Hammocks n Waterfalls like Tequila n Limes

Having the opportunity to work, live and play at @thredboresort here in New South Wales, Australia has been unreal to say the least. Although I haven’t got up to much hiking lately, the Karel’s T-Bar allows me to experience higher altitudes from the luxury of being strapped in to the snowboard.

With the winter season over halfway done, my motivation to get exploring is building and building. Expect a lot more photos to start appearing once the gnarly windstorms we’ve been having die down a bit.

Did you know that many of my videos are partially shot on just a simple iphone?📱

A lot of people think that a high end camera is mandatory to shoot videos but that’s not necessarily the case. Be creative with what you have and what you can afford, there is always something in the budget worth exploring.

Thanks to @titusaparici for this candid shot out at Red Bluffs in Melbourne. 🇦🇺

Because every Puppy deserves a Kachula Adventure Blanket 😉🐶📷 @tales_of_kona #mtn2cty #greettheoutdoors #adventureblanket #coalatree #ecomindedgoods FYI - FREE Nomad packable backpack with purchase while supplies! 🙌👌🏻

Thinking back to one of my favorite camping spots of all time. A few years back we explored the outer islands of Tonga. We spotted this island & it's perfect bay & beach from a plane & we figured out where it was on our nautical maps. We then attempted to arrive there by sea kayak. After hours of paddling on the open ocean we finally made it to the tranquil cove. We spent the days spear fishing & the nights making 10 foot high bonfires on the beach using driftwood. We had this paradise to ourselves until one day a sailboat pulled into the bay & an Aussie couple came ashore & proclaimed that we had "found the best camping spot in the South Seas!" Such a beautiful place & a gratifying adventure... #RyanEricksonPhotography

About a month ago my friend Nick called me up and asked if I would do a volunteer photography day for an event @colorado_trout_unlimited was doing with inner-city kids from Denver this week. Having no idea what Trout Unlimited was, all I heard was “fly-fishing” and “kids” and I was in.
The kids were high school and incoming college freshmen from Colorado’s #environmentallearningforkids program. They spend their summers teaching younger kids around the Denver area about fishing & learning about environmental stewardship, watersheds, and outdoor recreation. I’m probably missing a big chunk - but the plan is to interview a few of them so I’ll fill you in more later.
But HOLY MOLY, these kids are phenomenal! So intelligent, driven, friendly, fun-loving, and socially conscious. Minutes in we were already talking about diversity and equity in the outdoors, and how they’re roll models sharing the outdoor space with other people of color, females, minority groups.
We learned so much about Colorado watersheds and Trout species from a volunteer TU member, and then we all went to the river to practice fly-fishing!
It was an incredibly rewarding experience; I learned so much more than how to cast, and feel incredibly inspired by these kids. I mean, how freaking cool are they and is E.L.K.?!?
So next time you have the opportunity - #optoutside, #volunteer, and #learn. I promise you won’t regret it!

Baby shark 🦈
This pup never had a chance as it was pulled from the womb of a dead adult shark hauled in by fisherman. 😢
Photo by @candace.crespi

Every sunday while I get the morning rolling, these Rosellas stop by for a bit of breakfast. Never would have thought a bird I’d only see in a sanctuary back home, I’d get to feed out of my hand in the wild here in Australia!

There is something about being alone on a trail in the dark, waiting for moments like this. Can’t get enough.

Hopefully your weekend looks something like this! 🏜👍📷 @bodedotcom #greettheoutdoors #monumentvalley #mtn2cty #explore #weekendadventures

Stretching from the Snowy Mountains out into the Victorian Alps seems endless from atop Mt. Kosciuszko.

With less than two months to go out here in the National Park, planning has been under way for where I’ll go next! 😁

There's been frequent volcanic and tectonic movements the past few months. During my last visit to Indonesia I recalled the locals talking of extra active geological events hitting their nation from BALI, to Jogja to Medan and most recently Lombok over a short period of time. As much as it is a Spectacle to behold, these events have severe impact on those living in way. Having a bit of time to reflect this, my thoughts go out to those suffering from these events. Pictured here is Mt. Sinabung in the distance that erupted in Feb 2018 taken during sunrise from another volcano, Mt Sibayak. #goasean #gotravel #travelgram #travel #asean #lonelyplanet #indonesia #medan #wonderfulindonesia #discoverindonesia #worldtraveler #wildernessculture #wanderlust #wanderfolk #sumatra #berastagi #sonya7ii #sonymalaysia #volcano #sunrise #beautifuldestinations #natgeotravel #mtn2cty #neverstopexploring

I came across another photograph from my recent adventure in Iceland. On this beach in Southern Iceland a billion sparkling ice chunks wash ashore onto a contrasting black sand beach, giving it the name Diamond Beach. That's my buddy @shaunfuhriman surveying the coastline... #RyanEricksonPhotography

Prewedding heri & siska

Photo & edit : @luth_vii_ga

Luthfi Virga Farizman Copyright © July 2018.

Prewedding heri & siska

Photo & edit : @luth_vii_ga

Luthfi Virga Farizman Copyright © July 2018.

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