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Looking for cool new additions to Karlov. Suggestions wanted. I don’t have the deck list on me, so just comment your Life gain/Karlov staples below. Thanks for the help!

Relic of Progenitus is a great card that has seen a ton of play in Modern and Pauper. Pauper recently brought its price up a few bucks, but it started to dip recently. Is this an indication or market flooding/saturation or is the Pauper hype dying down?

Here are more options for to get rid of those pesky Planeswalkers. One is Dreadbore, which has seen a pretty decent spike, the other is Anguished Unmaking. This is an easily accessible card that can zap a Jace. It’s already starting to creep up. This is not only good in Modern, but an awesome EDH card.

Everyone is sooo worried about Jace being unbanned in Modern. But they forget there are a bunch of ways to get rid of Jace (and other Planeswalkers) in the format. Swipe to see a few cards that will solve this problem, cry babies.

Here is a Rare Dino from Conspiracy 2. This one doubles your mana when you are the Monarch. This is the perfect card for Dinos EDH. The price already jumped but if you’re building Gishath or Zacama, this is a must have.

I like to pretend this is the Pirate version of Hermione Granger and her Time Turner. Jace would be Harry, and Vraska would be Cho Chang. I guess Liliana would be Ginny...

Lol. Foil set of Squadron Conquistador. I was using these for BW Vampires, but swapped them out for Forerunner of the Legion. Which would you run?

Still messing around with $25 Pauper decks. This is a super jank Defender Mill deck. Just counter all your opponents spells, build up a wall of Defenders and Mill them out. Wall of Kelp pops out creatures with Defender and Doorkeeper counts those creatures and Mills accordingly. You have Dream Twist that mills when cast and mills again when flashed back from the graveyard. Memory Sluice doubles itself so it makes it an efficient mill spell in common. Compelling Arguments mills at sorcery speed or cycles at instant speed when needed. Thought Scour is also a mill and draw spell at instant speed. Other than that you have a bunch of blue Draw, Counter and a pair of bounce spells. Who loves them some mill?

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I’m going to make this deck for every format. It’s my favorite deck, and it’s efficient too. And it just so happens to be Pauper legal.

I think the artist proof drawings with borders look fancy so I'm starting to do that too. This one is currently for sale for $25.
DM me for purchase.

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This is my $25 (including sideboard) Pauper Madness deck. This is a Burn/Aggro deck that is low to the ground and fun to play. It revolves around Drawing and discarding cards and casting things at a discount or out of your graveyard. I love the Madness and Flashback mechanics. I know people love Cycling, Flashback as to be twice as cool. Madness is awesome because if you can turn “downsides” into advantage, why wouldn’t you? Red had a lot of good Draw Spells, but they make you discard before or after. Now that is not a problem. Putrid Imp is your main recurring discard outlet. And luckily, we’re playing 7 copies. We’re actually only playing 4 copies, but we’re also running 3 copies of Call to the Neitherworlds for Madness related Recursion. We’re also running Faithless Looting and Tormenting Voice as discard outlets and Draw Spells. Faithless Looting also has Flashback, so it’s 2 draw spells for the slot of 1. This deck is Value Town. Bump in the Night is also a Flashback card we play. Its 1 Mana burn 3, but can be cast from your graveyard for 100 to finish off your opponent. We also run Alms of the Vein, Fiery Temper and Brain Gorgers as Madness cards. As a Discard Pay off we’ll be running Grisly Survivor, a newer card from HOD. This card gets pumped up for every card you discard. I also added Crash Through, a can trip that gives our creatures Trample to help pressure our Opp. The land base and Sideboard are experimental because I’m not familiar with the Pauper Meta. Let me know how you guys like this. I have more Pauper ideas brewing.

I’m just sayin, this is legal in Pauper, along with Brainstorm, and Jace is legal in Modern.

Who is watching the Team Modern Super League? Anyone think it’s more entertaining than the PT?

Copped a handful of these at 50 cents a head of C17. If this dodges a reprint it’ll keep climbing. Foil entry point is a little high, but if you have the non-foils in bulk pull them out and put them in your specs and hope it climbs to $5. Who is your Dragon Commander?

It keeps going! Don’t worry, these are still in bulk bins everywhere.

More Pauper fun?

Are we going to see $60 for Bloodbraid Elf FNM Promo.

Bloodbraid Elf is unbanned! I think the ceiling here is high, but a lot of hoarders will manipulate the price. I would get out around $15 if you could.

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