4 weeks old!!! 💟🌼💟
Where is the time going..!
🌼 She now weighs 4.8kg ( 10 Ib 6 Oz) or more (as that was Tuesdays weigh-in) Her birth weight was 3.8kg. 🌸 This week she has been windy, adjitated in her sleep and I think she needs burping bit more. She grunts, sqeeks, kicks her legs and it's hard for us to sleep through it. Wind and reflux.
🌼 She spends half or more then half of the night sleeping with us. Sometimes in the day to settle her in the bassinet I put a picture of me and Owen in there as she loves it and smiles then drifts off. She has this picture normally attached to her change table and never cries having her nappy changed - she just stares at the picture all fascinated. Very cute.
🌸 F eeding every 1 to 2 hours still... 😴😴 Most of the day.
🌼 Joined new mums group starts 10 June in Glebe. Looking forward to it - could do with the company and chin wag in the week. Anyone know any more drop in groups around the inner west? 🌸 She is always trying to communicate with us. She now babbles & shouts out sounds like a little cat and sqeeks so cute!
🌼 She has really started to enjoy bath time.
🌼 I leant some baby massage tips to help her as she gets a windy ass.
🌸 She grabs things.. her nails keep growing too despite how many times we file them so she is also scratching things too.
🌼 Mummy update - I'm not that tired suprisingly to say my sleep is scattered now.. maybe running on adrenaline & love 💟 I am trying to walk 10,000 steps a day getting out to the parks with River etc. I currently try & get 2 gym workouts in a week (30 min sessions) & 2 home workouts. No real routine of course. I'm on call for little one.
I can get a little emotional & sensitive to things at times. I'm lucky it prob happens once or twice a week but I definitely feel the hormones.. & have a moment of tearing up.
I'm currently eating what I want. The 'get ready for the wedding challenge starts soon.
I love spending time with River outdoors.🦅🐦☘️
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"FATHER'S TOUCH" ❗New Blog post❗
Just like motherhood,fatherhood is a unique & beautiful journey!
The love that both mothers & fathers have for their child is unconditional.
Having to grow up without a father, for me my mother was my mum & dad; I've never known what it feels like to have a complete family;I do now, thanks to my husband we have a complete & happy family.I know that he will teach our son most precious in life values, showing him how to be not just a great man but a wonderful person.
Mothers,we do a tremendous amount of work for our babies & for our families,fathers do just as much, just from the other side of the parenthood bridge.They're always there to catch us!They're always there to listen to what we have to say, let’s be honest we always have something to say!
Fathers are just like mothers,even if they do things in another or different way!They're not the other or second parent they are the Parent.They're the role models,the believers the motivators.Sometimes a lot crazier & obsessive than mums.
Our boy heard his father’s wish for him to become a footballer, a striker(preferably a left footed one, apparently there’s more demand for them )when our baby was 6 months and still in my belly!
There're so many mothers who are going through motherhood by themselves & there are many fathers who are also doing it by themselves.Both giving their all to be the best parents they can be.This love & sacrifice doesn’t have a gender,It’s simply called Parenting!
So here’s to dads, who are doing it their way! Your way is the best way, however different or imperfect! What you see as imperfections, your children see as super hero powers!You are all amazing & you are blessing your children with a love of a father,a love so deeply treasured by every child!On behalf of the inner child in me,there’s no greater gift than having your father believing in you!
Full story "Father's Touch" at imperfectlyperfectmum.com or follow the link in my bio. 🔹️
Let me know on your thoughts
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Baby girls loving the crystal vibes... Introduce your children to Crystals for positive energy, grounding and to support them with worry, anxiety or communication. 🌈💜 #childrenswellbeing #selfcare #anxiety #groundingenergy #selflove❤️ #confidentchildren #energyprotection #chams #mentalhealthawareness #lifestruggles #kidsofinstagram #yogakidsrock #bohokids #bohomum #mumsblog #mumblogger #parentsofinstagram

Hoping to beat the heat @bablands.london and I headed over to @purpledragonplay Chelsea today and had a little dip. I’d never taken Max swimming before. I always meant to do baby swimming but I just couldn’t get my act together while I was on maternity leave. Max may have inherited his father’s aversion to submersion 😂😂😂

Thank god it’s Friday and a sunny one at that, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend #mumsblog #fashionblogger #organicclothing

È strano come noi mamme passiamo da un opinione ad un altra molto velocemente 😅 a volte penso:
<< perché non sta mai fermo?? quanto vorrei fosse più tranquillo e un po' meno ribelle! >> Questa probabilmente sarà la stanchezza che mi fa parlare... Mentre adesso che sta poco bene e lo vedo deboluccio e piagnucolone, vorrei che tornasse subito attivo e sorridente, a scorrazzare tutto contento. 😊😅
Ps:ribelle sempre e comunque eh! 🤣❤️
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Shit the bed my legs are white... I am giving Casper the friendly ghost a run for his money right now. Hopefully by the end of the day they will be suitably lobsteresque. #legs #white #sunshine #tan #hot #outdoors #quote #quotes #quotation #mumsquote #mums #mumsblog #mumslife #mum #mummy #style #blog #blogger

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