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what colour theme should i use for my next spread? 😮❤

I was so busy this week, I didn't have time to make a new bujo spread. So I just used an unfinished one I made last year. // also I'm really sad that skam is ending, there was supposed to be 9 seasons for the 9 main characters, but apparently nrk dropped skam on its FOURTH season. I wished Even got this own season there was so much we didn't get to figure out about him, and Chris (not penetrator), and vilde 🙃🙃plus I bet American skam is going to be horrible, how are they going to just replace isak and everyone???

- ̗̀ june 23rd 2017 ̖́-
i can finally start posting !! (here's a really cute pink flatlay!!) but school isn't over until next tuesday :")
qotd: when do/did you get out of school?

study essentials: muji 0.38 black gel pens ✏️ diary for planning and jotting ideas 📝 headphones 🎧 and of course a cute note book to work in 📖

#dosa #ドーサ #artsandscience #アーツアンドサイエンス #muji #birkenstock #ビルケンシュトック

Here's the bullet journal FAQ! I'll post them in a few parts so here's part one!
2,3: This is the notebook I use! It's a dotted A5 notebook from muji. Zoom if you have to.
4: These are the pens I normally use for every spread. 0.38mm uniball signo dx, 0.5 pilot mechanical pencil, black pentel fude sign touch, black tombow fudenosuke (soft). 5: The pens I use to decorate my spreads! They're brush pens so the tips are flexible - thick downstrokes, thin upstrokes. Tombows from either popular bookstore (Sunway Pyramid) or @cziplee , Zig Brushables are from art friend!
6: You can never have too many washi tapes so I use those to decorate too!! They're super easy to use and I'll just stick them in blank spaces. I bought mine from @stickerrific and @cziplee !
7: and finally my favourites - @colirocolors finetec!!!!! They're gouche paints so you need to use water to activate them. I use a Daler Rowney no. 2 brush with it. -
Selamat Hari Raya! Have a safe trip back to your hometowns and have a great Raya! 💓💓 Don't hesitate to DM me or comment down your questions!

pen favourites, i can now say that my all time favourite is the pilot juice pen! plus it's cheaper here in the Philippines but 0.38 where you at. what's your all time favourite pen?

Just posting a title ideas page because I wanted to gather all the titles I use the most for you ❣️I was supposed to go to the beach for the weekend but the weather is bad 🙃
Thankyou so much for 12.9k btw lyll 💋 Hope you all have a peaceful weekend 💗
current fav song↓
♫ Martin Jensen - Solo Dance ♪


Biggest assignment of the year done and I got my package from amazon, which is always fun! What did you do today? Am I the only one who loves to receive packages 📦

MUJI in Manchester
イギリス マンチェスターのMUJIでトムと出会いました。彼は日本に来た時MIJIへ行き、そこでMUJIに惚れ込んだそうです。それを聞いてとても嬉しかったし、日本のMUJIに誇りを感じました。また彼は3つの言語が喋れて、すごく堪能です。自分も負けてられないなと、とてもいい刺激になりました!また、私のチリの友達もMUJIのファンで、MUJIはグローバルだなと今一度 改めて実感しました!とても良い1日でした!
Thank you,Tom!!
see you again soon!! #muji#Manchester#unitedkingdom

aeropuerto madrid.

おはようございます ◌ ͙❁˚
雨ですね ◌◌

まずはみそたんに会いに ‧⁺
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história mundial 💜

♡ that exam date is getting closer and closer 😭

How was your day 🌸

Here he we have a glimpse of a beautifully crafted bujo entry by @tbhstudying! Stunning work 🙌

Got my Eid glam on! ⭐️ #
كشخة العيد زاهبة 💛 عيدكم مبارك 💛

i miss muji so much ❣️




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