Makeup for Yearbook - SMAN 5, Aulia💙✨

Makeup for Yearbook - SMAN 5, Sellyn💙✨

without fakelashes😊😊

Makeup for Yearbook - SMAN 5, Shafira💙✨

A little about me for today’s #fridayintroductions:
Making people look AND feel their best is the highlight of my job, however me personally? My hair is almost NEVER done, my makeup routine is comprised of whatever I can accomplish in 10 min or less, and leggings are my absolute favorite attire. This is me advising you that how made up I am and how fantastic you’ll look/feel are 2 completely independent entities. There is absolutely no correlation between the two 🤣✌🏼#itstrue (📷: @kelcialanephoto )

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