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It's so strange packing pretty summer dresses then ordering Rosie's winter wardrobe at the same time ❄️☀️ .. wish this came in adults sizes and I could be as cosy as Rosie 💕
Cape from @bebe_belleza2016

Yes! We can do it better.......the ministry is moving.......
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BREAST : Proud Maker of The World's HEALTHIEST Fast Food.
A year ago on this day, I started my breastfeeding journey. To be honest, I don't expect breastfeeding to be such a struggle. My understanding is, I offer my breast, and mavia will suck & fill her tummy with my milk. In my mind, breastfeeding is incredibly natural and beautiful bonding experience between me & her. Breastfeeding is more than just feeding my baby. It's determination, love & patience.
2nd week into my breastfeeding journey, I had blocked ducts. I had a "pro-formula" feeding Confinement Lady, whom when my daughter cry will "pacify" my daughter and tell her that it's such a pity that she gets hungry easily because mummy's milk couldn't satisfy her.
And then, the nipple problem - nipple blister. Followed by fever and masitis the months after. It's a never ending story. One problem after another for about 9 months. I went to lactation consultant after lactation consultant. I spent most of my time googling for hidden secrets on the art of breastfeeding. I could not understand why this wasn’t working for me.
I envy those who can just breastfeed naturally without any pain or suffering. 6 months into breastfeeding, Mavia had her first tooth. She bit the nipple and it bleeds. I dread & struggle to latch her because it's so painful & I can see blood in the milk bottle when I pump at night. It took almost 3 month for the wound to completely heal. I can't wait to end this breastfeeding journey when my girl turns one.
Now that Mavia is ONE, I'm am filled with mixed emotions.
Weaning Mavia off breastfeeding means I can have my boobs back, wear whatever I like (apart from breastfeeding friendly attire) and of coz no more pumping.
BUT I'll miss the moment when she made eye contact with me while latching, as if she's telling me that I'm the most important person in her life, I'll miss that tiny fingers of hers holding mine, touching my neck, tickling my body, I'll miss that sweet sound of her breathing while latching. Gosh! I should be happy that I can start weaning her off but I can't. I just can't. I guess I'm not ready to wean Mavia off yet.


Advent Bundles are totally your choice what you fancy and ive loved some of your ideas and orders so far. Each persons custom bundle costs a different amount depending on what you want but I am offering a set deal as shown in pic. For this Bundle you will get enough goodies to fill 25 days in your own advent calendar. Fabrics will be a surprise mixture of mainly new release christmas fabrics plus maybe a few others. If theres any fabrics or colours youd love please do let me know and ill try pop them amongst ❤ If you do not want the super statement bows you can swap them for any other size/style of your choice please just let me know, all other items are set. This is an EXAMPLE set bundle but i can also make one to specifically suit you 😊

These dame chicken pox. There's nothing worse than seeing your baby covered in them 😩 Today Eleanor will be spending the morning with her Auntie whilst Simon and I visit her nursery to be 🤞🏻.
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Thurs 21st Sept 🤶 Christmas fabric launch. I will upload a clear photo of the uncut fabric with its name, if you would like to order please DM me clearly the name of fabric, the size/style you require, if you'd like headband/clip etc. I will then cut the bows first come first serve, then DM you to confirm if I have been able to fullfill your request as all stock is limited although i have a HUGE variety. A reminder that postage on bauble orders will be £3.50 but this can also include regular orders/subscription box orders etc posted in one go. Another reminder that Team discount IS NOT available on Christmas orders as want to make as cheap as possible for all.

Thurs 21st - Sunday 24th 📝 I will catch up on my overflowing Inbox and reply to you all by Sunday at the VERY latest .
Thurs 21st Sept - Sun 1st Oct 💛 Normal orders, Last of Halloween orders, Christmas Orders, ongoing monthly orders.

Mon 25th - Sun 1st Oct 📦 Subscription Box sign up window.

Sunday 1st October 💸 All payment to be received by or on this date. Anyone who can not please let me know asap

Mon 2nd Oct - Sat 7th Oct 🚫 CLOSED to make up all of the above with the aim of everything posted by the Sat at the lastest. This COULD mean that some orders could have over a 2 week turnaround. (Will still make up and make postie trips as normal but wanting to give a realistic time scale just incase as a lot of you are building up orders throughout the month(which is absolutely fine 😘) and paying on "payday" which lands amongst these dates also) .
I hope this all makes sense but please do just ask if you have any questions or something isnt clear. I hope youve all had a great week ❤

happy birthday to me 🤸🏼‍♂️👊🏻🤘🏻 the cutest birthday kisses ever!! ❤️

Proud to have been feeding this little munchkin for 19 months 😍 and we're not done yet! 😁 #treeoflife #colourful #mamamilk #breastfeeding #brelfie #babygirl #baby #toddler #normalizebreastfeeding #sheloveshermommy #ilovemylittlegirl #myprincess #myworld #mylife #mummyanddaughter ❤️

This cheeky one always know how to make me laugh #mummyanddaughter#mummyandleahday

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