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I am loving this @tokyomilk_ Dead Sexy fragrance I purchased at @southmoonunderstonebridge! The scent gets even stronger after a workout 🏋️! Thanks @amy_quantrille for being the awesome salesgirl you are! @southmoonunder is lucky to have you ! @boxlaxman watch out Dead Sexy is on its way home 😜!💋#followme #igers #wanderlust #murves #igfitness #fitnessgirl #girlswholift #southmoonunder #toykomilk #tokyomilkdark #workout #shopsouthmoonunder @statementsthesalon

Haven't squatted in forever and my back was still sore so wasn't as strong as I could be. Today's workout ⤵️
Squats: - 2x4 at 135lbs - 2 at 155lbs - 1 at 185lbs (posted)
Leg press: - 2x8 at 118lbs - 5 at 295lbs - 3 at 388lbs (posted)
And then did leg extensions and hamstring curls with lightweight until failure. Happy hump day 🍑🍑
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Some girls like to play with dolls👧🏽, and some girls like to play with car toys🚗.
Some females like to gossip , shopping and drink wine🍷👡, and some like to play sport🤸🏽‍♂️⛹🏽‍♀️.
Some women like to put on makeup for hours and pamper with their looks, and some women like to lift heavy objects.
And some women like to lift heavy objects🏋🏽‍♀️, and then put on makeup for hours and pamper with their looks💁🏽💄💅🏽. Neither one kind of girl or woman is superior to the other, nor more or less feminine. They are individuals, and thus with individual preferences and unique features and characteristics. Their gender however, remains regardless of that. Let a woman be all she is, what ever that might be without telling her she is less of a woman. It is rather anyone claiming that a woman must like certain things and act a certain way in order to warm their status of being a female who is the one being less of a person.
Be bigger of a person than that✨

Had to repost this from @justget.fit. Carbs are not the enemy and neither is bread. So many of my patients tell me they don't eat bread...why? Unless you have some sort of gluten intolerance there is a ton more foods that pack way more carbs then a slice of bread. Bread is a carb just like fruit, rice, pasta, etc. even veggies carry carbs. I personally love bananas but typically don't like to waste my carbs on them. I usually opt for strawberries or blueberries which carry less carbs, less sugar, lots of volume, and vitamins 😋 . Love me some carbs! #iifym #thinksmarternotharder #adofitness #teamado #carbs #fruit #funfacts

Embracing the murves. Don't mind the socks🙈I was getting ready to workout then decided to try on my new bathing suit. For all of you who don't know, I've decided to delay my prep. There's a lot of things I need to work on. Need to get my mind right and learn to love my body no matter what the weight is. I've never quit a prep before, but with a lot of thinking I knew I was making the right decision. Either way I hope I get you guys support. For the past 3 years, competing is all I've known. So taking this break will not be an easy one. #loveyourself#girlswholift#motivation#bikinicompetitor#npc#npcbikini#fitfam#love#fitspo#murves

🔹"Results happen over time, not over night. Work hard, stay consistent and be patient." ... besides, would it be really worth it if it happened over night??!

Left: February 2017 Right: May 2017
Because it is not impossible. With hard work, dedication, commitment and TIME you can do what you think you can't. This did not happen overnight. It took blood, sweat and lots and lots of tears. Countless hours in the gym, cardio sessions that seemed impossible, dedication to a strict diet that sometimes made me mentally insane and guidance from my amazing coach/friend @sasarahnicole who pushed me when I wanted to stop so many times. No placing dismisses hard work. The world sees it regardless and most importantly you will see it too. This is obviously extreme but that was my goal. You can do anything you put mind, time and heart into!

That moment when you realize it wasn't a dream! 🦋💫and fills the soul, the mind and the body... #Bingo #youarescrewed 💘One more from the @fitnessgurls #swimsuit edition captured by 🏹 @lee_lhgfx
Ohh happy and productive #Humpday loves!! __________________
🇨🇴Ese momento cuando te das cuenta de que no era un sueño! 🦋💫y llena el alma, la mente y el cuerpo... #Bingo #Tejodiste 💘Una más de la edición de #vestidosdebaños para @fitnessgurls capturada por 🏹 @lee_lhgfx
Feliz y productivo Miércoles amores!!


Satisfactioooon 💦 lol glutes be burning from yesterday's session 😹👌 off to do some arms, core and a bit of HIIT ✅ #friyay🙌

Done with work. Shameless selfie. 🙈 Gonna pick up one of my bitches @esxloveyou 💕 god damn my arm looks huge.. 😂🐷#fatarm #bigassarms #fitfam #fitfamnl #fitdutchies #alwayslookinginthemirror #bodybuilding #girlswholift #fitchick #needtocut #fitgirl #muscles #murves #shoulders

You ain't ever gonna be it
By takin' someone else's away
Never take it for granted
You don't have to understand it
Here's to whatever puts a smile on your face
Whatever makes you happy people😘💞 #selfie #fitmom #fitness #endorphins #workout #girlswithmuscles #murves #happyfriday #friyay #goodvibes

#abcircuit done with a cable machine and my ISO handle pro💪🏻 4 sets total! Happy #flexfriday #fitpharmacist #iprfitness #abs #abcircuit #abworkout #abdominals #lululemon

Good job I took my #flexfriday pic at the beginning of my workout as I wasn't smiling at the end of it ! 😓🔥☀️
Soooo hot 💦💦, no sunbathing for me 👙☀️. If your going to do it, DO IT with no excuses 💪🏼.
Competing isn't all glamour and glitz, this is the reality 😖
#bodybuilding #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #strongnotskinny #shemuscle #eatclean #trainmean #allurecouturecovergirl #pureelitepro #muscle #murves #coachedbycharlie
#noexcuses #goals

Starting this #fitfriday off right💥
ACV shot☑️
Warm lemon water☑️
Arms + abs☑️
Healthy breakfast☑️
I'm going to be a busy girl today and getting the day moving on the right foot feels great!💓
Now off to tackle the rest of my to do list!
HAPPY FRIYAY🎉 Let's keep these healthy habits rollin through the weekend🌸💦
xo Gwen

Happy Feel Good FRIDAY ❤👋🏻
How many times have you heard or said the words "I'll start tomorrow"? I have PERSONALLY said this countless times!🙋🏼👉🏻But what happens when tomorrow comes? Does temptation sneak up? Does laziness kick in? 😴Does a crisis occur? Does a juicy burger and crispy yam fries call your name? 🍔🍟
✨Here are my TOP 3 TIPS on how to stay focussed on your goals and start TODAY rather than "tomorrow".✨
1️⃣Don't just say your goal, write it down; tell someone who can support you; put it on a vision board; etc.
2️⃣Set achievable steps in reaching your goal. Sometimes the hardest part is starting because the end goal looks so unrealistic and far fetched that we might as well give up now, sound familiar? 🤔So let's start by marking out the steps that we CAN achieve that are progress to our bigger picture.
3️⃣Get deep with yourself and figure out WHY you aren't starting today. This is so much harder than it sounds, because being honest with ourselves is hard af to do! Are you scared of failure? Embarrassed or ashamed? Feel unsupported? If you said yes to any of these areas, let's go back to tip #2. Does starting with a smaller step make some of these feelings less intensified? The answer is likely yes.
If your goal was to stay on track with your nutrition 100% of the time, you will likely continue to say "tomorrow" because this is no easy feat. BUT, if you reframe it to "I am going to make healthier choices for 70% of my meals today", sounds more achievable, right?
Who else has said I'll start tomorrow? Have questions on how to start today with your specific goal? Comment below or send me an email! This is something I want to work specifically with my clients on because I truly feel that these three steps correlate to long term, sustainable success with your goals! ❤👋🏻Happy Friday! #feelgoodfriday #flexfriday

Summer vibes👸🏼☀️

I think it's true that most of us spend time thinking about what people think of us and how we look.
More so in the fitness industry because we feel like we are always in the spoflight and want to ensure we are good role models.
What still shocks me is some people's attitude to what FIT looks like.
It's not about size. It's about being built to perform not conform, so if you need to be very low body fat and exceptionally lean for your sport and you can achieve that and perform well then high fives 👐 but equally so, if you want some booty and muscle that's all good and so what if you feel that's not conforming.
I have heard many a whispered comment about myself or friends having too much ass or muscle and even yesterday a friend @holly814 had some negativity to her murves...
It's taken me years to be comfortable in my own skin, but I'm lucky to be in a community that is so positive and everything is linked to performance and not aesthetics.
So the message for today is haters gonna hate, but if you are happy, eat nutritious food & you are on it like a car bonnet at your sport then then haters can kiss your 🍑 or eat your dust!
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Maybe you don't need to focus on pushing yourself forward. Maybe you just need to let go of what's holding you back.🌹 Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes...it's very difficult to lose weight it's also very difficult to dare to add it on and hope it's the right kind. I know lots of women who want to be more muscular but they won't let go of some of their cardio and they won't let go of "I'm supposed to eat less than 1200 calories a day." Muscle isn't built from negative calories. You have to eat to grow and you have to let go of your fear...fear of numbers #scales #calories #fatGrams #dressSizes #pantsSizes.... I let go. I stopped the cardio, cigarette smoking, lettuce with fat free dressing and slimfast shakes mixed with water.. I gained #energy. I gained a love for all food. I gained strength that was born from my heart and mind. I gained muscle 😉 in the form of #murves 😂 #muscularCurves and some self esteem as i let go of some people holding me back from being well... Me. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from discovering your potential. You deserve to fall I love with yourself. ☺️ #transformationTuesday #yourMom #youVrsYou #dontStopBelieving oh ps: that was me at 21 on the left around 105 pounds and on the left at 38 122 pounds ...obviously body fat percentages were totally different as well. 😊@buffcake22 #withmefit #teambuffcake #buffcakeinspired #builtfromthegroundup #fearless #thisisbodybuilding

Are you ready to dance? Play the video to shake it and smile!⠀
Some fun moves to help you get in the mood for the weekend ahead!⠀
Have any song requests? Comment and let me know your favorite tracks :-)
#friyay #fridayfun

Today's finisher..trying to work on get my hands placement closer and closer. I would like to be able to do triangle hand placement one day, but first gotta crawl before I walk 😉 Happy Friday yall
#murves #momstrong #trapgangcuz #puropinchegains #goodshit #mevsme #mexicanmuscle #notheretolookcute #heavybun #inshapedemaree

🔹"Results happen over time, not over night. Work hard, stay consistent and be patient." ... besides, would it be really worth it if it happened over night??!

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