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All👏🏾of👏🏾this👏🏾! Don't major in the minors 🤔*puts that on a tshirt* 👍🏾 #welcometothechocolatebar #weouthere #representationmatters #blackgirlmagic✨ #blackgirlstrength #Repost @adam_pine (@get_repost)
Building a big deadlift is simple, but not easy.
🎯 Mastering your technique is crucial for building a big deadlift. Perform lots of reps with submaximal weights (55-85%) & work on really dialing in your technique to lift as efficiently & safely as possible. -
⚖️ Prioritizing weight on the bar over form, ingrains to poor technique & poor movement patterns, which leads to injuries & plateaus. Longevity is the name of the game -- nothing halts progress faster than an injury.
🔑 Don't major in the minors. Specificity is key. If you want to get really good at deadlifting, you have to deadlift. A program promising to add a ton of weight to your deadlift without actually deadlifting won’t work for those with a decent baseline level of strength. Get plenty of practice with the competition lift, then focus on your sticking points.
🥊 Attack those sticking points. If you’re weak off the floor/below the knee, train movements that strengthen that area. Deficit deadlifts, speed deadlifts, & low block pulls are some of my favorites. If you’re weak at lockout, try chain deadlifts, band deadlifts, deficit deadlifts & block pulls. Stiff-legged deadlifts are great for building the posterior chain & overall strength.
💥 Be explosive. Speed is king. Speed is also a skill. Train explosively and drive straight through your sticking points! Train with submaximal weights and pull as fast as possible while maintaining good form. Intention matters; even if it’s heavy, or especially if it’s heavy, commit to being as fast as possible.
👹 Go in with the right mindset. You can’t be timid. Attack the bar. No second-guessing, no hesitation. The bar will expose these things. It’s never a question of if it goes up -- it’s only a matter of how fast it will go up. Be confident, aggressive, & attack violently.
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