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Gestern zum ersten Mal #surfset ausprobiert ✅ Wer würde es auch mal ausprobieren? 🏄🏼‍♀️
Habe mich gefühlt wie im Urlaub 😇und danach haben @jana_rassl @pati_fitness und ich noch #jumpingfitness bei @janine_ks mitgemacht 💪🏼 Finde es echt klasse dass der #groupfitness Bereich immer größer und ausgefallen wird, sodass für jeden etwas dabei ist was ihn Spaß macht 👍🏻
Wer macht noch manchmal Kurse mit und wenn ja, welche?
Schönen Sonntag noch 💕

Dynamic Maniac 😈💯 I have always loved dynamics and my bro @davidlarsson91 has really stepped his game up motivating me to put in 5th gear and now I feel more confident than ever! You're a beast bro! 🔥#WorldCupReady 🎵: Bring Me The Horizon - Shasow Moses

2 years ago today! I was serious about my flag gains! Still have my human flag building routines, which took me from barely holding one for 3 seconds up to 53 seconds at 198lbs. ➖➖➖
Going to put a program together for anyone who wants to achieve a solid humanflag and put in on my website. DM me if you're interested 💯
Tag a friend who can do this 👀

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You didn’t wanna see my facial expression 😂 happy birthday to my big bro @iamjwarren it’s hard to look big standing next to this guy 😒😂


😈 #PhysicalAF Challenge Accepted 2 of 2 courtesy of my dude @bodybynathan2 😈
👉 Alternating Lunge Military Plate Press 👈
Again, your choice of matching plates and OF COURSE had to go #AlphaAF going with a pair of 45-lb dinner plates --- gotta make my bro proud🙌 --- OBJECTIVE: Lunge, Press, Repeat! All I gotta say is that this challenge was AWESOME AF 👌💥💪
#Binopi #BinoCalisthenics #testyourlimits #pushyourlimits #NoLimitsFitness #physicalAF #getbsf #athleticstandard #liftup #militarypress #liftthatshit #45lbs #90lbs #musclechallenges #musclevideos #planetfitnessflow #IG60 #fitnesschallenges #armstrength #pushingweight #pullupparkjam #realcalisthenics #knoxxfitbrz #splitlunges #lunge #lunges #overheadpress

Benching is my faaaaaavourite😍 Today we worked on strength (low rep with heavy weight) and I hit 126lbs for 1 solid rep without a spot😆💪WOOOOOO!!
-95lbs, 1x5
-105lbs, 1x3
-115lbs, 1x2
-120lbs, 1x1
-125lbs, 1x1
-126lbs, 1x1
#bench#fitness#goals#challenge#strong#fitspo#fitnessmotivation#girlswholift#fitgirls#bodybuilding#lift#workout#gym#beastmode#girlswithmuscle#fitfam#muscle#fitnessvideos#musclevideos#gymvideos #inspire

Fav back exercise at the moment! This allows you to really engage and squeeze your back 👏🏼 Try this out because it does not disappoint 🤗💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️

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