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Lobby of the Royal Opera House in Mumbai displaying its royal elegance; rightly known as the city's Cultural Crown Jewel.
Royal Opera House was first inaugurated by King George V in 1911 as an integral part of social, artistic and cultural development as Bombay (back then in 1900s) was at the peak of its glory days! Over the years, it served as a theater for drama, a cinema house in part and was even rented out for screening British Pathe films until it phased out operations during the late 1990s as video films took over the theater industry.
Restoration for this historic architectural building was undertaken during 2010 and is once again fully operational as a royal venue hosting dramatic theater! The Royal Opera House still holds immense relevance and reverence in the cultural fabric of contemporary Mumbai as it is India's only surviving opera house till date.
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Sir, do you love me?

हाच तो स्वर्ग शिवरायांचा जीव कि प्राण "दुर्गराज राजगड" जगातील एक आश्चर्य. शिवरायांनी सोळाव्या वर्षी बादलेला गडांचाराजा राजांचा गड राजगड.
राजगडाच्या बालेकिल्ल्या वरुन दिसणारी संजीवनीमाची व पाली दरवाजा आणि तोरणा किल्ला.
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