Well it's not a foil Crucible, but I'm not complaining!

Another card I've neglected to feature, Nexus of Fate with artwork by Mike Bierek. I'm a big fan of foils that were only made to be foils, that attention to how the foiling is going to look always pays off, and I really love how it looks in this piece! The swirling vortex around Sarkhan has such this surreal, ethereal look, almost like you can see it moving around him, and he is this sturdy, constant force in the middle of this whirlwind of energy and time.

I've been talking about my Tuvasa deck for weeks and I still haven't featured her, so for #foilfriday here's Tuvasa the Sunlit with artwork by Eric Deschamps! The coloring and background art in this piece are so fantastic! I love this jungle theme, there's an awe inspiring tranquility in the waterfall and palm leaves that surround Tuvasa, and her pink, green and blue body fit so naturally into the scene, like a beautiful flower or bird, giving her gift of water to the flowing river, with a look on her face that suggests that this is her mission from a higher power.

One of my favorite fools for #foilfriday , Cabal Coffers with art by Don Hazeltine! I love how the gold in the coffers make this natural frame from our line of sight, and right in front of us, piled on top of all of this immense and unimaginable wealth, sits the indescribable power of the Mirari, casually thrown into a room full of gold, another accessory to the Cabal's incredible fortune. The walls are so tall anddiscolored, and almost seemingly misshapen from our perspective, creating this nauseating atmosphere, and our only point of humanity in this piece, a lone shadowy figure standing in the entrance, scanning, or perhaps searching through the coffers for something in particular.

This is a card that originally inspired me to make this page, the Rings of Brighthearth Masterpiece with art by Yeong-Hao Han. What really put me in a trance when viewing this under the magnifying lens is the enchanting dance of these flames around the rings. This piece is so dark all around, but these flames are shining so brightly, it garners all of our attention, so much that we can barely see the rest of the room. There is this magical depth to these flames, I think the use of digital art in this piece does wonders for what it seeks to represent, it is taking all of these familiar objects and slightly skewing them, making them into items with powers and qualities we don't understand.

Walking into the store every morning and being welcomed by Vraska never gets old. This is definitely one of the coolest original pieces we have at our store. Come check us out if you’re ever in town!
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Ertai NM✨ a fun card, use to play with this in a mono blue wizard long time ago. #magicthegathering #mtgaddict #mtg #mtgcommander #mtgcommunity #mtgart #mtgartwork #mtgaddicts #wizard

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