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this is trash but she isn’t! happy bday lovely💘💕💞💓you mean so so so much to me and are my biggest inspiration. you are beautiful inside and out and I hope you never forget that. not only are you incredibly stunning but you’re super sweet and that’s what I love about you. never forget that your fans are always here for you and love you. when I first saw you on stranger things, I couldn’t believe how unbelievably talented you are and I still can’t. happy 14th❤️(if you tag her I’ll love you forever) @milliebobbybrown

Something different then usual :) hope you guys like it💕
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Here’s chapter 21! 20 likes and 20 comments for the next!
You turned around to see Eddie standing there. You both stared at each other for a moment, then you run off. Will ran behind you.
Will- Y/n! Where are you?
You- I’m right here *You turn uninvisible.*
What’s up?
Will- Why did you just run off? And who was that guy?
You- Will, there’s something i haven’t told you. It’s about that guy. Just promise you won’t be mad.
Will- Why would I be mad? Is it that bad? I promise i won’t be mad, just tell me...
You- Ok, So that guy is Eddie and he’s also my ex. He saved my life and then as soon as i woke up from in the hospital i ran away with my parents here because Richie told Brenner where i was. I never broke up with him in person and had to text break up with him. I haven’t talked to him since.
Will- Wow, your life has been really boy rough *He laughs and smiles*
You- Ya i guess your right *You smile and blush*
Will- Let’s just forget about richie and eddie, and let’s start a good relationship.
You- Deal, *You hug him when you see Eddie, Richie, and Stan come up to you* Hey Will can you give me a minute? I’ll meet you at the bench in a few. I need to talk things over.
Will- Ok, Just be safe.
You- I will, trust me. *Will walks off and your left with Stan, Richie, and Eddie.
You- So why are you here eddie?
Eddie- I still like you y/n. I wanted to talk to you alone, but Stan wouldn’t let me near you unless he came.
You- Ya that’s a good thing. Is that all? I have to go hang out with my boyfriend.
Eddie and Richie- Boyfriend?!?
You- Ya, We’ve been dating for about 5 days. And he’s Already better than both of you. *You walk away and go over to Will. You get on his bike and he starts to pedal.
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