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[TAP TO SHOP] Sweet newborn play || does your babe have a space that’s just their own? Somewhere they can discover and develop their sensory skills? || We are a little late to the party but to make shopping a little easier just tap the pic and it will take you straight to the product on our website where you can purchase! Easy peasy xx @jaxonandwinter

✖️FRIDAY✖️it's frinnnnnnally here 🙌🏻
HEARTS SKIRTS are in the mail ladies 💗❤️📮 and like a total nerd 🤓 I chucked mine on today after sewing up a bunch, only a few left to ship which will go out Monday

Pops of neon getting busy with a snazzy black crinkle! 😎 very hot statement drops!

Nothing is safe from the little hands 😍
Literally taste like the chocolate 🍫but healthy 😋

Did you know all Rej fabric and clothes are designed and handmade by me in Australia 🇦🇺? ***************************
Currently 92% of clothes sold in Australia are imported! Be the 8%. Shop local. 👍
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Skinny fat vs progress (2017) ✌

Today is a changing mat day, cutting out the new fabrics, aking them and adding them to all the listings and somewhere in between all that photographing them to. I already can't wait to go to bed tonight 😴

How cute is this monochrome hoodie romper 😎 Also available in a set version (hoodie and pants)!
#Afterpay & #zipPay
Shop here ➡️ www.mylittlewardrobe.com.au

These beautiful organic and handmade beauties will be open for pre-sale verrrry shortly! I tell you what, I had the ugliest bibs when I had my son, so these just fill me with joy. Aren’t they divine? Such gorgeous timeless prints with lovely detailing. Do you love them too? What’s your fav?

✖️ H A N D M A D E ✖️ One thing I love about handmade is that two products are never exactly the same! To make a pair of these sweet Flossy earrings it takes me about 2 hours from start to finish (not including drying time). Every thing is planned out and hand painted with intention and a lot of love! 💕 It is unable to be matched by mass produced products in uniqueness and authenticity.

|| Learn || Brisbane friends there are still a few spots left at the introduction to essentials oils class I’m hosting with @ntwine.nutrition.life.wellness on Sunday morning. Would love to see you there. Babes in arms welcome and you’ll get to try the oils and eat some oil infused treats. Register via link in my profile.

Little fingers... they find EVERYTHING! That's why our Orbit has a Cross Body Strap, so you can sling it over your shoulder and be hands free to go exploring for all the things toddlers love... which is usually just little rocks! And behind the Orbit... we spy the Outrigger - Outrigger by name, Outrigger by nature! Its been designed to hook onto the Orbit and is perfect to fit a couple of Nappies, Wipes, Dummy, and even a small bottle. Or even better? Use it as your work bag, fits a small diary, a piece of fruit or two and a few essentials meaning when you are off to work you just grab it, clip and go! No more packing, unpacking and leaving your diary at home (or your spare pair of undies... #mumlife) Swipe left to see how it looks from the side. P.S. how cute is that @andie.kids outfit!⠀
Photo: @work.life.mama
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🍾🥂🍸🍷🍹=😁 #wordsbytheloverlab

Here are my top tips to my recent weight loss.
I’m down 12kg now in almost 4 weeks.
I have been asked by so many of you too share what I’m doing differently.
I think everyone has their own tips and tricks that work for them.
So hopefully a couple of these are helpful.
I’ve lost 56 kilos before and plan to do it again.
But my best piece of advice is find what works for you.
Take a little from everyone’s fitness programs/ tips/ nutrition guides and have some goals in mind :) I wish I could say it was simple but ultimately I’m eating healthier and moving more.
Tip number one: Water.
I drink at least 2.4 liters of water a day
Drink it because it aids digestion and keeps you hydrated and full.
I drink water in the evenings to curb cravings and during the day between meals.
Tip number two: Say no to dairy.
I don’t really have much dairy; yogurt I definitely do but I don’t have cheese and chocolate can be so creamy.
And I replace milk in my coffee and protein shakes for water most of the time.
Tip number three: 10,000 steps a day

Currently I’m injured and unable to do high intensity exercises.
But by keeping active all through the day I have been able to loose weight while not exercising a lot .
Tip four: Support system
Find like minded souls.
People who will encourage you.
Gym buddies are great.
Me and my bestie text daily to see how our plan is going... congratulating each other.
And I love the healthy mummy Facebook group!
Follow Instagram accounts that inspire you.
My favorites for health/fitness @emilyskyefit , @therealsimonemarie @nadinemuller__ @justanothermummyblog @bybrittanynoonan
Thank you all so much for following my journey.
I’m no expert! But there are more tips on my website :) link in bio!
Goodluck, you’ve got this.
Just remember if you’re even reading this for genuine tips you have the best of intentions.
I’ve done this before, I’m doing it again.
And you absolutely can too!

Morning peeps! It’s Friday and we’re smiling wide 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻!

One week until Easter!
The perfect time to picnic!
Hot Cross Buns.
Crisp Apples. 🍎
Comfortable weather. 🌞
Colourful autumn leaves. 🍁
Family time. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
And Chocolate Eggs!!🍫
What more could you want?
Order this weekend and your picnic blanket will be shipped on Monday! 📮

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