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Tight calves? 🧐 .
A number of people who come see me for sports massage, often find that their calves are tight, but the culprit is usually the Soleus, rather than the Gastroc (which we all tend to automatically blame!) .
The Soleus (labelled ‘A’) sits behind the Gastrocnemius (labelled ‘B’) and helps with inversion and plantar flexion of the foot...which simply means, turning your foot inwards, and pressing toes in to the floor (not necessarily at the same time! 😂) I find the easiest example of an obvious time our Soleus is ‘working’, is when we run up the stairs and plant the balls of our feet into the step 🤓 .
It attaches to the heel of the foot and runs all the way up to the knee, (well, just below) but we seem to forget all about it, because of the Gastroc sitting on the top! .
If you foam roll religiously and still feel the tightness in your calf, try stretching out the Soleus too..if this still doesn’t work, you know where I am 🙋🏼‍♀️ #sportsmassage #soleus #gastrocnemius #muscletension #triggerpoints #sportstherapy #personaltrainer #howthebodyworks #injuryprevention #muscle #exercise #training #muscletightness #anatomy

I'm just excited that the cupping revolution is back. This technique is ancient yet effective! I love the major results I'm seeing with each client!
11411 North Sam Houston Pkwy East Suite #108
Houston Texas 77396 .
. .

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Shoulder tightness? Headaches? Neck pain? You may be suffering from trigger points in the trapezius muscle! .
Come into Health Space Burwood for some dry needling or massage to give these muscles some sweet relief! 👍🏻🏋🏻‍♂️ .
But in the meantime give this self release a go!

Praying this helps my sore back & ribs! 🙏 #muscletension #muscletightness

Dry needling is a great technique for sporting injuries such as tennis elbow, shin splints and muscle strains. Our chiropractors may incorporate this technique in conjunction with a personalised treatment and rehabilitation plan to help you perform at your best!

SORE?| Do you have tightness or a niggling pain that's holding you back? Book in your Remedial Massage today, we have appointments left across Friday afternoon and Saturday.

Do you have neck and shoulder pain? Here are some stretches you can do either at the office or at home. Remember that stretching should not be painful. Ease into the stretch and hold for at least 30 seconds. #bridgwaterphysiotherapy #stretching #physio #physiotherapy #neckpain #muscle #muscletightness #officestretches #winnipeg #rhomboids #riverheights #painrelief

Please welcome the newest addition to our team.... the TheraGun. .
Vibrational therapy has long been used for decreasing muscle tension and pain. This gadget packs a 🥊 and sounds like a power tool, but believe us, it’ll leave you asking for more. It is known to relieve those nagging sore spots like those in the upper back, lower back, shoulders, and hips. It’s even powerful enough to release tension in large muscles like the glutes, hamstrings and quads. Come into the clinic and try it out! .
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They see me rollin’... I use this foam roller everyday ! 💆‍♀️Massages are great but in between visits I need relief from built up stress & tightness in my upper body from training. If YOU suffer from tension headaches and carry your stress in your shoulders, a foam roller is definitely a great investment for your body & well-being! 😌
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Foam Rolling Friday🙌

Are your knees, hips or low back hurting⁉️😣
Commonly overlooked causes are having tight IT bands, quadriceps or adductors🤔
Each of these muscle groups have varying attachment sites on the pelvis and then down around the knee; therefore, if any of the muscles involved in these muscle groups are over or under active from daily movement patterns, scar tissue or adhesions there will be an ISSUE😫💥
For example, I personally had over active hip flexors/adductors which rotates my pelvis anteriorly so much that it caused major low back/SI joint back pain for quite some time until I was able to roll and stretch out all of the knots and loosen the adhesions that had built up from stress. •
IT Band: thick band that runs from the outside of the hip to the outside of the knee. With all your weight lay on your side on the foam roll and move up and down the entire length of the IT band😭

Quadriceps: the large 4 muscles that makes up the front of your thigh! Place the foam roll directly under your body along the front of your thigh. Roll not only the front, but also the inner and outer portions of the quadriceps.

Adductors: these muscles are often forgotten about but play a huge role in most movement distinctions #kneevalgus
This is an awkward🙈 place to roll but DO IT! Position yourself so that the foam roll is along your inner thigh and just roll from the high inner groin area down to your medial knee.

You all are going to hate me after rolling these 3 tight areas!!!🔥😫BUT if you continue and push through the pain you have a high chance of not having anymore knee, hip or low back pain! 👊🏻 spend 30 sec-2minutes on each area rolling around & notice where you are the tightest!

Stretch day ✅
After my intense workouts I needed some deep stretching 🙆‍♀️. I did some foam rolling which ouch is a little painful 😣 & then some longer stretches which felt like a massage 💆🏻 .
Recovery is part of working out. You need it to rebuild your muscles 💪🏻 & prevent injuries or overtraining.
Make sure to check out my stories daily with tips & todays is a question I need help with so make sure to click on the poll ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
Happy FriYay 💕✨
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Today’s client from @nutrishopnorthfontana came in experiencing limited range of motion and tightness in her back and shoulders.
We utilized cupping therapy to help her regain that range of motion! Cupping Therapy is a great tool for drawing out lactic acid, relieving pain, promoting blood flow and more!
$65 promotion ends Feb 14! Book your session today!
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Shoulders feeling better - new left side flare down quite a bit, right side still niggling at me but bareable. Neck pain also on the decline, shout out to MyPillow for actually being the best pillow ever. Had less sleep last night but woke feeling well rested. Quality sleep 😍

Persistent hamstring tightness is life but especially where my legs connect with my butt - don't know what that booty crease joint is called. Workout has made it a bit sore but range is better. Not being able to bend over and hug my calves is the indicator and I can do that again now 😊

#painmanagement #stretching #rangeofmotion #chronicpain #muscletightness #stayaheadofthepain

✨This quote is very true! The biggest investment we have in our lives is our bodies. Make sure you are taking care of it. It will become an expense if you don't take the time to invest in it✨

That's right, us myotherapist are pros at easing the tension in your bodies so when you walk out of the clinic you will feel light as a feather!
Book for an appointment via the link in the bio ☝️

Happy Day After Super Bowl! 🏈 This pic has gotten a bad rap in the acupuncture community because too many needles, using the phone and laptop during the treatment, and the needle brand used. But mostly too many needles. While most acupuncturists I know would never dream of using 400+ needles in one treatment, we also know that there are just as many styles of acupuncture as there are acupuncturists...and it all works! What do you think? Do you want a treatment with hundreds of needles?
#Patriots #SuperBowl #ChineseMedicine #SportsMedicine #Acupuncture #cupping

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