trouble." Ha! 😄

One of my favorite paintings of a woman is #femmeassise. She's sitting down, ostensibly trapped in Picasso's chair for eternity, but in reality she radiates such strength that one senses she'll decide to get up whenever she damn well pleases. 🙌😍

Today a dream came true: I visited Le Musée Picasso, the #picassomuseum. There I saw one of the most important paintings Picasso ever created La Mort de Casagemas. It's important because it depicts his closest friend Carlos Casagemas after he's shot himself in the temple over a love gone wrong relationship. The flaming candle represents the female anatomy. Casagemas and Picasso moved to Paris together. His suicide profoundly impacted Picasso not only in terms of shaping his views on women (not great) but also sending him into a deep depression which heralded the beginning of his #blueperiod. Casagemas' face has a green-blue hue. Not a year later Picasso would be firmly entrenched in the blue period of his work such as the Portrait of a Man seen in the last photo here. The blue period is one of the most important eras in Picasso's compendium. Sometimes out of great pain comes great growth. In terms of his art this demarcates a huge turning point of his artistic genius. However in terms of his personal life, in my opinion, Picasso struggled with relationships with women throughout his life and he even stated that he liked to portray women seated so that they'd be forever tied to the chair which he controlled. –A lot to unpack I'd say. 😭🙃But later in life he found peace in his marriage to Jacqueline Roque which spanned the last 11 years of his life and inspired over 400 paintings of her alone. Thus, even in love he eventually got there. 🙏 He's my favorite artist because even though I don't love everything -and some of it is very dark-it always stays with me. ♥️💕♥️💕

New painting, painting at Picasso 1932 exhibition at Musée Picasso in Paris, January 2018. Now in London at the Tate Modern!

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C A T C H . T H E . R A I N B O W 🌈
Quand mon fils attache plus d’importance aux reflets arc-en-ciel sur un mur qu’aux œuvres du Musée Picasso !
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👨🏻‍🎨Pablo Picasso
🖼Jeune fille devant un miroir (Mujer ante el espejo)
📍Museo Picasso. Paris.
Pablo #Picasso (1881-1973) es uno de los pintores más conocidos del mundo. Por la aparente simplicidad de sus composiciones, su estilo cubista es frecuente tema de bromas. Sin embargo, las obras de Picasso son más complejas de lo que creemos.
En esta obra una mujer (Marie Thérèse Walter, amante de Picasso) se contempla frente a un espejo. Su rostro está dividido en dos: del lado izquierdo vemos la niña y del lado derecho la mujer. En una interpretación moderna de la vanidad, Marie Thérèse, contempla su reflejo interno. Lo que ve en el mismo está abierto a debate: ¿reflejo futuro de una decrépita vejez o complejos internos que nos son invisibles?
La mujer estira la mano hacía el espejo en un movimiento que une a la vez la niña, la mujer y el reflejo de la misma. En una sola obra, Pablo Picasso plasma todo su genio. Con brochazos gruesos y una paleta de colores caóticamente colorida, Picasso nos representa tres versiones de una sola mujer. En las palabras del famoso pintor español: “¿Hemos de pintar lo que está en la cara, lo que está dentro del rostro, o lo que está detrás de esto?”
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Some early Picasso’s. First two he painted at 14 years old. Couldn’t help noticing the off set eyes in this early one. Fun seeing his experiments in styles. #picassomuseumparis #artists #museepicassoparis

Este é um post curto e (quase) invejoso. Sabe esta primeira tela? É um Picasso feito em 1895 quando o artista tinha apenas 14 anos... Chama-se L’Homme à la Casquette e, sim, Picasso imitava o mestre pintor renascentista Rafael... A outra tela, de 1972, nos revela um Picasso no alto de sua juventude de 83 anos. Ele nos deixou um retrato no melhor “estilo Picasso” batizado de... O Jovem Pintor. Perceba o percurso maravilhosamente invertido realizado pelo artista. A liberdade que ele conquistou. As telas estiveram no Brasil no Tomie Ohtake e moram no museu Picasso de Paris. Pensando bem... este post é invejoso ;) #arte #art #historiadaarte #arthistory #picasso #pablopicasso #museepicassoparis #visitoquadroscomosefossemamigos

Et ça recommence, bonne journée à tous! #museepicassoparis via @cucinadigitale

A Dose of Inspiration 🎨@gettymuseum We’re so fortunate to be able to experience the works & passions of so many masters from the past. Museums can leave you overflowing with creativity and in awe of what’s possible What’s your favorite museum. What artist inspires you? #getinspired

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