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I can't believe how fast time flies! Prepping food for B to try soon. 😭😰🤢#goodbyebabypoos #hellostinkypoos #mumiandbubi

So it's stewed apple, cooked rice and cooked pasta for dinner tonight. I'm so lucky my bubs eats anything! Thanks @mumiandbubi #mumiandbubi your trays are awesome, jut love how the food just pops out.

Oliver's meal prep! So he is eating all finger foods now except the occasional oatmeal and pouches. We are giving him much more "table food" (what we eat) than before and it's fun but also challenging to be sure it's a. healthy and b. appropriate texture. So we are finding that the already cut veggie cubes we made a while back have come in SO handy. (Precut makes it so fast at mealtime. I can eat too and not worry about having both of my hands in his food- only one 😉) If we are having chicken for example, we can give Oliver that but maybe our sides aren't soft enough or have too much salt or whatever makes them not work for him. We can just pop a couple cubes into microwave and he has an instant HEALTHY side. These are mixtures of some frozen organic veg bags from grocery. I steamed then and cut if necessary and once they freeze in tray I will pop out and transfer to big ziploc bag! - beets, turnips, carrots, corn, peas, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. I also have a tray of dark meat chicken (softer and more iron) that I picked off of baked chicken legs and some roasted sweet potato and black beans. This should get us through all of the "but what else can he have?" moments 👍🏻👍🏻 #mumiandbubi freezer tray makes perfect one ounce portions. We can use one or two cubes for a good Oliver size serving. @shalvey

Ready for the week! Apples, butternut squash, and carrots #babyfood #homemade #mumiandbubi

We made baby food today! #mumiandbubi

Today's food batch include asparagus, pears, and green beans. #mumiandbubi #babyfood

**SUPER LONG Baby food update** okie dokie mamas, the verdict is 👍🏽👍🏽. The Mumi&Bubi freeze trays are legit! I knew I always wanted to make my own baby food but struggled with the HOW part. For me, space was an issue (so no jars or tupperware) and even though I was--for the most part--a sahm, I wanted something super easy and fast to prepare...bc let's be real. #life 🤣 So after researching and pinteresting, I decided to go with the frozen cubes route. I was ready to just use plain old ice cube trays but I stumbled upon these and found them to be waaay better. Each "cube" is larger for bigger portions and it has a lid to keep the freezer ick out. And if you are human and know about Pinterest, then you know there is literally a BILLION recipe possibilities out there for baby food!👶🏻😋 For me, I just made simple purees. Nothing fancy for a couple reasons. 1: we're just starting out so I wanted to keep every type of produce plain so I could find out what he was/wasn't into and also to check for allergic reactions. 2: by not pre making special recipes, I can mix and match "cubes" to add a lil variety and customize his dinner daily. 🍃🍐🍑🥝🥕🍌So each tray yields 21 "cubes." I found that my LO will have about 3 "cubes" in one sitting. Just eyeballing, but that looks to be about 3-4 oz. which is the size of a typical store bought jar. So for us, 2 trays will yield a couple weeks worth of food. I plan on doing another round now with different veggies and fruits so I have more stock and options and also so we're set for awhile. Overall, it's legit. A couple days worth of preparing baby food will leave you with several weeks worth of fresh food for a fraction of what you would pay for store bought, and as you can tell, It's a hit (butternut squash is our new jam). 🤗 btw, I got these from Amazon and if you wanna know more about how I did it just message me! #mumiandbubi #homemadebabyfood #organicbaby #homemade #healthybaby #madewithlove #babyfoodie #freshstart #babymealprep #babiesofinstagram #amazon #amazonreview #productreview #amazonprime

All the baby puré for the last baby. Peas + pears + apples. Her appetite is 🐷...Love it! 🍴🍎🍐 #mumiandbubi


Preparing for a day out...Pouches and jars can be handy when there is nowhere to heat meal or store food to keep cool.?However, when visiting friends or family I try to take my own pre prepared meals. Today's meals where chicken pasta with extra veges and for a sweet treat banana mango custard. #mealprep #takeaway #chicken #vegetables #banana #custard #snaplock #heatandeat #mumiandbubi #yum #yummy #healthy #nutritious #10monthold #baby #babyfood #grow #growbabyfoodnz #nz

Today's lunch: 🥕+beets+broccoli+quail egg yolk. Can you spot the egg in the photo 😂?
#startingsolids #mumiandbubi #aidensrecipes #babyrecipes #babyboyaiden #parenting #babyhood

[Carrot paste]: baby carrots-steam-crush-serve
6m. Aiden's first bite of solid food! It seems like he really likes the taste of 🥕...not like his mum at all...
#startingsolids #mumiandbubi #aidensrecipes #babyrecipes #babyboyaiden #parenting #babyhood

今天下午5:30 就把晚餐煮好了 只花半小時 簡直是奇蹟 老二的食物泥6天份也打好惹 剩下只要開洗碗機 老娘可以翹腳看Netflix 惹 老天鵝啊~~ 謝謝你~

Just a couple of things we scored on #amazonprimeday for #sawyermullane 🤗 Can't believe we'll be introducing solids to this little marshmallow fluff soon! Bracing myself for the mess 😜 **If you mamas out there have any recipes or suggestions we are open to them for future use 👍🏼 | #mumiandbubi #nuk #nukbaby #startingsolidssoon #firsttimemom #sahm #mamabear

Today's menu:
Brown rice, red bean, carrot, bok choi.


Freezing individual portions of prepared meals means you have a healthy and nutritious meal on hand any time quickly and easily. I got given a #mumiandbubi tray at my baby shower but ice cube trays are just as good. #babyfood #frozenmeals #pureé #healthy #nutritious #growbabyfoodnz #grow #cauliflower #redlentils #kale #baby #nz

This is how I store my baby food cubes from the #mumiandbubi trays , once frozen I remove them and bag them in the @haakaanz reusable silicone zip bags - to be honest I brought these bags of the Haakaa site in the early newborn days thinking I would keep bags of EBM in them but once they arrived I forgot about them , when I found them in my plastics drawer when Miller started solids I realised they were perfect for this purpose ! So handy and Eco friendly too 🥕🍠🍚🥄

Ready for the freezer using #mumiandbubi baby cubes - trying something new and more textured for Milsy lately as she's becoming a little more adventurous- this is Kale (from our garden) , golden kumara, carrot , little leek and parsley - touch of beef stock and s & p - then added some organic white rice . I use these for bulking out her meals , would use it with a sauce or meat or gravey - sometimes she is down for a loaded vege meal and the other times not it's all a trial these days

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