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I remember when I was 12 years old and I told my teachers at school that I wanted to be a bodybuilder, but they all thought I was joking.
One teacher even showed the class a picture of a man in a magazine who wasn't even a big bodybuilder but just had decent abs, and my teacher told the class that none of us will be able to look like him because it's too hard to get that physique. I had some pretty discouraging teachers.
Sometimes you won't have many or any supporters while you follow your dreams. My goal is to let other teens and young adults who want to become bodybuilders but feel like they are the only ones with this "weird obsession" know that they are not alone.
MY GOAL is to motivate the young guys to make the next generation of bodybuilders the best generation yet!

Motivation is the alphabet for success. When it's a passion though, nothing can stop you.💘 Tag a friend who needs to see this.👇


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