Had a great time hanging out with our Sister @dawnde381 today. She’s got something brewing with the @mssociety 🤫 #staytuned #mssociety #musculardystrophy #health #wellness #awareness #family #ms

@kingtidepdx restaurant @riverplacehotel has great food with an awesome view of the waterfront and Waterfront City Park! The bar has a handicap bartop🙌🏽 which is are to come by!! Plenty of space to roll about in dinning area, low tables/bench seating throughout, and the restrooms being part of the hotel was handi accessible :)

Meet #YogaVidya #YTT Guest Faculty Member Loretta Tharp!
Loretta is a graduate of the Integrative #YogaTherapy program (IYT). She has studied extensively with #JosephLePage and has earned her 1,000-hour certification as a Professional Yoga Therapist as well as #Yogateacher.
As a therapist, Loretta brings the ancient insights of #Yoga into mainstream wellness and educational programs.
Her philosophy is that health is a unity of body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is the vehicle for deepening this experience of unity.
As a mentor, she brings Yoga into the world as a resource for personal growth, healing and awakening.
Loretta opens the door of Yoga for others and then helps to guide them to find the way to a compassionate, healthy and joyful life.
Her love of mentoring comes from her early years when she was a public school teacher.
Trained as a teacher, Loretta carries that skill into her Yoga classes and teacher training programs.
Her compassion for others comes through in her teaching and through Yoga she guides people to listen to and understand their own body.
Her Yoga is of the #Iyengar style and she incorporates study of the #chakras and #YogaNidra into her sessions.
Loretta has been teaching Yoga for six years.
She teaches mainly in the Central Massachusetts area and has been co-director with other teachers in several teacher training programs as well as her own.
She has been certified by the #MSSociety in teaching Yoga to individuals with this disease, and her credited course at a #Worcestercollege is always full with students placed on waiting lists to take her class. #yogavidya #divedeepriseup

Laughing has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of your life. Always find time to laugh! 😜

Are you feeling guilty for a “bad” food choice or a binge? You’re definitely not alone.. it’s the story of every girl who’s been on a diet.
Idk about you but I’m over allowing food to dictate my emotions and vice versa. I think it’s about time we started choosing grace over guilt. .
To me, health is about listening to your body.
It’s caring more about how you feel than what you look like.
It’s caring more about fueling your body than feeding your emotions.
It’s the five minute morning affirmations.
It’s long walks with crisp air.
It’s eating nutritious foods and respecting your satisfaction levels.
It’s deep, authentic laughter.
It’s meaningful conversations in a world full of chit chat.
It’s laying down in the grass to stare at the stars.
It’s forgiving the people that hurt you.
It’s being vulnerable over and over again not because you don’t get clobbered but because you are authentic to what you feel and who you are.
It’s staying hydrated.
It’s being present.
It’s holding hands.
It’s a personal day when you need it.
It’s asking for help when you need it.
It’s a “no” when you need it.
It’s a “yes” when you’re scared.
It’s recognizing negative thought patterns objectively and implementing self love mantras in their place.
It’s snuggling with your dog.
It’s choosing long term satisfaction over instant gratification.
It’s getting uncomfortable.
It’s growth.
I challenge you this week to approach your health from an internal perspective. Identify what health is for you and choose grace over guilt. Your health will never be found in a fad diet or a number on the scale or the size of your jeans. It sounds cliche but I’ll keep screaming it as long as it’s true— it isn’t healthy unless you’re happy♥️ #mssymptonfree #fightms #mswarrior #msawareness

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Yay or nay?

Don't think I'd argue with this, sorry family! #ms #mssociety #sorry

My first marathon #brightonmarathon #2014 #mssociety marathon1#

most of those close to me now that I took a 2-year break after the my last set of test results came in. Due to the fact of the last set of treatments did not help and my prognosis had not been a good one to receive . it has Taking Me 2 years to physically recondition my body and physically be where I'm at today so here we go. We're going to try this one more time and This is what I agreed to try... of course even with my family physician this only is a 50-50 shot. Needless to say at this point as we have talked about things naNo its not a patch but it really cant hurt for me to try. at this point I definitely it can't make me worse. I have a book full of possible side effects...So come this time next week I will be hooked up for this infusion. Glowing from once agian the test that will need to be performed prior and THEN... For 6 hours straight sitting still in a chair!! not quite sure yet how they think they're going to manage me sitting still 6 hrs really.. I barley do 15 minutes lol .. But I am taking my coloring books, headphones and cross stitch with. .. I guess we're going to give it a shot. 😘💓🎶 I could ask for more of a support system in my life 💖 thank you for helping me get through my fears and doubts. Thankyou for helping me leave it all behind for a short time... You are all that dreams are made of !! 🎼#mssociety #ocrevus #fight #fums #mssupport #mssucks #fuckms #msawareness

The Suffolk Whole Hog ✅
Just a snap shot of the Gascoynes team doing themselves and the worthy charity proud!! A massive thank you from them to all the supporters & donators, it made the day even more worthwhile 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻 #suffolkwholehog #mssociety

Just a friendly reminder! Lol 😂😜
Have you ever forgotten about your laundry before? Let me know in the comments below
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Earlier this month, an old friend approached me to ask if I would donate a print to a charity event she’s holding in a couple weeks.

I was humbled and so touched by the wonderful things she had to say about my work and recent journey, of course I obliged as it means the world to be able to contribute my art and vision to such an amazing cause.

The National MS Society works towards bringing attention and raising funds to help research, treat, and hopefully one day cure those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Learning a bit more about MS since asking to contribute, I know that it can be horrendous to the victims and their families, especially because it’s so difficult to diagnose and treat.
MS is known as a ‘silent disease.’ And in order to best choose a photograph that symbolizes the strength of those who suffer from MS, I decided to go with this image from the active volcanic island of Ometepe. The island is alive with beauty, rich diversity and fertile landscape, but there always lies the silent threat of a life changing event.. much like the lives of those who live with MS.

The event is Fall Crush in Knoxville, and is put on by the talented and passionate people of the Mid-South Chapter of the National MS Society. I’ll have a couple images included in the silent auction, but more importantly, I’m happy to support the cause, help an old friend -@kcneilson - and learn more about an ailment that affects so many. So grateful for the opportunity, and hopeful that this event makes a big difference. 🙏🏼💙✌🏼
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Will you raise awareness for MS? 🎗
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🧡 Donate to the MS Society today with the purchase of our merchandise!
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You know you’ve had a good workout when you’re still sweating an hour later. I think they may be trying to kill us at Orange Theory. Or just preparing us for Hell Week 😬 Either way, my body has finally recovered from the race and I feel back to my old self. Ran my .25 mile sprints at 8.5 today and I think I made it up to 9-10 rounds (I lost count). Now for some yoga!
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