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Happy Mothers Day Mom! 🇸🇻
Your an amazing mother to me and I'm happy😊 and blessed🙏 to be your only hijo. Who always taught me to be patient for stuff, advice me even tho I dont want to listen at times, say or do goofy things to make me 😂, take care of me when I'm 🤒. Your awesome!
Happy mothers Day to all the mothers out there! #happymothersday #loveyoumom #mrspotsandchip #blessed

When you make a birthday wish and it comes true. Orrrrrr my momma-in-law listens to my daydream whisperings of being the kind of lady who owns a fancy China tea set and spoils me. 💜👩‍❤️‍👩🌟 #royaldoulton #fancyteapartytime #seemomicanownnicethings ps I'm secretly envisioning them coming to life when I go to bed and start singing 'Be Our Guest' #MrsPotsAndChip

This week I received the most amazing gift! Welcome to the collection Mrs. Pots and Chip 😍 #Disney #beautyandthebeast #mrspotsandchip

Just a few hours left to order this adorable set on our website benoitandmatisse.com $40 with FREE SHIPPING! Order closes tonight at 9 PM CST #benoitandmatisse #beautyandthebeast #minimelissa #mrspotsandchip #classicchildrensclothing

Havin' a spot of ☕️ #mrspotsandchip 💋

Kevin Hart: Nooooo, she wasn't ready #mrspotsandchip

Настолько мне нравится эта фотка с миссис Потс, что я решила пусть останется в ленте))
Милахи же)
#mrspots #mrspotsandchip

Found a little chip ☕️🕰🍾🌹✨
#mrspotsandchip #beautyandthebeast #theislandpigeonforge

Thank you @strangeworksjb for my tattoo..I just love it so much its so perfect..I ended up going with this I figured only one rose since beauty and the beast is about one rose..and went with the tea cup with faces..I wanted to finish filling in my arm to one day be a full arm done..super happy..had to add 2 more cherry blossoms since they are for my gidkids and since last tattoo ive gained 2 more#lovetattoos #beautyandthebeast #mrspotsandchip


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Guys I've been loosing so many followers all week and I feel like I'm doing something wrong? Could u guys pls comment if there's anything more you'd like me to do or some suggestions bc I feel like you guys aren't rlly liking my acc or this theme? —
Hi guys! Happy August! Only 4 more months till Xmas yay! How has ur week been this week? Did you do anything exciting? There are a lot of questions in this caption!

date : 6/08/17
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cr : "Holding up the Universe" which is so good so far!

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quote: "I want adventure in the great, wide, somewhere! I want it more than I can tell"
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Amazing house warming present 😍😘✨#mrspotsandchip

Introducing our new kid favorite #minimelissa to our children's section!!!! Available in store now!!!! How cute are these limited edition #beautyandthebeast #mrspotsandchip jelly Mary Jane!!!!!!! Come grab some for your fave little lady!!!! #micaandmollys #disney #littlegirlchic #matildasfave #micaandmollys.
Now available on our website!!!! Link in profile, search for "mini Melissa" and they'll pop up!!!!

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