Check out some of these sheds, crazy size, and some crazy deformities. #shedcrazy #gethushin #muleyfreak #cheaterbucks #sportsmanwherehouse #vortexoptics #deadheads #greatfinds

Took some time but finally finished this for a friend! Really happy with how it turned out! #deerskull #muleyfreak #letsgetartsy

Getting closer to the 2 week update frequency. (June 1st) We’re excited for scouting season! #trailcamtuesday

Record your shots and review to make adjustments. 👌 #PhoneSkope #SkopedVision

Dialed in 🏹
Ladies, go to the #LinkInOurBio & grab yourself a new hat for Summer! #RepTheWesternCreed #HuntressGear #MuleyFreak

Last Saturday @kaylebleseberg thought he glass up a big elk shed. Him and @kurtiissssss decided to put in the long walk and go check it out. Well when they got their the shed ended up to be a stick shed. They were pretty bummed, as they were looking around, directly below them lay this beautiful RAM! So next time you glass up a shed and ends up to be a stick look around because something better may be right under your nose. Congrats guys! Don't forget to enter our giveaway check our previous post for details.

#hornstars #hornporn #muleyfreak #muledeer #muleymadness #shedhunting #shedfreak #hornhunting #photography #whywedoit #greatday
Deer population sucks I remember back in the day picking up 18 or 20 damn near every time. Nowadays if you pick up 5 you're doing good!
Guess I did good😏

NEW VIDEO IS LIVE! Check out the Nevada shed opener vid and subscribe for more outdoor adventures! I have to thank you guys for the positivity and for following along! #riseandshed #shedhunting #ilovesheds #nevada #muledeer #muleycrazy #muleyfreak #elk #bullelk #bigbucks #drkmtn #tinesup #shedicated #getoutside

#bowtech #kingscamo #gunnisoncolorado #muledeerhunter #muleyfreak another 2017 giant taken by Brandon kempton

We all have those animals that keep us up at night wondering, "what if." This deer is one of those for me. This is a buck we started noticing, as a 3-4 year old, had major potential. We hunted him for 4 years with only a couple sightings, failed stalks and a couple trail cam pics. He lived in a thick timbered area that had no vantage points to glass from and the only way to hunt him was to sit a stand or still hunt through the timber and small openings. Throughout the years, myself and other @randkhuntingco guides tried to just get lucky stillhunting this ghost. Year 4 I took one of my archery hunters into the area to check some trail cameras and told him we would take our time and slowly hunt the area on our way in, in hopes of catching him or one of the other good bucks from the area in the open. As luck would have it, as we made our way into one of the small openings in the timber, he suddenly appeared heading our way. We froze as he moved into 20yds and turned broadside feeding. I was in disbelief that this was happening. My hunter slowly raised his bow, drew, anchored and let an arrow fly. The buck kicked and took off, however after seeing the point of impact we both became sick. The arrow had hit 6-8" high, right above the vitals. I spent the next week searching for him with no luck. After a couple weeks, he showed back up on trail cam with the evidence of being hit but looking healthy.(as seen in the tc video) It was game on again come the rifle season as @hollywooddaveoo and I both tried to get our rifle hunters on him. Rick Kreuter @beyondthehunttv and I gave it our all the last few days of the season trying to turn him back up. Rick even passed a beautiful 30" 190" typical in hopes of taking this giant. The last day, last evening of the hunt, Rick got a quick glimpse of him sneaking back into the timber but was not given a shot opportunity. The buck had made it another season being smart and staying one step ahead....see rest of story in comments.

Awesome ATL set I walked up on this season! Swipe 👈 to see the set!🤘 #sitkagear #mtnops #phoneskope #muleycrazy #muleytines #muleyfreak #cabelas #badlands

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