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Enchanted in the arboretum 🌱
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From my book

You want a puddle life? Go have you a puddle life. Go settle.
They want you to play small for their comfort? They want what they’re used to. They want what they claim they want to escape from. They want you to be water when you are a firestorm, let them go play in puddles.
Burn bright, fire woman.


Here’s to Freedom! Naturaleza! Authenticity! We are Divinely Perfect! #divinefeminine womensempowerment #sheisus #divinelyperfect #naturalwoman #nocoverup #shine #beautyfull #innerouter #lovealiciakeys #soulshine #dealmas #sisterlove #womanist #mujerista

The Embodiment of Elegant Confidence!!! Hand on Hip and Bouquet of Flowers! Happy Mothers Day Weekend! Painting by Laura Wheeler Waring on exhibition at BK Museum! #elegant #confidence #selflove #allthat #womanist #mujerista #sophisticated #sheisus #dealmas #womensempowerment #sisterlove

Put some respect on your mamas name! 😂Feliz Día De Las Madres to all my Latinx moms out there! ✨❤️

How you talk to yourself is important. My little brother reminded me that the vibes we put out and energy we send out are important. When we are attuned to ourselves and our spirits we can change our internal and external environments.
c: Gabi Goyette

So proud of my Culture and Trauma research lab assistants, studying trauma recovery of Latina, Chinese, and African American women. #ipv #metoo #mentalhealth #psychology #trauma #isurvived #overcomer #healing #womanist #mujerista #sexualassault

My latest piece “We Will Teach Our Daughters About the Sacredness of Female Sexuality” is now up on The Mujerista!
This truly came from the heart. As a Latina who has grown up in a hyper masculine culture, diving into the nuances of womanhood has never really been a thing. I don’t blame any of the women in my life because quite frankly, open conversations about sexuality and sex were never discussed. It’s just something that is never spoken about.
As I find myself in my mid-twenties I am becoming more aware of the sacredness and divinity of my sexuality, body, and womanhood in ways that were never exposed. It’s just an intelligence I was born with that luckily for me, I’ve now been free to understand and explore.
I want so badly for the secrecy around intimacy-for women-to be a thing of the past because “at birth women already possess the ability to eventually connect with the holiness that is their sexual expression. When allowed to thrive, it is a healing and nurturing aspect of what it means to be a woman, however, most are never given that opportunity.”
Let’s heal so we can teach our daughters the power that lies within.
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First video in a while!
Abuse, Latinx culture, #junotdiaz , and rising up.
Let’s talk about it.

in light of recent events, quick reminder that this is a page about intersectionality!! :) i don’t want ur follow if you support any kinds of oppression! unfollowing is free if ur transphobic, aphobic, homophobic, racist, classist, sexist, xenophobic or ableist. all oppression is connected and can’t be examined separately.

I find it bothersome when some women see me as competition. I see them nitpick at me, trying to find *something* negative about me to make themselves feel better about their own appearance. If she sees me & is automatically looking for something wrong, like, “oh, her teeth aren’t white. LOL go brush ya teeth, bitch.” “Yeah, she has a big butt, but have you seen her eyebrows?” “omg look at her toes, though! :p” Girl, it’s time to level up. Accept women as they are. If she sees me as competition, SHE ALREADY LOST. A woman that hates on other women is already a loser, in my mind. No matter how cute her outfit is, no matter how nice her body is: if she is looking at me with a stank face when I haven’t even glanced over at her, she’s already in second place behind me. I believe in the sisterhood, as difficult as it is to keep faith sometimes. Find peace, girl. #myteesays #calmayourdrama #lol #zara #fashionnova #nike #womanist #mujerista

tfw when someone eats the last chicken nugget
c: Gabi Goyette

Embedded in Latin American culture is hyper masculinity and an acute awareness of the desires of heterosexual males. It’s inescapable. Paired with it, however, is an oppressive approach to bury the sacred power of women sexuality. In "We Will teach Our Daughters About the Sacredness of Female Sexuality," @cat.lantigua describes how we, as women, have not been allowed to understand our innate sexual character, and how our sexual roles have been reduced to temptation or reproduction; robbing us of connecting with our sexual selves and exploring our sexual nature. Cat questions the approach on female sexuality by the generations before us, and delves into the significance of breaking away from this cycle and teaching future generations to be in touch with their spiritual and sexual selves (without shame or guilt). Click the 🔗 in our bio to check out this must-read of a discourse that many of us have experienced ✨⠀
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All the icons... (except for the ones in Burundi) #mujerista

When it’s Monday and you don’t want to get out of bed
c: Gabi Goyette

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