When your 4 year old draws you a “Friendly Cat”. 😂😂😂

“Gears, twigs, leaves, little children love the world. That is why they are so good at learning about it. For it is love, not tricks and techniques of thought, that lies at the heart of all true learning. Can we bring ourselves to let children learn and grow through love?” - John Holt, How Children Learn #unschooling #unschool #unschoolinglife #homeschool #homeschooling #letthechildrenplay #lifewithoutschool #naturallearning #mulberrychildhood #letthembelittle #letthembekids #johnholt #childhoodunplugged

Counting their treasures.
Here’s the thing about exploring a new park, a new trail, or even just a new city greenway - we don’t tire of it. And it’s not because we’re particularly outdoorsy or nature-loving - we’re really not! It’s because there’s always a treasure to hunt. And when there’s a treasure to hunt ... there’s less bickering, less squabbling, less boredom - all of which means less work for us parents, which means that everyone wins 😉🙌
Today, in between catching fish and stacking rocks, they amassed a giant pile of Indian Money. If you’re not from here, that’s the colloquial (and yes, non-PC) name for crinoid fossils that are believed to be anywhere from 250-490 *million* years old, left over from a time when Middle Tennessee was completely below warm sea water. All in all, a good way to spend a morning. @nashville_parks, you haven’t let us down yet.

Dinner the other night was BEYOND amazing. We did crispy orange cauliflower, brown rice, mixed greens, bell pepper and zucchini noodles! The crispy orange cauliflower was super super simple. I cut the cauli in florets and added fresh garlic, garlic powder, sea sat and pepper and let them marinate overnight in @eathaks brown sugar bbq sauce. Once they were super wet and drenched, I coated them with GF flour and fried them until crispy brown. Once browned I let them cool off on a plate and made a quick orange zesty sauce and brought it to a simmer, once simmering, I used tongs and lightly coated the cauli until crispy and orange! We topped with black and white sesame seeds and Voila! Vegan goodness, plant based everything and happy + healthy bellies! The kids had about 6 florets each, except Pooks- she had 10!! 😳😳🙈 I guess she likes how we cook! Have you tried this yet? We can’t wait to see! Tag me when you make it! #thatkindvegantribe

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W I N T E R : I’ve had seven winters of him wanting to swim even though everyone else thinks it’s freezing cold and I still forget to pack a towel because I think it’s so cold there is no way we will need one. When will I learn?! 🏊‍♂️ ❄️ #winterholiday #blacksandbeach

Drove from Sofia to the Black sea today.
So much joy when it started raining ( we haven't seen rain for ages). Hands out the window and lots of laughing. Bring on the holiday week 🙌

Our mini bingo set is in the works! How many cards would you like to see in a set. Ten sounds like a good number to me but maybe more?

Also, I’m smitten over the idea of natural bingo “chips” these dried rose buds would sit beautifully on our larger mats!🌹(Other ideas: polished rocks, gemstones, clay circles wooden peg dolls felt cutouts... etc.✨

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Exploring Snoqualmie Falls last week. 💚🌲

We will start our days this school year with a Tree of Life Meditation 🌳 Meditation from the book Circle Round

I thought I would share one of my absolute favourite activities with you today. This mama took our ice cream colouring sheet and had her kids paint it with puffy paint and decorate it with beads and pompoms. How cute is that!? Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing @the_birds_nestx6 💛

I had completely forgotten about this United States Quarter Collector's Map my mom bought back in 1999. She pulled it out of the garage and said "This would be great for Olivia and then she can count up the quarters when she's finished." Whenever we find a quarter with a new state we check what year it became a state and look into the picture displayed on the quarter. United States History/Geography study. 👊🏼🤓

Chloe decided to work out how many km we’ll be driving in the US...LOTS 😳
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Also Lyra has been sitting on her back the whole time 🤣

Spring is well and truly in the air and if you haven’t already noticed the days are getting warmer and longer 🌞🌿 🦋 After our routine fruit and veg hall this morning we headed out for our Sunday adventure together as a family (dogs included). We don’t usually plan where we are going and tend to just get in the car, choose a direction and start driving until we find somewhere isolated and peaceful. We are super lucky to have a 4WD which enables us to explore off road and down the beaten track, forever finding new spots in nature that are beautiful and untouched. Today we found ourselves hiking through some local bush land and came across a sea of blooming wattle trees, vibrant yellow magic fully covering parts of the bush 🌼🍃 I sung and danced through the trees making flower crowns and tickling Koas nose with little bits of soft wattle as he chuckled and giggled looking up in awe at the big gum trees above him. Being completely present in the presence of my family, listening to nature, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the sunlight upon my skin is what truly makes me happy and alive 🙏
Who would be interested in watching some of our outdoor adventures? I’m going to start playing around with my GoPro as well as iMovie and am thinking of sharing some of our outdoor missions. Would love for you to come along and see what our crazy tribe gets up to 😊

'It's a kite fight!' pictured here, is from our current Level (grade) 2 Brilliant Box. This English activity is fun, hands on practise different sound & letter combinations. This one is only available for another 2 weeks, so get in now!

Isn’t this what summers are made of? Saying YES when you feel like saying NO, happy kids and dirty feet? Now that summer is officially coming to an end, what was your favorite part? #frattinipack

Our sweet girl hasn’t been sleeping well this week (nightmares), so feeling a bit worse for wear, we didn’t go to church this morning. Instead, we headed into the city centre for a bite to eat. It was lovely and had a life-learning moment: this week Buddy Boy has been interested in WWII, asking lots of questions etc. Seeing the Bridge of Rememberance, we headed over and showed him our own way of remembering those we’ve lost. I love moments like this: how interests and learning and life all work out organically, sometimes without us trying. It was a beautiful morning ☝🏻☀️#unschooling #unschooled #unschoolingnz #mulberrychildhood #lifewithoutschool #naturallearning #homeschool #homeschooling #sundaymorning #newzealand

So many textured going on here. Fluffy wool, smooth wood and cool metal keys. And I love the way the light bounces off the curved metal keys. All these sensory pleasure and that’s with out hearing the beautiful melodies our pentatonic xylophone makes. .
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recommended by a friend. TEACHER was such a great read I stayed up way too late reading it. my daughter lost her passion for learning at school in year three. our school teachers were INCREDIBLE but unfortunately thru no fault of their own there was too much of a focus on testing + professional standards. let’s just hope things change before more of these WONDERFUL educators like @gabbiestroud leave their chosen profession.
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Perhaps we can find some new activities to add to our list! Airport visits are another one we like....and free is always good 😏

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