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Chest is coming is nice. Getting stronger too. Operation Unfatten will begin soon!
#beefy #musclebull #swolefie

What a beautiful morning for a hike in Austin TX. Hamilton Greenbelt #musclebull #musclebears #hiking

From my photo shoot with Afonso. #bigchest #musclebear #hairychest #musclebull #bearded


Me: Why does the Swolleness go away? Why?

My Inner Demon: Stop complaining, Dumb Ass! Grow HUGE and you will feel "Swollen" longer! 😅

I need MORE VOLUME! ( daily mantra )

Fan art from Mr R. ( a Tumblr fan)

Centaur's are butch, unlike Unicorns. 😂👌

"Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer." Dan Brown

Reflections of style

Растворить во мне без слов и боли

The slightest twitch and the sleeves come out.

Don't ego lift. Use your brain and don't dismiss signs.

Lift heavy and lift smart!

Had the store basically to myself. Good times for someone who dislikes shopping and crowds.

Great fit if I NEVER seat down; I do not believe I can... if I did, my balls will be smashed. 😅😂

Fits the butt, baggy on the legs. Fits the legs, baggy on the butt. Grrr

But for €10.95, I'll buy them.

Also got 4 XXXL shirts! SCORE!

Kinda... Tight on the chest but good on the back and arms. 😂💪🏼

What the F is a Subway foot long Spicy Italian when you can do a Powerlifter two foot long spicy Italian... GAINS!

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