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คิ ด ถึ ง น้ ะ #mtnpw

ไ ม่ เ จ อ ก็ คิ ด ถึ ง 💕

Work It - United We Stand: My grimebrothers @rusticexcursion and @ltw08 puttin in some work in the United Equipment Factory. This is probably my last shot from this series and I'll be kicking off a new one over the weekend! #memphisurbex #grimebrothers

#instagram pix turn up in the oddest spots with thanks to @insta_charms & @aerofan & @biglapdog s #ear. #mtnpw #bunchofsquares #insta_charms

Have got your #blackeyedpeas cooking yet? Happy New Year everybuddy. I appreciate all you snappy #instagramers and have enjoyed knowing you by pictures and words. You know who you are. PS isn't it about time for a #photowalk #mtnpw #memphis #ig_memphis #happynewyear #lunch #whatsforlunch #peas #goodluck #2013

Stirring up trouble - ran across this little group of friendlies inside the train engine on display in Collierville during Memphis Photowalk 4 😱😱😱. I'm not allergic to bees or wasps per se, but I do believe I'm allergic to pain!!! Luckily they stayed put and allowed us to have a #raesfundayfriday! @raeraebaby #mtnpw #mtnpw4

Devilish Grin - snapped this at Memphis Photowalk 4 in historic downtown Collierville. I know my son very well and I swear I could hear the conversation going on in his mind....."this is going to be so much fun, but is it worth the trouble I'm going to be in afterwards? Hmmmm". Luckily he made the right decision on that day! Hope you all enjoy your Friday, make it a fun one for @raeraebaby's #raesfundayfriday. #mtnpw #mtnpw4

'Cause so badly I wanna go outside
But everyone knows that a man ain't supposed to cry .

Listen, I gotta cry 'cause crying eases the pain,
Oh yeah, people this hurt I feel inside .

Words could never explain, I just wish it would rain - The Temptations

Ok, I wasn't THAT broken up about Memphis Photowalk 4 being cold and rainy, but we were expecting our largest gathering to date for this one 😞😞😞 Oh well, there's always next month. In the meantime just sing along with me......"Oh I wish it would rain"
#majesticmonday #mtnpw #mtnpw4

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