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Just a little laundry on the trail. Lavando ropa en el camino.

I stumbled on this puesto in the middle of the mountains. It was an old border patrol quarters where this man stayed taking care of the animals that still remained there at the ranch. Alone for months at a time, he was ecstatic to invite me in for yerba mate, lamb roast lunch and then decided to ride out with me for an hour or so. When we were met with a locked gate of the next ranch, he stayed with me for another 5 hours riding to find our way through a steep canyon that would get me around the closed in fences and to an open ranch. The people here on the countryside are a kind, sincere and genuine people. They are a people of few needs, who completely understand the needs of a traveler and their animals. The best parts of this journey has hands down been the people I have met along the way and the kindness they have shown me and my animal team. _____________________
Tropecé con este puesto en el medio de las montañas. Era un antiguo cuartel de Gendarmería donde este hombre se quedó cuidando a los animales que aún permanecían allí en el rancho. Solo durante meses, estuvo muy contento de invitarme un mate, cordero asado y luego decidió acompañarme durante una hora más o menos. Cuando nos encontramos con la tranquera cerrada del próximo rancho, se quedó conmigo durante otras 5 horas para mostrarme el camino a través de un cañadón empinado que nos permitiera rodear los alambrados cerrados y llegar a un rancho abierto. La gente aquí en el campo es gente amable, sincera y genuina. Son personas de pocas necesidades, que comprenden completamente las necesidades de un viajero y sus animales. La mejor parte de este viaje ha sido las personas que he conocido en el camino y la amabilidad que nos han mostrado a mí y a mis animales.

“The two important things that I did learn were that you are as powerful and strong as you allow yourself to be, and that the most difficult part of any endeavour is taking the first step, making the first decision.” ― Robyn Davidson

Just me being my normal serious self and trying to not let my silly string of mules have time to do something stupid. Video by @kylejrobertson
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Estancia Arroyo Verde🏠🐑🐑🐑🇦🇷#patagone

The bell mare.
One of my favorite aspects of mule packing is the bell mare, mules naturally look to horses for leadership.. the bell mare is the ring leader to keep the herd together when turned out to graze. Not every mare can be a bell mare, but when one can show leadership and bringing the herd back in, she dones the title.
. .
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Saturdays on the ranches include, radio (what you’re hearing is other ranches communicating with others using the radio to send messages), drinking mate, and so much chill. //Sábados en el campo... escuchando los mensajes del otros campos por la radio, tomando mate y descansando bien. #patagone #cometolife #guayakilife

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Re-packing, weighing, missioning!
Getting the bags ready for mule transport tomorrow - for tomorrow we trek!

I love winter and summer so equally it’s f’d. Can’t wait to get back to packing.

There is something that changes you when you immerse in wilderness. Some of us have been lucky to know this our whole lives. From the Bob Marshall Wilderness, To the Yaak Wilderness ..snippets of places in the Eastern Sierra mountains..Endless river trips only accessible by boat, wild tames your soul and the fire in our eyes cannot be quenched.
I just applied to the National Park Service to pack in Colorado resupply for trail crews. Here’s to more mountains and strings of mules..storms and fires ..snow and rain ...
In the words of John Muir.
The Mountains are calling and I must go ... .
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“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”-Steven Wright

Home is where your horse is💛 #patagone

Packing up!🐴🐴🐕🇦🇷#patagone

Routing out the next leg of the trip. The animals and I have spent the past few days resting and now are ready to hit the trail again! 🗺 #patagone

Town parade in #Trevelin , Patagonia. Check out more on the latest blog at StevieAnna.com/blog 🐴🐴🇦🇷#patagone

The latest #patagone blog is up! Check it at: StevieAnna.com/blog

Working with cows at the Estancia Numancia🐂🐂🐂Trabajando con las vacas en la estancia Numancia🇦🇷#patagone

The holiday rush makes me wish for the days where the sun was our clock, packing through Montana. For sure 2017 brought me blessings, new experiences and new friends. Thank you for following along on my #freelance writing and photography adventures! 📷: KateBradleyByars.com ••
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