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"So, we're eating tree sap right now?" -My 5-year-old in reference to pure maple syrup.

I'm grateful for children who are so easy to please. They thought these pancake men from "Christmas in the Big Woods" were so incredible this morning. While they ate they took turns reciting "Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!" Love them.

Despite it being 80 degrees out, we are doing our best to pretend it’s a nice crisp cold morning. Hence the fireplace and snowflakes 😂☃️❄️ #snuggleupwithabook #mornings #howwehomeschool #wishitsnowed

the power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely. louisa may alcott

We're beginning our final main lesson block for the year today. Finishing up what has been both a wonderful and overwhelming year of second grade maths. We are returning to Animal Fables to cover the last three times tables (7,9,11), review what we've covered this year and learn about square and triangular numbers.

We’ve been watching the blue jays in our back yard for a few weeks now and finally mounted a bird feeder (stocked full of peanuts) to the window of our homeschool room, hoping to catch a closer glimpse. (Thanks to @mama_jbird for inspiring us with this idea💛) It’s been a lot fun observing them and also watching the girls dart to the window as soon as they hear that familiar squawk. We just need to work on controling our shrieks of excitement so that we don’t scare them away☺️

We made these ‘thankful’ turkeys a couple of weeks ago. It was on a particularly rough day, family wise. Sometimes it’s hard to step away and see the light, the good, the blessings. Sometimes all we see is the difficulties, the ‘I can’t do’, the ‘I don’t want to do’, the piece of coal we’ve been given. We don’t see the glimmers, the hope, the possibilities of what is good. Sometimes we are just too tired, too broken, too much in the darkness. I don’t want it all to be blackened out. I want the small bits of light to be that much brighter because of what darkness engulfs it. When I am not flooded with such great lights making everything wonderful in life, I want to reach out and be guided by those tiny glows even more. I fail a lot but I don’t want to ever give up. I’m going to hold on to these thanksgiving keepsakes. These handprints with words of thankfulness of the other side. I will pocket the joys of my kids being thankful for ‘friends, movie nights, yogurt and popcorn’. Those are all bright lights. All those things will help lead the way. ✨ #littlewolveslove #littlewolvesthanksgiving

The perfect book for a snowy day. ☃️ What are your winter favourites? Please do share below! I asked for seasonal recommendations back in the spring, and then shared my favourites in a blog post. I plan on doing that again now as we enter the colder months, and update our seasonal shelf! ❄️
#homeschool #ourfamilyrhythm #earthschooling #waldorfeducation #charlottemason #homeschoolcollective #wildandfreechildren #mulberrychildhood

When a fairy would come to me and ask me after my wish ~ many things fly in my mind ~ like more land for raising animals ~ more time for my hobbies or more vacation. But the biggest one is ~ It should just stay like it is. Being together with them, with this tiny crew, who can I call thankfully family, who are carefully supporting and loving each other ... "No fay, please fly to others who need your wishes more" 💛

As I went to tuck my children in bed last night, my 5 year old wanted to say his prayer with me. His prayers are always unique and thoughtful. In this prayer last night he said, “Help us to be kind, always. Help us to choose the right, always.” Such simple truth. But why is it so hard for us to do this on the daily?
I just got home from @tofw_timeoutforwomen this weekend before this sweet prayer. The messages shared were so profound and beautiful. It was exactly what I needed after an emotional and hard month. My goal is to ARISE and be prepared for any trial that may come my way. To be guided by the spirit when my children need me. To Be Kind and Choose The Right ALWAYS. To face future hard times with grace and peace. In order to do this, I need the Lord with me constantly. I need to prepare myself daily. I’m grateful for these incredible presenters as I have been inspired by each one of them. God is so good. I know I fall short often, but after being reminded of Gods love for me this weekend, I know through His grace that I can Arise and fulfill my personal ministry. #tofwsaltlakecity #tofw #ldshomeschool #sharegoodness


🌿🌻🙌 It is so beautiful when I hear my children excited by all the wonderful things outside and hearing the way they talk about their discoveries. I hope that no matter how old they get, they never stop observing and learning.

Kids....Loud and crazy inside. Quiet and reflective outside 🤷‍♀️#wildandfreechildren #mulberrychildhood #homeschoollife

I wholeheartedly agree! We just explored the exquisite Jewel Cave in Augusta and my boy was in complete awe. It’s his first time in a cave. This is the biggest “show cave” in Western Australia with 3 massive chambers displaying nature’s finest and most detailed work. 😍

Cooling off at the swimming hole. It's too hot for homeschool this afternoon!

I actually can’t believe we haven’t (until now) reviewed this absolute classic. The Giving Tree is such a beautiful book and when I recently stumbled across a copy in a classroom I was teaching in, I knew immediately we had to share it with you. This story is so moving. Years ago, when I first read it, I think I took it a little on face value and saw it as a tale of friendship (which it is, to a certain extent), but now it has a different meaning for me. Reading it again, now as a parent, I couldn’t help but liken the tree to a parent, desperate not to lose the connection with their growing child; offering them assistance and support in any way possible, just to keep them close. We feature it on our blog today.

While everyone else was singing songs, T was happily reading a story.

In the category of, Things That Didn't Seem Important When You Were Young And Single, my MIL is a retired kindergarten teacher. When I was dating my husband I gave that fact exactly ZERO thought. "How nice she loves the laminator. Moving on." Fast forward to #momlife. THANK YOU DEAR NANNA for all the games, crafts, activities, projects, books, educational toys, etc etc you have blessed my children with!!! The latest TOTAL WIN here is something called the top secret adventures book club by @highlightsforchildren - a "mysterious worldwide detective game." (Aka the boys have been learning about China for an hour and think they are on the greatest detective case of their lives. 😂) Actually, I'm pretty sure this trial box is free right now! Linking below.

the power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely. louisa may alcott

Who scored the Citrus Trio? 🙋 .
What are your thoughts?

Once again we're stuck into an activity by 7am. Island Child asked to do some spelling with our Coko Bricks that we purchased from @thecreativetoyshop

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TLC Homeschool resources are having a flash sale! A whole year's access to resources for $35, down from the RRP of $250! Resources are focused on Thematics, Literature and have a conservation/nature focus (which is what our homeschooling with our little ones is all about!).

🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁 If ever I needed a sign that this homeschooling thing was for us, oh boy, is this it! Just a bunch of kids making dog-piles in a glorious field... radiating joy! ✨ #childhoodunplugged #cu_thankful

We've reached another break week! 🙌 Even though we're on a break this week we're still carrying on with our morning time and read alouds. This is a glimpse of what we'll be reading in our morning basket this week. 📚

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