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One of the perks of being a mother, you get to act like a kid too😂😃Happy Children's day to my darling son and myself and to all the sweet lovely children worldwide💗💗#mummyandson #dungarees #matchymatchy #KingNathan

"Mum, did you know there was a bomb in Manchester? My friend said an 8 year old girl was killed. I know that's not true... is it?"
I've avoided writing anything about Manchester. My words didn't feel sufficient, and let's be honest, what can I say that will make any difference?
We'd agreed not to talk to our precious 6 and 4 year old about this. Agreed to let it roll over them as these things often do but you can't protect them from the evil of the world forever.
Reuben came home from school tonight filled with questions after an assembly, the hardest of which was "This won't happen again will it mummy?"
What can you say to that? Yes baby, probably. The only small thing that I could tell him was that when something bad happens, look to the people who are helping. That is where you find the best of humanity.

Putting makeup with your little one can actually be a great quality time together filled with fun 🤣 leaning to arts and crafts skills 🙊🙉🙈 and developing the fantasy 💭
Here is the sneak peek to my makeup session with my cheeky monkey 🐒
I was inspired by Mummy and daughter makeup session videos shared on #HudaBeauty account and wanted to show that Mummies and sons can have fun time together at "girly plays" too 😜
Head to my #YouTube channel to watch how I use the following products:
I wish I could upload the entire video here, there I added the link to full version in my bio ☝🏻

In the spirit of children's day, this adorable picture of Mama King #Tontolet and son just made our day. 😍💖💞 #childrensday #mummyandme #mummyandson #weddingdiariesng

Yes,this hands and feet inspire you to give up your precious Sunday morning sleep and take a walk at 8 am,so he could sleep 🙈 #motherhood #mummyandson

You my boy, make being a mummy the most magical job in the world 💙 thank you for choosing me to be your mummy 🙏🏼 thank you for not having too many tantrums 😳🙊 letting me sleep at night (most of the time) 💤 pretending to like my cooking 😋🍜 making me smile without fail every single day 😍 my love for you is so pure, I will always be here to guide your way through life baby boy as you are guiding me too ❤️ Happy Mother's Day to all my amazing mummy friends 🌸✨ #happymothersday #mothersday #mummyandson #mummysboy


When Sundays begin at 445am but all is forgiven because the toddler wants to sit and hold your hand....
#hesthecutest #mummyandson #sundaymorning #snugglesunday #momentslikethese #preciousmoments

Aujourd'hui c'est ma première fête des mères !
Mon fils est mon plus grand exploit, ma plus grande fierté et surtout le meilleur cadeau que la vie m'a offert.
Merci @capitainastic , c'est aussi grâce à toi que nous avons fait cette merveille !
Bonne fête à toutes les mamans 😘
#fetedesmeres #maman #mum #mummy #mummyson #mummyandson #mummyslove #mummysboy #mothersday #motherday

听過很有道理的話: 小孩是我們把他生到這個世界上的, 不是他選擇要自己來的, 既然我們生下來就要對她百分之百的負責!

#mummyandson #love

The weather has been amazing today (and yesterday afternoon). Doesn't feel like winter at all- more like the end of summer 😍☀️☀️ #luckyus Babies have been in a good mood as well, so overall it's been a pretty good weekend.😊👶🏻👶🏻 Also, this is a Jaxon/Mummy selfie again, because Byron was already asleep 😅😂

Yes,this hands and feet inspire you to give up your precious Sunday morning sleep and take a walk at 8 am,so he could sleep 🙈 #motherhood #mummyandson

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