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Americans send 11 million pounds of fashion waste to landfill every single year. Our studio is looking to lessen that number. This yarn ball used to be a tshirt and a pair of pants. What will it be in its next life? #multitudesstudio #rescuedmaterials #blankcanvas

Just keep working. #multicolor #multitudesstudio

Tuesday blues. #multitudesstudio

Heading back to LA today. But first! Here's some Tuesday tapestry inspiration for you, courtesy of the @clevelandmuseumofart 😍 #multitudesstudio #multitudesofinspiration #cleveland #clevelandmuseumofart #tapestry

So obsessed with these Balinese silks and embroideries that were donated to us today. The colors are so vibrant! #multitudesstudio #multicolor #multimaterials #rescuedmaterials

There's a color for everyone. #multitudesstudio

Even though I wasn't born there, I'll always think of the Philippines as my homeland. It is a place with beautiful people, culture and nature. 🌄
@nickelodeon wants to build an underwater theme park in Palawan. Even if they make promises, you know that these types of attractions will disrupt the marine life and destroy their ecosystem.
We've already lost the Great Barrier Reef. Please help and protect these waters by signing the petition.
Link in bio ☝🏾🇵🇭
Photo by @noryandfely .
#multitudesstudio #multitudesofinspiration #environmentallyfriendly #savetheplanet #nonickelodeon


Can't Mondays be for sleeping in? I could sleep on our Elliot floor cushion forever 💤

Soon I'll be releasing a very small capsule of summer items using beautiful embroideries and bright colors! Stay tuned x

Bringing you some sunshine 🌞because we all need a little bit more in our lives.

This #TeachMeTuesday we’re going to answer the question WHY BUY #ORGANICCOTTON?
What if I told you that every 30 MINUTES an Indian farmer commits suicide? Because according to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, there were 200,000 suicides on Indian farms from 1997-2008. It can’t be said for sure that these are all cotton related, but 70% of them happened in India’s Cotton Bowl region.
With the rise of fast fashion, cotton was in high demand. Cotton farmers had so much pressure to grow more and more cotton, but sell for a smaller price each time. Larger corporations saw an opportunity here to make big bucks and start a monopoly around seeds. So they developed BT COTTON which is genetically modified to have a toxin that repels pests. However, these cotton seeds were very expensive, yet farmers still believed they had to buy these to keep up with the demand.
What these farmers didn’t know is that the seeds didn’t actually control pests like they were supposed to. Farmers still ended up having to spend more money on pesticides and fertilizers and plunged further into debt. In using those pesticides, their soil started to become contaminated.
Now… if a farmer couldn’t grow enough cotton because his soil became contaminated that means that farmer also couldn’t afford to pay back his debts. When this happened, larger companies would step in and take the farmer’s land and their livelihood as payment. It’s said to be common for a farmer to die by drinking the pesticides that contaminated his soil.
So… if you needed a better reason to buy organic other than the eco-friendly aspect… I just gave you 200,000.

Making Visible #2 2013 by Debra Smith. Vintage Silk.

Happy Monday! We've got a couple new plant hangers in the shop for all you #crazyplantladies out there 🌿🌱🌵💚

A little sneak of what we're adding to the shop this weekend!

If you've shopped with us, you may have noticed our pricing graphics. We established our honest pricing model as a part of our goal to re-educate consumers about how much their products are actually worth, and where that money goes within the company.
This was a hard decision for us because it removed the option of selling wholesale to gain a larger following. However, we are still open to collaborations with other small brands that are open to sharing their pricing model.
At the end of the day, our mission is to bring value by reducing waste, educating our customers and designing full-circle.♻️✊🏾

Finally getting to sketch out what's been running through my head for the next line up. Both ladies and fellas, would you buy sleeping bags like these? #multitudesstudio #multicolor #multimaterials #creativeprocess #sketches #sleepingbags #campinggear #losangeles #wednesday

Did you know that textile production has more than doubled over the last 40 years? In 1977, the world produced thirty-one million TONS of fiber for fashion and home goods. In 2007, this figure had grown exponentially to about 80 million tons - which is 1.6 QUADRILLION pounds. That doesn’t even seem real. I wonder what that number is today. .
Now think about how much of our natural resources that abuses. For example, in a single year, one fashion brand alone will typically use enough water to fill about 43,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
Still think fast fashion is worth it?
We don’t.
Siegle, Lucy. "Fashion's Footprint." To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World? London: Fourth Estate, 2011. 105-06. Print.
#multitudesstudio #teachmetuesdays #notworthit #fastfashionfacts #fashion411 #todiefor #lucysiegle #quadrillion #wtf #shopsmall #shoplocal #shopsustainable

We spent the weekend off the grid in Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Forest for some inspiration for our new collection! 🌲We love Mother Nature ❤️ #multitudesstudio #multitudesofinspiration #mothernature #seqouianationalforest #kingscanyonnationalpark #california #mondaymotivation

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