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When the gym is crowded af on a holiday morning and the weights you want are being used...what do you do? Pull up your cute new workout pants, turn the volume up, pick up the heavier weight and just get it done! #bouldershoulders #muscleismagic

Are you meal prepping today, too?! I know a few of you want recipes. Do you like watching videos or webinars? I'm looking for double taps or hearts from candidates to review my eBook and meal planning guide this October before official launch. Ten reviews from submissions will be chosen and printed in paperback version. #MuscleIsMagic #WeAreAllBodybuilders #MealPrep

Curious how natural athletes recover from intense training programs? Join us in person at HQ or webinar. http://healthyissexyevents.com
Powered by nature.
Perfected by science.
Perform your best at any age!
#MuscleIsMagic #HealthIsSexy

Its been a long crazy day full of clients and I still have two left. So taking "my" energy shot that is jam packed with antioxidants that works at the cellular level to promote natural energy. Nothing but the good stuff!!! #metabolicmakeover #metabolicmakeoverfitness #buildingthebestme #muscleismagic #poweredbynatureperfectedbyscience

Oh hello, post chest-day vein. We haven't met before. #muscleismagic #naturalmuscle #naturalbodybuilding

Protein does a body good #notcookingtonight #protein #muscleismagic

Shoulder pump easier to see when tattoo's are covered. Also, my boobs are in their death throes. #muscleismagic #naturalbodybuilding #naturalmuscle #shoulderday


***What is Metabolic Fitness?***
#MuscleIsMagic #FlexFriday I love the benefits of strength training and weight-lifting. Higher mitochondrial mass is key to success in our goal to have a leaner physique. A major adaptation to mitochondrial biogenesis results in more mitochondrial tissues which increases metabolic enzymes for glycolysis, oxidative phosphorylation and ultimately a greater mitochondrial metabolic capacity.
I'm thankful for my regenerative nutrition protocols that drive up ATP energy and increase repair, rebuild and regeneration signals in my metabolism.
***What causes aging?***
"Aging: The Biology of Senescence
Entropy always wins. Each multicellular organism, using energy from the sun, is able to develop and maintain its identity for only so long. Then deterioration prevails over synthesis, and the organism ages. Aging can be defined as the time-related deterioration of the physiological functions necessary for survival and fertility. The characteristics of aging—as distinguished from diseases of aging (such as cancer and heart disease)—affect all the individuals of a species.
• Oxidative damage
• General wear-and-tear and genetic instability
• Mitochondrial genome damage
• Telomere shortening
• Genetic aging programs
As human life expectancy increases due to our increased ability to prevent and cure disease, we are still left with a general aging syndrome that is characteristic of our species. Unless attention is paid to the general aging syndrome, we risk ending up like Tithonios, the miserable wretch of Greek mythology to whom the gods awarded eternal life, but not eternal youth."

Repost: When I was 12, my knees suffered a blow in a car collision. At 35, I was miserable and bed-ridden. I would never have stepped foot into a gym. I was "skinny". Then at 37, after a co-worker shared a gift, a miraculous recovery happened. Now at 47, I’m passionate about pushing myself to achieve success as an elite athlete and help others realize optimal #MetabolicFitness. I love my job! #MuscleIsMagic #LiveYoungLifestyle #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #Strong #Gym #Fit #FitLife #Healthy #HealthyLife #Athlete #NaturalAthlete @greenlakefitness

Last night, really exhilarating to pull more than my body weight off the floor after weeks of hamstring strain recovery. 135x5x2 pounds is a good place to start. #deadlift #powerlifting #slowandsteady #strong #healthy #fit #fitness #metabolicfitness #muscleismagic #blessed

#FlexFriday The trainer in the video explains how to increase range of motion. http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/the-worst-way-to-perform-the-bulgarian-split-squat

Say "no" to bad knees.
Reading a conversion with between two knee pain sufferers brought me back through the past years of bad memories of knees locking up, relentless, tear-jerking pain, sleepless nights, and constant fear of injury. I'm so blessed that most of that is behind me.
Last Friday, I tweaked my right knee "chasing" @dr_fred_russo's drop-shots on hard court in tennis then training legs the next morning with @jlopezmassage73. I did self-care trigger point, myofascial release, and my self-care version of "Graston Technique" (screamed and cried), then iced the area for 20 minutes twice. Doubled up on my plant-based protocols for 5 days. This Wednesday, played tennis mindful of the knee but halfway through, I forgot about the injury. I also danced Zumba that evening and recovered nicely after my three-a-day. Today, no more wonky feeling so I will train legs and give her a try.
I'm careful with how I move and to avoid situations that I know will cause agony. As a competitive athlete both in #bodybuilding and #powerlifting, my perspective has changed. I train smart so I can continue to avoid ever getting surgery or exacerbating my imbalances. I implemented strategic fitness approaches, knee and postural chain rehab movements, stretch daily, Chiropractic, massage therapy, nutrient-dense meal planning, maintaining healthy body composition, reducing stress, sound sleep, balance repair hormones, 100+ ounces of water daily, and regenerative nutrition protocols, have all been my saving grace. Praise The Lord!

#BlessedToBeABlessing #iLoveMyJob Honored by this pot of succulents gifted me today and lovely thank you card from a #metabolicfitness student. I am so tickled by her gesture of gratitude. Working out with her through the Green Lake Community Center Adult Wellness Programs has been so rewarding. I'm passionate about my divine calling and do what I do daily because of transformations, testimonials like hers, and the hundreds of others I'm so blessed to witness. I'm excited to share in Rose's journey ahead and continued progress toward building the best version of her! Woohoo! #muscleismagic #weareallbodybuilders #fitness #fit #fitfam #fitculture #fitpro #metabolism #metabolicfitnesscoach #health #healthy #greenlakeseattle #ilovegreenlake #seattle #pnw #greenlakecommunitycenter #adultwellnessprograms

#trainertuesday Feature: Marlina from #seattle - for more information, visit: www.worldtrainer.fitness. #personaltraining #trainwithme #consistency #muscleismagic

These are the kind of people I hang out with 😉😆😁 Push-up contest in the middle of a restaurant! Ha! .
#metabolicfitness #fitness #pushupchallenge #muscleismagic #liveyoung #befree #befreetribe

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