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━ she was there
for jazmin / my audio {Josh #seraphicgrp}

—eye contact
Even though this isn't an edit, it still has me shook
ac- mine, so plz give credit if you use
dt- @haydensummerall @annieleblanc
ib- @drizzyhannie because I freakin love her edits

➤ otp | little things 💞
{ #multifandom #multiship }
》one true pairing :)
➳ cc: me
❥ ac: me

the guy aria deserves❣️

forgive me for this ezria stans but i made this after seeing the way ezra is treating aria lately and how jason was there for her, i honestly ship jason and aria alot and i hope there's more to their story.

ac: hermione and harry (vine)
cc: @ceiestial
dt: everyone who guessed it right
program: adobe after effects cs6

#pll #prettylittleliars #pllendgame #ariamontgomery #ezria #jaria #jasondilaurentis #otp #omgpage

EDIT: i ship ezria and jaria both and the reason for this edit was because jaria doesn't get enough recognition, to everyone who's salty: we all know ezria is endgame so???

Multiship collab! *:・ [CLOSED]

- must be following me
- Tag 2 editors
- Comment the part & ship you want, + a backup
I'll be choosing in the morning! Not first come first serve! Please use Voiceovers! Parts 3 and 4 are combined :)

Part 1: me - stydia
Part 2: @obrieninq - newtmas
Part 3/4: @catallystic - delena
Part 5: @dylvoid - scallison
Part 6: @silverlydia - noorhelm
Part 7:@officialstydias - stelena
Part 8: @lydiaslana - morey —
Due date will be decided later on! So, this is my audio so please don't steal it :)

This life is the one for me! #flight #medic #UH60 #NightOps #multiship

Yes the collab is finally here!! Im so proud of it and shocked at how amazing it turned out. Thank you to everyone that participated💕


Underrated multiship ♡
ac: wolvelas sc (edited)
cc: divxnes
I had to download so many eps for this please appreciate it. Ships and shows listed in the comments. Watch in my yt for good quality (link in bio)
{ #mistgrp }
( #arcanerct1 ) Okey so the main reason I want to enter arcane is because you all are such a close group of friends who are very sweet and supportive of each other. I would LOVE to be a part of this little family you've all formed, to hopefully grow as an editor next to you talented editors and make some great new friends ♥


why do i have to delete instagram every time i want to upload? also this is going to flop tbh
programme: ae cc
ac: @nicolefilms
cc: @wutmartinski
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Forgot sasusaku sorry :) 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
QOTD : favourite saku ship?

AOTD : sakuino or narusaku

#sakura #naruto #narusaku #sasosaku #inosaku #sakukarin #itasaku #kakasaku #multiship #haruno #ship

━ she was there
for jazmin / my audio {Josh #seraphicgrp}

I'm probably gonna do another collab for 2k lol but uh here's the random ass ship collab that looks bomb af thanks to these talented editors (except me)
Part 1: me - Karamel
Part 2: @whoistiles - Stelena
Part 3: @scttreinhart - Bellarke
Part 4: @truesomedits - Scallison
Part 5: @reaperken - Allydia
Part 6: @xsantanicos - Sethkate
Part 7: @xvalentinac - Stydia
I'm gonna lowkey shout out @reign.delena because they were supposed to be in the collab but their internet went out and I didn't know so I replaced them and I feel bad that this talented sweetheart didn't get to be in.
[ #omgpage ]
cc: @divxnes
oc: @bravenry

Top 30 TV OTPs:
1. Killian + Emma
Even though ouat is my favouriteeeee show (it's really good though) and I don't have any other ouat ships in my countdown, CaptainSwan is everything. They're just so sweet and they're in love. They have so many cute and funny moments. I really hope they give them a good ending and don't give Hook another womannnn.
[ cr @emmayouchoseme ]

➢ srry if I delete this video on my second account , I just want to post this video on this account
Song : Motto by Nishino Kana 🎧
Dt : Eremika and yumikuri shipper ~♥
━━━━━━━━━━ ⌇ ⌇
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➢ this one is bad , why I use love live song ?
I think this song its really fit ... but the video is messed up ;-;
Song : ThrilingOne Way by Aqours from LOVELIVE sunshine🎧 (WARNING rape audio if you use headphone)
Dt : potato girl fans ~♥
QOTD : what do you think of my video ?
AOTD : ×
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#進撃の巨人 #Attackontitan #Shingekinokyojin #Aot #Snk
#jeankircsthein #sashabraus #jeankirstein #sashablouse #jeansasha #jeanxsasha #sashajean #OTP #multiship #animeship #Amv #amvs
#manga #Anime #Otaku

↳Riverdale [101]
q: Riverdale or PLL?
a: PLL always and forever💞
↠Fandom; Riverdale
i feel like all of my posts have been flopping recently that's why i keep deleting them :(

collab with the amazing @xperaltiagos 💛
she's amazing and her part is so much better than mine 😩😩
i tried to post this so much while i was away omggg, but it just wouldn't let me :( now i can!
#goddessgrp #azuregrp

Top 30 TV OTPs:
2. Chuck + Blair
I'm really glad they weren't just together from start to finish and they had development throughout. They just had such a beautiful relationship and so obviously had so much love for eachother. They broke my heart so many times but in the end they were happy and so was I
[ cr @void.archibald ]

Just waiting for the day we can get netflix on those things.
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falling for you
cc me

➢ damn sasha is horny :v
Btw Im feel bored
I need more fun ;-;
QOTD : fav kind of drink ?
AOTD : I love soft drink sometime
━━━━━━━━━━ ⌇
Credit to @/cielle_amour from Twitter ^

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Top 30 TV OTPs:
3. Damon + Elena
Stelena was really cute but Delena is always gonna be my tvd otp. I think part of the reason I'm a Delena shipper is cause I knew she was gonna get with Damon before I started watching so I was just waiting for them and they did not disappoint.
[ cr @tvdvideoz ]

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