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I had a great #wellnesscheck with the Tanita scales and some #sampling with a mumma that wants to make some changes for her #health and #weightloss , if you'd like to see what your body is doing and make some #healthylifestylechanges to let me know 💚

They surprised me, how happy they are to let it all go. Trading stuff for experience ✈️ 🌏 🇮🇩

Tomorrow I’m going to wake up to a 1 year old, not a baby 👶I’m just so grateful that I’ve been able to spend so much time with this little guy during his first year. No daycare. Just Mama. Between our auto shop and my coaching business, I’m thankful every day that we’ve built our life by design so I am able to be a stay-at-home/work-at-home/bring-my-kids-to-work mom and I don’t have to miss a moment (unless I want a break...which does happen 😂). But seriously, I’m one lucky 🍀 mama, but I’ve also worked my butt off and made choices that allowed me this life. I wouldn’t do it any other way. #1stbirthday

Someone was excited to have his baby sister next to him in the trolley today 😍
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Have you ever wished that you could go back and change something? (Hopefully no regrets because we all live and learn!)✌🏼💕But at the same time I know I’ve had those moments where I wished I was a little braver, spoke up, said Yes! or even No.
These are the times we remember and we grow from. There’s no point in being stuck in the same place.
❤️We must move forward.
🧡Be brave. Move out of your comfort zone.
💛Say Yes to the things that will positivity effect your life.
💚Do the things we love.
💗Always lead with kindness.
💙Follow steps to reach your dreams.
💜Be DETERMINED to be better.
Life can be a whirlwind, lately that’s what it has seemed like; but if we set our intentions to be positive, productive, determined; we can live life the way we have dreamed.
It’s time to stop wondering and start doing.
#leadwithkindness #lovemore #bevibrant #colorfulliving #determinationiskey #iambrave #fitmamas #mumof3 #7monthspostpartum #breastfeedingmama #chaoticfun

My beautiful baby boy’s room is coming together.. still no cot in here because Lenni is still sleeping it.. The only downside of not finding out gender when pregnant is waiting to style the bedroom... BUT luckily I’m pretty great at online shopping 😏 (much to my husband’s dismay 😉)

Morning walks down by the river. Trying to get my steps up on my fitbit only to realise it didnt count any because i was pushing a stroller haha.
#exercise #mumlife #mumof3 #walking #perthisbeautiful #kids #son #daughter

Freshly poured mermaid soap. Thought I'd make something whimsical and mysterious on this overcast day 🎉
#handmadesoap #goatmilksoap #mermaidsoap #workathomemum #mumof3 #jugglinglife #lovewhatido

💚 DAY 26/R2 LUNCH Quinoa, with Zucchinis, peas & mint.

When they are happy I'm happy. ❤️ Successful family trip is the one that everyone enjoys and there is no fighting and yelling. ☺️👍

Omg look at this boy 😍😍😊I can't believe I made him 🙈 fresh cut 💈✂️ dad got this hair cut today while I was at work and I was quite scared but I just love it now 😍big gorgeous blue eyes ❤️ #son #junior #myboy #3yearsold #mum #family #parenting #mumof3 #love #mumgoals #parentinglife #memories #bigboyhaircut #blonde #blondehairblueeyes #lollypop #bribe #mycrazylife #letthembelittle

This.... 💗 •
I totally understand that some people just don’t want to be parents. And being a parent isn’t right for everyone. I always have so much more respect for people who make that decision (as opposed to having kids because that’s what we are “supposed to do.”) I feel like sometimes it’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t want kids WHY you love being a parent so much. •

No matter how sucky your day, how many times you wanted to yell (and did yell), no matter how many times you put shoes on for them to only be taken right back off while you’re trying to get out the door because you are late, no matter how many potty training accidents, no matter how many messes to clean up, no matter how many tears 😭 (maybe both theirs and yours), no matter how many deep breaths you’ve had to take, no matter what other stresses are going on in your life....

A moment like this happens and all that frustration and stress melts away as you witness pure joy. In that moment life is so simple and so innocent and nothing else...nothing that came before and nothing that will come later...matters. •
This 😍 #letthembelittle

Some bad table manners and bad hair do’s from these two 🙈😂 I captured this as it was the first time this week that they have actually liked each other. The one on the left outsmarts me everyday, and I feel he will for the rest of his life, he is just so clever and I no longer know my 7 and 8 times tables so the fact he is being chosen for math competitions shows that I am already screwed! He was my first, he made me a mama, and together we battled through finding our way. He changed me as a person for the better, I will always be a little more protective over him.
The one on the right is the cheekiest funniest rascal you will ever meet. He too outsmarts me, but in a different way, he spends his time dancing and singing and making us laugh out loud. He doesn’t know it, and I’ve never said it to anyone, but that boy saved me. Through my darkest times in depression he took me to the light and showed me that there was laughter again.
I look at this picture and I feel extremely lucky. *Arguments resumed again 30mins later after lunch and ice cream had been consumed*

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Since having the kids, I have always struggled with my weight! But I finally think I’ve found something that works for me!
Not only did I get slimmer of the week, I got slimmer of the month and boy has it given me a load of confidence and passion to see this through!! #mumofthree #mumof3 #mumof3williams #mother #motherhood #mumlife #lifeofamum #instamum #struggle #slimmingworld #sw #newconfidence #passion #weightloss #goals #staystrong #lifestylechange #forthebetter #slimmeroftheweek #slimmerofthemonth #buzzing #proud

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