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the JUGGLE is real 😂🙈 #mumlife... • currently rocking the mum bun that's been washless for at least a week 😬
•i have learnt that I must remember to wear breast pads so postman doesn't get another fright from my 'leaking boobs' 🙈
•if I had a dollar for every time I've said 'please be gentle' in the last three weeks I would be a millionaire •i would also be rich if I had a dollar for every time someone said 'you've got your hands full' when I walk down the street pushing the boys and carrying Madi • there's been so many tears (from all of us) but each day tears are replaced with more smiles and laughter ☺️💕 we are finding our feet •if there's one thing I've learnt in the last 3 weeks it's that our children don't want toys or gifts, they just want our time ❤️
• if we can make it through the day with food in our tummies, clothes to keep us warm, healthy, happy and enough support to feel safe and loved... well what else really matters?! ✌️️
#mumlife #postpartum #mummyblogger

danke für die unfassbar vielen, tollen nachrichten. dabei war ich nur vier tage nicht hier 🙈. aber manchmal passieren eben ... dinge. die einen schwach erscheinen lassen. die einem das gefühl geben, eben nicht alles im griff zu haben. wie man sich sonst immer so gern einredet. bis, ja bis einen das leben vom gegenteil überzeugt. wir menschen sind eben nichts "besonderes". sind keine maschinen. wir sind angreifbar. zerbrechlich. ein mehr oder weniger perfekt aufeinander abgestimmtes zusammenspiel vieler verschiedener komponenten. und wenn auch nur eines dieser teile aussetzt, dann bricht das system zusammen. diese einsicht lässt einem vieles, was sonst so selbstverständlich ist, wertvoller erscheinen. zum beispiel zeit. also hab ich eben diese zeit auch genutzt, um den nachfolger meines #digitalwirdrealBerlin vorzubereiten. was dieses mal in köln stattfinden wird #übergängekannich 😏. und heute konnten sich bereits ganz viele menschen über eine einladung freuen. dazu bald mal mehr. und je nachdem, wieviele davon teilnehmen können, wird der eine oder andere von euch bestimmt auch noch die möglichkeit bekommen, dabei sein zu können. aber alles zu seiner zeit ... was das bild mit diesem text hier zu tun hat? mhm. wenn nichts mehr die welt retten kann, dann rettet knutschen die welt. und sei es die ganz eigene kleine welt, in der wir uns jeden tag bewegen. #Loveisallyouneed #undknutschen #unddasMeer #undHerzchenhashtags #💙

Ich wünsche Euch einen tollen Start ins Wochenende 🙋🏼
Fabi und ich machen es uns gemütlich - mein kleiner Gangster 😅

Im Jogginganzug zu Hause gammeln bei dem Wetter - ist toll !! 👍💟
•Wir freuen uns auf den Papa der war wieder 2 Tage weg ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"IMPERFECT PERFECT"... For me, the best days as a mother are the ones that don't always make it to social media. Those times that aren't "pretty" enough for Instagram. The days we aren't in picture perfect outfits or out and about on adventures. The best days are spent at home, makeup free, hair in a top knot, chilling on the sofa in pjs and one of Josh's tops. The days with millions of kisses and cuddles and we just don't care about any leaky nipple marks, baby dribble, tired eye bags and greasy hair. Just me and my girl and the endless love that mother and daughter have. Those are the days that are the best as a mummy.... so here's that "imperfect perfect" moment for you now 💘 #honestmotherhood #theresnoplacelikehome

So much love for my boys 💞 and so much emotional turmoil since the birth of baby Cameron 5 nights ago. Bubba came out at only 35wks and 5 days old (5lb8, 2.5kg) so he's had to stay in the special care nursery for premature newborns and will most likely be here for another week. While I'm still recovering from a 15 hour labour, birthed naturally with an episiotomy ✂️ and Cameron with forceps, we also found out yesterday morning that his great grandpa past away the 2 nights ago which was devastating for the both of us. I guess what they say is true...
"As a life ends, a new one begins"
Although he has been unwell for quite a few months now, I know he held out till the birth of his great grandson baby Cameron, and hopefully seeing a photo of him has now let him rest in peace. ❤️
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THAT LITTLE SMILE 😍😍 3 weeks old today 😭 SLOW DOWN!! I can't handle how quick time is going on by, it's not ok. I was talking to a friend the other day and it's so true, pregnancy feels like time stands still especially those last few weeks, then when they come along it's like your on fast forward the days just go and the weeks fly by, I should know this with having two kids already but I seriously forgot how quick time goes with a newborn 😭 - his sisters are totally smitten by him, he has daddy and I wrapped around his little finger and just fits into our family perfectly 🌿

And this right here is why she's not allowed to wear hoops. Looking faaaaar too grown up for my liking missus 😳

I've prepared Harry for our visit to the paediatrician tomorrow with promises of 'bouncing' after at a trampoline park. He's trying his luck though .... Me- what are we doing tomorrow ?
H- doctors and den mote
Me- No 😂
H- doctors and den @toysrus
Me- No 😂
H- doctors and den bouncing
Third time lucky. Good try though Harry 😂😂👌🏻👌🏻


Buenos días
Ya estamos en fin de semana

A ver qué os parece esta combinación
A la mami le encantó y a nosotros nos pareció ideal
Blusa plumeti blanco Carrie y braguita bikini Alía
La braguita Alía es fucsia es ideal
¿Qué os parece?? Un beso enorme y Feliz viernes #baby
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Finally had a 'grown up' meal yesterday after so so long and a lovely catch-up with a lovely friend who is moving to the other side of the world.. not to self, check the menu and more importantly the price before ordering Wagyu beef 😂
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Chase rainbows with #frankieray 🌈

#familygoals right there...just when you wonder if you've got any more 'mum' left in you, when the children have pushed every button and you've used every ounce of energy both physically and emotionally, when you've barely had time to think over the last few days because you've been using every part of yourself up to make sure your hard working husband enjoys his rare few days off...this happens. In one moment everything makes sense. You realise what it's all for and that it's worth it, you realise how lucky you are, and feel ashamed of how much you don't appreciate it at times. But it's ok to feel like that, being a parent isn't easy, it isn't always rewarding, days don't always end like this, sometimes it can be weeks before you have a moment like this, and it can be nothing but tears and tantrums in the meantime. Sometimes you can have days on end like this and feel on top of the world, but the second it turns, it all forgotten and you're back to that Groundhog Day parenting, just trying to get through each day. Basically life as parent is unpredictable. You never know what you're going to wake up to. But savour these moments if you can. Lock them away in your memory for those times when you need to remember what it's all about....#parenting #preciousmoments #family #goals #anxiety #stress #mom #mummy #mummyblogger #momlife #mumlife #mumwin #raremoments #lovemyfamily #toddlerlife #sydneymums #lifeasaparent #lifewithkids #wifelife

Am I right? On Sat night my kiddos are sleeping over at Nanny's place together for the first time ever. They have had single sleepovers, but this will be the first time ever we are waking up to an empty house. 🙌🏼 I know we are going to have such a fun night out with friends and a much needed sleep in, but I'm sure I'll be clock watching when it's time to pick them up. .
No parties this weekend for the first time in months. Just some time to relax and chill with the hubby. But first netball and swimming at the crack of dawn tomorrow. #parentlife
Happy #friyay everybody!!!

Working on my next blog piece tonight! I am writing about traveling in winter with young kids! Currently sitting at the computer with a cold cider, what are you up to this evening? 😙

If you've read chapter 1 of my book then you'll already know of the consultant who came to tell me the news of Harrys syndrome after the boys birth. This is him 😊. We have continued to see him every 6 months for the past 12 years and he's seen us through the good, bad and the ugly days. He will always have a very special place in my heart. The man who changed our world in a single sentence and introduced me to my sunshine boy 💙💙

We can not get enough of this little guy Raff Giraffe. He is super cheeky and a great little friend to have around.

Lip blush tattoo for my lovely client.
More shape and definition to the lips 👄
#semipermanentmakeup #lips #lipblushtattoo #mualife #onehappyclient #timesaver #cathyinbeauty
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| A R L O |
This boy is completely obsessed with balls right now. It's all he plays with! Can constantly hear him saying 'b, b, b' because he wants a ball 😍

Keen as mustard... for a book and bed 🌙✨ Our Cotton Pom Pom Blankets are available in 7 different cosy colours. 📷 via @eliseraquel

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Randomly found a wall that perfectly matched my clothes and @bugaboostrollers so just had to get a 📸.. this was just after lunch and I was desperate for the loo but rushing to get home before rush hour to get the toddler from nursery and cook dinner! My 'days off' go far too quickly! Sooo happy it's the weekend, especially after the worse ever nights sleep! .
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