You may not have seen the wonder of northern lights, but you can let your imagination roams wild as this rosy lustre purple melts on your tongue.

Sedappppp airnyaaa,gelas dah la besar 🤤.air syiwa namanya “I KISS YOU” ribena apple juice mint leaves.

We found a way to feed our caffeine needs + dessert craving at the same time!
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ของกินหลังละหมาด...อร่อยเหาะ 😋😋
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sungkai besama sepupu2 yg sda lama menetap d kl, manager murni discovery
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sungkai tmpt sepupu d murni discovery. sedap2 makanan nya. @aliah_mnoor
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Selamat berbuka. 😋

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What's better than Murni's special drinks menu? It's only RM 6 for one litre of cup (500ml a pack) Jom iftar with us!

Greeting folks! 😎We’re excited to start serving our new Ramadan menu starting today. Come berbuka puasa with friends & family with us!
Wishing all our Muslim brothers & sisters a great Ramadan ahead! - from #MurniDiscovery family

On the month of Ramadan,
we are wishing you 4 weeks of blessings,
30 days of clemency,
and 720 hours of enlightenment
In lieu of this celebration, we are giving away iPads & G-Shocks watches every week to our customers. All you need to do is make a reservation with us in 4 simple steps:
1️⃣ Make a reservation via our offical website http://murnidiscovery.com/booking (link in bio ✌🏻)
2️⃣ Receive a booking confirmation SMS via Whatsapp
3️⃣ Following the link given in the SMS, enter the relevant particulars with the Booking No. & Receipt No.
4️⃣ Submit after your meal and stand a chance to win prizes from the weekly lucky draw
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Murni Discovery (Aman Suria)
Maggi Germany - RM7.80
Roti Hawaii - RM6.80
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Murni Discovery
🍽Nasi Goreng Beckham Napoleon
🍽Mee Raja Tom Yam
🍽Tandoori Chicken ▫️
Come to this place if you are looking for dinner or late night eating place (before 1AM) that serve a decent tasting food and drinks with huge portion in a reasonable price…
MY all time favourite would be Mee Raja Tom Yam… It used to give you a direct spicy punch but I guess they changed the recipe recently to be less spicy… Still my favourite but I WANT MY SPICY TOMYUM BACK!!!
With this place, you gotta try and find one menu that you like… Not all of it taste good… But it is decent… Some of it is bad.. So go ahead and find your best tasting food…
This is my supper (super late dinner actually).. What is your supper⁉️⁉️
📍Location & Ambience: 6/10
🤵🏼Service : 6/10
🍽 Food: 7/10
💰Price: 6/10

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