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❌MUSCLE OF THE WEEK❌ It’s STRETCHING BELLY TIME💪🏼 ok so your all probably thinking why do we need to stretch our ABS⁉️ as unusal as it may sound stretching the abs and the core will bring HUGE relief for matters such as: 🔹Injury 🔹Tightness 🔹 Back pain 🔹 hip pain and more❗️ This COBRA like stretch is a great way to target your ABS and hit some lower back relief aswel! Here’s how to do it: 1️⃣ Lay on your belly in a press up position (hands under armpit crease) 2️⃣ keeping lower body flat, slowly extend your arms to straighten the elbows. 3️⃣ once a slight stretch is felt, hold for 10 seconds and return to start and REPEAT! Give this a go in the morning 💤 #muscle #health #fitness #gym #muscleoftheweek #massage #cupping #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #gymmotivation

Muscle of the week: Glute series! (3/4)
Gluteus medius

#MUSCLEOFTHEWEEK ❌ ...STRENGTHENING RECTUS ABDOMINIS... 🔹THE PLANK!!🔹 There are many variations to this exercise! Here is the basic plank: ▪️Start on all fours, and then prop yourself up on your forearms and toes with your chin tucked in. ▪️Lift up your body, creating a straight line with your body. ▪️Maintain this position without arching the lower back. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.
To advance the exercise, you can lift opposing leg and arm off the floor, or for the 30 seconds hold you can come up off your elbows onto your hands and then back down.
Give the plank a go and help strengthen your core!!! #muscleoftheweek #rectusabdominis #dailyinfo #learnthemuscles #knowyourbody #sportstherapy #sportsinjury #sportsmassage

❌MUSCLE OF THE WEEK❌ This weeks muscle is looking at one of the very familiar CHEST muscles 💪🏼 A common area worked on by doing the famous BENCH PRESS!! Common injuries are usually muscle strains due to OVERWORKING the chest and PEC MAJOR causing the muscle to tear! 🤕🚑 TREATMENT for this will begin to apply ice to the acute strain of the muscle, once inflammation if any has gone we will begin to massage and improve range of motion and reduce pain in the area! Strengthening exercises will be given to get the muscle back to full function! #pecmajor #muscleoftheweek #sportstherapy #knowledgeispower #knowledge #learning #anatomy #helping #others #picoftheday #cupping #massage

Muscle of the week: Glute series! (2/4)
Gluteus minimus

#MUSCLEOFTHEWEEK❌ ...STRETCHING YOUR PECTORALIS MAJOR... ▪️Stand up next to a door frame or wall corner, and place your hand or forearm on the edge. ▪️Lean your body forward until you feel a stretch across your chest. ▪️Hold this position for up to 30 seconds, and repeat up to 3 times on both sides.
#muscleoftheweek #pectoralismajor #dailyinfo #learnthemuscles #knowyourbody #sportstherapy

❌MUSCLE OF THE WEEK❌ The LEVATOR SCAPULAE is a true pain in the neck‼️ 🤕 do you sit for a long period of time❓ this may sound familiar to you then as neck pain can be common due to sitting or standing for a long period of time with poor posture and tired muscles the LEVATOR SCAPULAE will become inflamed and irritated. Treatment for this will begin with an assessment to identify areas of tension and weakness followed by massage and some CHINESE CUPPING 🤯 to fix your pain in the neck 🤩 #muscleoftheweek #muscle #injury #neck #pain #massage #deeptissuemassage #helping

#MUSCLEOFTHEWEEK❌ Taping for Levator Scapulae The levator scapulae is deep to the trapezius. It is named after its action of elevating the scapula. It also helps bend the neck laterally. Trigger points in the levator scapulae typically refer a lot of pain in the neck area. In some cases pain will also refer slightly to the medial border of the scapula and the posterior of the glenohumeral joint. Kinesiology Tape it’s effective on his own, but can be combined with other therapeutic modalities that our therapists use for even a bigger impact in your treatment plan. Ask for #kinesiotape on your next appointment, you won’t regret!!! #muscleoftheweek #levatorscapulae e #ktaping #kinesiologytape #sportstherapy #triggerpoint #triggerpointtherapy

#MUSCLEOFTHEWEEK ❌ ...STRETCHING YOUR LEVATOR SCAPULAE... ▪️Place one hand behind your lower back to lower your shoulder ▪️Place your other hand on your head, and turn your head to the opposite side and look down ▪️Gently pull down on your head and maintain the position once you feel a stretching sensation. ▪️Hold for up to 30 seconds, and repeat 3 times on both sides.
#muscleoftheweek #levatorscapulae #dailyinfo #learnthemuscles #knowyourbody #sportstherapy

❌MUSCLE OF THE WEEK❌ Does this look familiar to you❓ Your probably noticing the area of pain while reading this❓RHOMBOIDS are a common culprit for our SHOULDER PAIN‼️ usually due to are PROTRACTED POSTURE while we are at WORK‼️ trigger points and knots occur in these areas and often refer pain to other areas of the body causing pain‼️ don’t let your shoulder pain continue. It may be the RHOMBOIDS causing it🧐 #muscle #muscleoftheweek #muscleoftheday #rhomboids #massage #injury #sportstherapy #pain #aches #helpingothers #cupping

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It's that time around again: #MomentArmMonday

Today we are looking at probably the most popular exercise for the ‘core’.⠀

Side note: we know there is an axis at each and every joint in the spine but to make our image less complicated, I have set a generalised axis. And you can see the moment arm to this axis.⠀

There definitely is a challenge on the spinal flexors.⠀

But what else is challenged?⠀

Find the other moment arms.⠀

Which axis has the greatest challenge?⠀

Don’t slide straight away. Take some time. Find the Moment Arm(s) in this exercise.⠀

// Pop quiz time!⠀

[A] What is the resistance profile of the plank?

(Late) Muscle of the week:
Psoas major and minor

These two muscles are part of the iliopsoas muscle group. The psoas major acts as what is more commonly known as the "hip flexor" muscle and brings the knee towards the trunk when the body is fixed (e.g. high knee drill), or brings the body towards the leg when the leg is fixed (e.g. doing a sit up). The psoas minor acts as a weak flexor of the lumbar spine.

In the case that the psoas major is extremely tight, it can anteriorly tilt the pelvis forward (and possibly into heightened lordosis, or increased inward curvature of the lumbar spine) and pull on the lumbar spine, causing lower back pain. Sitting for long periods of time may contribute to a tight psoas major, so make sure you stretch those hip flexors if you have a desk job or just like to binge watch Netflix shows for 6 hours straight!

Stretching Rhomboids - Stand talk with your back straight. -Take your arm across your body using your other arm to take it a bit further. -Hold it for 20 seconds and repeat 3 times on each arm. #muscleoftheweek #sportstherapy #stretching #stretchisgood #rhomboids #knowyourbody #sportstherapy4u


Since the rhomboids connect the scapula to the spine, one of the functions of the muscle is retraction of the scapula.
Weakness or tightness (or both) in the rhomboids not only causes bad posture, but also eventually leads to pain.
The bad posture we are talking about is the shoulders being rounded forward. However, this incorrect posture can easily be fixed by lengthening the tight areas, and strengthening the weak.
If this sounds like you, keep your eyes peeled for more #muscleoftheweek posts this week for information and tips on how to correct this postural defect!! #muscleoftheweek #rhomboids #dailyinfo #learnthemuscles #knowyourbody #sportstherapy

❌MUSCLE OF THE WEEK❌ (ERECTOR SPINAE) Does this look familiar to you⁉️ Do you feel like your always slouching forwards and sticking your belly out❓well your not alone❗️ Lower Cross Syndrome or LCS, is a neuromuscular condition in which there are tight and weak muscles. One of the tight muscles are the thoracolumbar extensors (ERECTOR SPINAE). The term ‘Lower Cross Syndrome stems from the muscular dysfunction that is in the lower portion of the body. The ‘cross’ is due to a combination of tight muscles and weak muscles‼️Lower back pain is commonly present with such posture and can result in further injury to the lower cross region❗️ keep your 👀 peeled for when we go into more detail for the other muscles contributing to the ❌LOWER CROSS SYNDROME❌ #muscle #muscleoftheweek #erectespinae #injury #pain #ache #treatment #sports #therapy #massage #cupping #deeptissuemassage

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