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ich hab heute irgendwie nüscht aufregendes zu berichten. hab schon mittag feierabend gemacht, um mich vor nem arzt und seiner helferin vollkommen zu entblättern. ja, sogar das superheldenkostüm. na gut, ich war nicht ganz nackt. ich hatte noch drei armbänder um und nen kaugummi im mund. der arzt meinte, ich solle besser nicht ins solarium gehen. ich sagte ihm, dass ich gar nicht gehe. und er meinte, ich hätte so einen teint. ich meinte daraufhin, dass ich voll hälzi food esse und im gestrigen essen möhrchen waren. und weil er in diesem battle darauf nichts mehr zu sagen wusste, meinte er noch, dass rote tattoofarbe besonders allergen ist und es ja überhaupt auch langsam mal reicht, mit der kriegsbemalung. ey, wer isn hier der daddy!? 😔 ▫️was stehtn eigentlich heute an? ach ja: #throwbackthursday . da erinnere ich mich doch gleich an vor ein paar tagen, als es frühlingte und man kinder in die sonne heben konnte. hier war heute den ganzen tag strippenregnen angesagt #nörv . habt nen schönen abend.
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I have been going through a pretty dark season for the past few months. I had never really experienced depression before (aside from postpartum), but I think I was in it pretty deep. Have you been there? When all you want to do is crawl in bed, day in and day out, and be completely alone without any explanation? I would often be doing something simple like washing dishes and I would just cry. My husband heard the words, "I just feel so sad" all too often and he felt helpless. I'm not sure what brought it on - I think it was a combination of a million little things that I allowed to pile up. I tend to be a very social person and during this season I avoided people at all costs. But gosh, I have some incredible friends and family. •

A few of my close friends noticed that I was distant and reached out. And since then, they have come alongside me and behind me and have made every effort to lift me up. They each take time out of their day to check on me and make sure I'm going outside often and spending time with God. They stop by my house randomly at any hour just to bring a coffee and see how I'm doing. They gather around me and speak truth into my life with so much love and kindness. My joy is much greater than it has been in a long time. Where would we be without the life-giving love and support of our friends and our family? Do you have true friends like this? I beg you to never take them for granted. Don't spread yourself thin with acquaintances and leave your BFF's without any attention while still expecting them to always be there. Love them well and love them hard. If you don't have friends like this, pray for God to bring them into your life. And most importantly, we must be great friends before we expect to have great friends. We were never intended to live this life alone. 💜

Sometimes we struggle to think up fun activities to do with Jack... His physical abilities don't match how alert and interested he is so we're often limited... That's when I thought up the idea of a sensory bath! Let me tell you, he LOVED it and we loved watching him looking at the lights and playing with the flowers... So much so that we have decided to do something extra special with him at least once every second week and we will take it in turns to think up ideas. I'll keep you posted on what Ricky plans for next time 😍😉

Oh Baby!!!! I'm so excited to share with you all that there will be a new addition to All About Kids this year, baby number 3 is arriving September!! .
If you want to follow more about our everyday life and for pregnancy updates check out my new page @my_family_life

On a flight this morning to Newcastle to see the Grandparents we both could smell it. We looked at each other and I was adamant it was Paul's turn. I hate changing nappies on planes. I held my pregnant belly and did a tired face and Paul offered to change him rather than debate who would do it. Sucker. Off he went and was gone about 1 minute before the turbulence began.
I sat on my own, with a row to myself and a magazine, smirking as the seat belt sign came on. I glanced to the back of the plane and the flight attendant was knocking on the door of the loo that Paul was in with Harvey, mid nappy change. By this time, I'm crying with laughter as I imagine what is going down in that loo.
Paul said she started knocking just as the turbulence hit, asking him to sit down and he was yelling back 'I CANT!'
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Tonight's dinner is a delicious jerk chicken with sweet potato mash from @thr1ve and a side of steamed broccoli for extra greens 👅 cause I'm currently too tired to cook.
Pregnancy cravings would have had me buying takeaway but I was looking forward to coming home to a healthier and fresher meal. I think the pups 🐶 would prefer it over their dinner too 😝
P.S if you want to try these delicious meals, pop in the code Sandie25 for $25 off your first order 👅
(FYI Macros: 483 Cals, 38.5P, 28C, 22.8F)
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Don’t just take our word for it. Take @sharni_layton’s: “@RedCornerBoxing gloves especially made for women! You can find them in @rebelsport"

FRESH ON THE BLOG: My 'why' behind the Body Love philosophy. Jump onto the blog section of our website and have a read, where I touch on the Body Love philosophy behind @hoolacollective and why it's so important to me and my brand. ✨💕
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Good morning ! 🌞Looking after baby's skin 👶🏻 starts with our three bestsellers, Dewdrops at Dawn Body Lotion, Bubbles in the Breeze Top to Toe Wash and our multi-award winning Soft as Moonlight Nappy Change Cream. The certified organic and sophisticated formulations are packed with only premium ingredients and are dermatologist approved for sensitive, newborn and eczema-prone skin, entirely vegetarian and naturally 100% free of any nastiest such as mineral oil, paraffins, sulfates or artificial fragrances 🌱🌿🌾🍃
Thank you for the gorgious photo @hazelma 🙂🙏🏻👏🏻 .
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There could be worse things to wake up to 👶🏼💙👦🏼 We've moved Bear 🐻 into his cot in the boys room, but while he settles Lamb has been sleeping with us. The thing is, when bear wakes at 5:30 😴and would normally fall asleep in our bed until 7, we have to just get up because his brother takes up the whole bed! So the new sleeping arrangement isn't quite working out, but 🤞 our bedroom will be ours 👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻again soon!

One of my favourite things as my son has gotten older has been looking at new outfits to put him in. I love dressing him in baby clothes, and trendy kids outfits to show him off to the world (am I the only one?!)
So I was super excited to be asked by @nioviorganics to test one of their zip rompers on my little Starfish. I didn't know much at all about Organic cotton clothing beforehand, but I know a lot more now! If you want to learn more about organic cotton baby clothes, and check out the gorgeous NIOVI Riz zip romper, check out my blog now {Link in bio}.
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Oh so much love from two small hearts before the darkness of mankind has tainted their pure joy of life 💗 I love them so much, I wish I could protect them forever and always 💗
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'You already have a pony darling' @sharonpetitio

Awesome day with these two plus Pop @worldsciencefestivalbrisbane & @qagoma & @qldmuseum

My 3-month #postpartum reality check is up on the blog. Link in bio! ☀️ I can't help but hug my little boy a bit tighter this week after the terrifying events in #Westminster . My thoughts are with everyone affected. Treasure every moment. 🙏🏼💙👶🏻#westandtogether
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We're doing a little @themamahub.co Insta crushing at the moment, but there's just so much awesome inspo we can't get enough of it.
Another goodie to see out the week ❤

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