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Do y’all know how much i love cuddling klance? SO MUCH. Gives me a warm feeling in my heart lol..
Also I really cracked down on my Altean Lance cosplay for Anime Boston! Anyone going to anime boston? I’d love to meet up and get pictures. This is only my second con EVER! Anyway sorry for rambling i’m just so excited :)
credit to @/chocozebra on tumblr
all artwork is and always should be reposted with the permission of the artist(s).

down the memory lane and straight back to s1 where it all started.
for @damonsabsx only!! I love yuu 💘
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I decided to try doing a collab. 😊 If you want to participate just comment a part and ship you‘d like and tag 1-2 editors who might want to join. (Every ship is allowed - canon, not canon, crackship...😄 I hope this doesn’t flop 🙃

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 - me
Part 4 -
Part 5 -
Part 6 -

#collab #ships #multifandom #multiship #ship

coυnт мe ιn

ac : mine
ib: many
cc : mine

love is love
couldn’t wait to post this trash edit, sorry ;-;
#omgpage #loveislove #novacultrct
ac mine / dt joel

Ship collab :)
This is a collab for me and some other editor
comment what ship you want to edit
you don’t need to tag any other editors because it’s only 2 people
And that’s all!!
ac collabingaudios
Part 1: me (stydia)
Part 2: @multivoid.mp4 (kate and emaline)
Good luck :) 💓

I am so incredibly proud of this group, the due date was the 31st but they all got their parts in early!! :)) GO GIVE THEM ALL A FOLLOW!
Part 1: @kylorenscar
Part 2: me
Part 3: @juliasvidss
Part 4: me
Part 5: @aurora.aep
Part 6: @saber.mp4
ac rm: @softrunes
intro ib: lightningxdisaster
This is our first collab and we wanted it to represent what we stand for: standing up against the hate in the fandom and respecting all the ships!! We challenged ourselves to do ships in this collab that we don’t usually edit and we hope you guys all get some knowledge from that!
We hope you enjoyed!!

Archie and Elena (+Veronica)
Au: Elena has feelings for Archie and Archie does too but he’s dating another girl name Veronica, he also hangs out with this girl Betty, and then later on Veronica sees Elena after Archie and Veronica’s seven minutes in heaven and sees Elena talking all the time with Archie and staring at them together a lot.. at the end it shows Veronica leaving and telling Archie to pick her or Elena (doesn’t show that part)
{#omgpage #archieandrews #stallison #stilena #thevampirediaries #thecw #riverdale #multiship #multicrossover}

kamaline x choni

Rn I’m in New Orleans for the first time and it’s so cool I’m in love
On another note, do not watch tslotat unless you want all ur hopes to be crushed by the finale!!!🙃
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H..hinata! What are you doing?! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••
💫💙 This picture is so hot 💙💫
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Naughty hinata is a major turned on~ ♥️🌹

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