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Bila kau tengah semangat nak exercise tapi kau cepat haus 😂😂😂 #mrdiy #waterbottle #multitasking

Hackergirl3000 in action 👩🏽‍💻 - SORRY FOR NOT POSTING DURING THE LAST WEEKS - Wie ihr vielleicht mitbekommen habt bin ich mal wieder in Hamburg angekommen! Ich arbeite und wohne jetzt erstmal wieder hier und lebe mich gerade noch ein. Außerdem worke ich ziemlich viel und hab Instagram deswegen ein bisschen vernachlässigt! Don't be mad, bald bin ich wieder am Start! Ich hoffe euch gehts gut 🌸

Working on my wedding bod 😉. Finding time to exercise can be really hard. My life is chaotic and I am exhausted 90% of the time. Working out gives me a boost, releases endorphins and makes me feel good about myself. My goal this year was to build up all of the muscle I lost when I was pregnant and on bed rest. Yes.. it takes that long. I am getting there and enjoying working up a sweat. Exercise is my time to zone out and I love it.

Jag döööör en aning när Angelina går runt med Ellion bärandes 😂🙈 han är typ lika stor som henne 😂 medans jag flätar Mirabelles hår och sätter på chloe strumpor så får Angelina underhålla Ellion tills det är dags för han att byta blöja och klä på sig 🙌🏻 teamwork osv #multitasking

It's going to be a magical night on #dwts #disneynight! Good luck to all dancers 💃🏻. Had a chance to stop by with my family during rehearsals... Enjoying the view with my mini #wonderwoman while @nevinmillan takes the pic wearing baby #Kaspyan! #multitasking #dancer #dancingpro #momlife #workingmom #dancingwiththestars #disney #familytime @dancingabc @disney @abcnetwork

Just being a dad while doing chores😍#zoeymonroe #oneweekold #multitasking @stujaspermma


Repost @rebeccaellenlamb
I am totally obsessed with breastfeeding, I love it for so many reasons. Yesterday we went for a walk and Woody needed feeding so I just fed him while we walked the dogs and played with Alfie, I felt like a real multitasking mama 😂🍈🍈 hope everyone has a lovely Sunday, we are heading over to Knaresborough for the day, I remember going with my dad when I was little and going down the river on the boats so I’m excited to go back with my little family. ❤️#mummy #motherhood #multitasking#mama #breastfeeding#breastfeedinginpublic#breastfeedingmama#normalizebreastfeeding #feedingmybaby#baby #newborn #5weeksold #blogger#lblogger #postpartumbody#ig_motherhood #ig_baby#babiesofinstagram #family #vlogger#youtube #bblogger #beauty #potd #girl#borstvoeding

Definitely his mother's son...
#morninghw #nightowl #multitasking

Being a busy mom with 2 kids n u need to work things fast. With tough n tender..very nice sweet scented smell.. juy spray wipe n voila clean. No need to waste time doing double job such as wipe clean, scrub the dried crust of vomit n then ltr u need to mop the tiles to smell fresh or sanitize it 😅
Tough n Tender will just do that all in one.
Thanx u Kak Reen for recommending.
I am loving it!
#toughntender #toughntendermelaleuca #sahm #busymom #multitasking

Good morning book lovers,
Slices of cake and book pages turning, sounds like multitasking to me. 😂😂 Beautiful #ThursdayMorning Weather. The sales this week has revived my hope in children's literacy. Our children must be leaders! ***
And the last slot for the book club was filled! Not to worry, November is peeping on the horizon. And the December meeting won't be here. We'll party that day so much parents will thank us. ***** I'm thankful today for every referral, purchase, recommendation, payment, debt 😀, criticism and feedback. You help me grow. And that's a cake by the way.

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