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Great views. Even better company ♡ #muchlatergram

Because we fancy 👵🏽👴🏼 #tbt #onafriday #churchthangs #muchlatergram #heskindacute 🤤

And it was the season to fall for Amsterdam.
#muchlatergram #iamsterdam #eveningstroll #onemonthago

broads who love fall (& hate ding dongs) #muchlatergram 🍁🍂🍃🙅🏼🙅🏻🤡

#muchlatergram : me and Livie on Ruby Beach, 2003 and 2017 😭

doesn't feel right that such a beautiful piece of land is privately owned but we did shell out our pennies to play around on it! also it turns out my normally good driving turns to shit without power steering 😬 #atving #jurassicworld #kualoaranch #muchlatergram #thevideowasworththepriceofadmission

Messy hair, do care? I don't do much with my hair but @sallyhershberger 24K texturizing paste has been my go-to while I grow out my bob. It gives nice lift and texture to thick, heavy hair like mine without feeling gummy or crunchy 💪🏽 #muchlatergram

#muchlatergram 25 years later....it could have been any year. High school days were filled with emotion and excitement: The great late-night dormitory parties, the friendships we lived for and the music we played while we're homesick...most of us thousands of miles away from home, the boys my friends and I thought we loved....Seeing each other after 25-years, those memories are crystal-clear.
The times we live in have changed, but actual things don’t change much, and people don’t either. I think that’s a good thing. Reality doesn’t bite as hard at the 25-year mark, despite what people may anticipate.

25 years is just... different. It’s not like the 10-year, where everyone was so set on showing how the choices they made set them well on their way — to a perfect marriage, fast-track career, big house or crazy adventure.
It’s not the 20-year, when everyone is curious to see who had those things from the 10-year succeed or fail. At the 25th year, we are in our 40s and we respect reality.

We know there’s really no point in judging one another anymore — not for the big things. We’ve all made choices and we’re living with the consequences. Five kids or no kids; women with thriving careers or stay-at-home struggles; divorces and remarriages (sometimes more than one); failed relationships and unexpected heartbreaks, families with newborn twins or teens (sometimes both). It’s just life.
We may not remember every face or every name, but we’ve given up judging the big things.

This reunion was nothing more than a moment in time. It’s only in these moments after that many of us realize we how much we miss those days.


Goddess of wisdom and war. Oh and Athena too. #lasvegas #somecasino #toomanydrinks #muchlatergram

My first true passion. This photo is over two years old, my dad just reposted it today. I've not climbed in almost three months, as I have a rotator cuff injury, that I re-injured not long ago at work. I've been babying it to heal for my journey to India. Seeing this photo makes me miss climbing and that amazing feeling I get from it. I'm proud of myself for seeing the bigger picture and abstaining from climbing to reach this new dream and goal. There was a time when climbing was such a big part of my life, I would have continued to climb with my wounded wing, not taken care of it, and injured myself further, all for the love of climbing. #love #smile #climbing #sheadventures #growth #selfcare #instagood #me #cute #tbt #followyourdreams #follow #photooftheday #happy #beautiful #climbyourimpossible #adventure #wanderlust #selfie #fun #likes4likes #inherelement #latergram #muchlatergram

Great views. Even better company ♡ #muchlatergram

And it was the season to fall for Amsterdam.
#muchlatergram #iamsterdam #eveningstroll #onemonthago

#muchlatergram of day 25 of our #movetocure challenge. Super low energy that day slid into a gnarly bug. I kept thinking about how miraculous it was that @tracyjanemcneal kept up with her workouts during chemo. Thinking I’ll just pick up with day 26 and hopefully catch a couple of double workouts this weekend. I’ve been with the #tamily in spirit, tho. #illbethere #iseeyou #thankyouforshowingup

Francamente ansiosa por Lisboa depois de pesquisar tanto sobre a cidade. Eu já sabia que gosto de história e leitura, mas montar roteirinhos turísticos me traz não só o prazer de redescobrir sob nova ótica, mas também uma nostálgica sensação da designer do Living. Só conseguia pensar em escrever frases com bossa, personalidade e objetivo e fazer uma pesquisa de imagens apuradíssima. Saudades Lisboa, saudades dreamteam de lifestyle @allinecury e @camilasawamura 🍹🥂🍸💛
#flashbackfriday #tb #muchlatergram

Greenwich with exhausted @putschauto #muchlatergram

I still want this car, four years later. #conceptcar #mercedes #museum #Stuttgart #germany. Child and I both looking much younger. #facebookmemory #muchlatergram

Because we fancy 👵🏽👴🏼 #tbt #onafriday #churchthangs #muchlatergram #heskindacute 🤤

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