#TBT to my annual cheer camp!! I hosted over 100 girls to come out and experience a day of cheer, practice routines, stretches & more! It truly makes me happy to put a smile on people faces!! One little girl told me that she never gets to do anything because it’s too expensive. Her mother can’t afford it so she looks forward to my camps so she can feel pretty and participate THATS A LIFE CHANGER FOR ME✨ That was confirmation to me that I have a purpose outside of my family, but to touch lives, people, anyone who needs a smile. As I’m on my journey I also can’t forget to do GODS WORK❤️I feel like because I can’t make it to church like I should, I give back to pay my tithes❤️Next year will be bigger and better than the last! It’s what I strive for every year✨@mrspennohf ((I’m going to update it shortly)) What’s your purpose? ✨✨Wall by faith, not by site✨✨ #MrsPennOhf #Foundation #Cheer #CheerCamp #DominiquePenn

Candid pic❤️ I really don't want our son playing football but he's been asking us for some time now😩 We've been hesitant on letting him start but he looked as if the field was where he belonged!! Every time he's on the field he just lights up✨His heart was sooo into it!! We can try our hardest but it's hard when it's in your DNA❤️ Stay my baby please 😩🙈 #MommyChronicles #FirstBorn #ButHesStillMyBaby #DominiquePenn #footballislife #mrspennohf #CampLife

A little behind the scenes💕 #FlyHighGirls #MrsPennOhf #DominiquePenn (SWIPE PIC LEFT)

What a beautiful experience that I had yesterday!! Again thank you guys for all being apart of this!!! Not everyone can provide free camps to the youth and I'm so blessed to be able to do so through @mrspennohf ❤️❤️Big thank you's again to #ElCaminoCollege for your amazing service, #ElSegundoCheer for coming out to support us year after year in teaching our young girls cheers and chants, big hugs to @180bosslady for always providing your amazing craft services to our camp you and your amazing staff are literally theeee best ( they do camps all over 😏), hugs & kisses to @eagsports for always being our back bone, ❤️❤️s to #Missbowcreations for supplying my girls with amazing bows, @bonavarro thank thank you for your dedication and commitment to our movement, and lastly thank you @toyas2528 for being theeee best cheer mom ever!! I thank you and appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart❤️I couldn't have done this without you❤️#Mrspennohf #DominiquePenn #CheerCamp ((SWIPE PIC LEFT)) We had over 130 girls and 300 boys ❤️ #MrsPennOhf #DominiquePenn #FreeCheerCamp

You know Demi had it get in on the action lol Her brothers wanted her to go Cheer but Demi wanted to run the fields lol😹💕💕She loves doing whatever it is that they are doing in her own girly way💕💁🏻 #FootballCamp #CheerCamp #DominiquePenn #MrsPennOhf #FunTime

Look at my cheer girls today!! I'm so blessed to do this year after year!! Every year it gets bigger and better!! Thank you to my entire team for helping me today in making this so epic for these little girls💕💕💕Our sincerest gratitude to all the parents who traveled far and near to support us today! Sending warm hugs and thank you's to all of our sponsors and a big hug to #elcaminocollege for allowing us to host on your grounds today! From the bottom of my heart once again ..... Thank You, today was so special and epic, not just for me but for all of these little girls as well 💕💕 #DominiquePenn #mrspennohf #CheerCamp #cheerleading #WereSisters #BuildingASisterhood #Pompomsup ((Ps. those were all of my little girls following me❤️))

Another great event! Thank you again @dominiquepenn_ for the amazing camp you put on for the girls today! My girls had a great time #DominiquePenn #MrsPennOhf #CheerCamp

Someone's ready!! The best part about having girls 👯 #MrsPennOhf #DominiquePenn #CheerCamp

We're almost at our max🙌🏽💕 Don't forget to sign up for our annual football camp and cheer camp!! It's totally free!! It will be held at El Camino College on June 3rd!!! The young men will learn football drills and get to meet NFL players and the young girls will learn cheer routines and participate in level 1 stunts with a cheer performance follow!! Amazing food will be provided at no cost from @team180ss (my fam)!! This is an event that you and your family don't want to miss🎉Sign up before it's too late! The age ranges are from 8-18 for the boys and 4-16 for the girls!! See you there❤️ #CheerCamp #MrsPennOhf #FootBallCamp #DonaldPennFoundation #ItsAFamilyThing #GivingBack🔸🔸Register Now At DonaldPennFootball.Com🔸🔸 @mrspennohf

Thank you @cbssports for doing an interview on our annual football & cheer camp🏈🎉!! Come out June 3rd to our FREE camp at El Camino College!! The young boys will learn football drills & the girls will learn cheer routines for an ending performance!! Food will be provided at no cost!!! I am honored to do this for the youth!! It's something that I hold dear to my heart!!! #MrspennOhf #CheerCamp #FootballCamp #Raiders #RaiderNation #DonaldPennFoundation #BossBabe #Blackgirlmagic ✨Go to Donaldpennfootball.com to register✨

When your vacationing but you & your girl are still trying to make plans to save the world💙 We we're discussing building water sources for places that don't have water, and putting together drives for shoes for kids that walk bare foot in certain countries! We have our work cut out for us but we're about to do it👌🏽Just know no matter how blessed I am, my team, my girls always give back👌🏽 #EverythingMrsPennLoves #mrspennohf #EverythingMrsQuickLoves #Business

I'm so proud to be apart of the #CGoddessProject this year!!! This project was created three years ago by @chocolatte_goddess because she wanted to give back to her community during prom season💞With prom being such a big event, this project was put in place to help unprivileged seniors with good grades in the BAY AREA who parents could not afford the full expense of what a prom entails. The #CGodessproject Allows these high school seniors to pick their dream dress , and receive make up and hair services by a PROFESSIONAL for their special day💖This is her 3rd Annual prom dress give away & I am so happy to be apart of this!! I assisted in helping these girls & parents dreams come true for this PROM SEASON💞👑💞 I can't wait to do it again next year💖 #MrsPennOhf #DominiquePenn #CGoddessProject #PromGiveAway #Blessed #HeartOfGold #BayArea

Last one! Sorry I'm going through all of these old pics and couldn't help myself! Makes me soooo happy to be able to do this again this year!! My message under this old post was..................... I'm far from perfect, and I'm not looking to be a role model, all I wanna do is live my life freely, give back to my community and eventually communities all over, have fun with my friends and love my family till the end of time❤️......... And I'm doing exactly just that #DontBoxMeIn #FreeBird #Love #Life #Respect #MyStoryBook #DominiquePenn #MrsPennOhf #FreeCheerCamp #CheerCamp #CheerLife

Just some of my cheer babies enjoying their cheer experience!!! The smiles on their faces are priceless!! Happy bday Hailey!!! Your spirit is so beautiful and your family is doing an awesome job on you❤️ My Wittle Cheer Loves❤️ #CheerLove #CheerGirls #ForTheGirls #DominiquePenn #MrsPennOhf

Omg, this literally brought tears to my eyes💖 You are so welcomed baby girl and I can't wait to give you guys a bigger and better cheer camp every year💖 #IHaveAPurpose🙌🏽 Thank you God For Allowing Me To Do This🙌🏽 #Blessings #MrsPennOhf #DominiquePenn #CheerCamp

I'm far from perfect, and I'm not looking to be a role model, all I wanna do is live my life freely, give back to my community and eventually communities all over, have fun with my friends and love my family till the end of time❤️......... And I'm doing exactly just that #DontBoxMeIn #FreeBird #Love #Life #Respect #MyStoryBook #DominiquePenn #MrsPennOhf

Words cannot express how happy I was with the turn out for my cheer camp today!!! I had a total blast today with all the families and little girls that I can not wait to do it again!!! Thank you to @eagsports for helping me put together this amazing cheer camp, last minute, for all of these little girls💖💖 Thank you to the parents that assisted in helping the girls sign up, those who placed hair bows on the girls, to the mommy's who helped distribute Pom poms to the girls and to those who even helped participate in the cheer, thank you💖Special thanks to the #LakerGirls for coming out and assisting in helping to motivate these young girls and cheer them on while they practiced and performed!! In addition I have to thank #Lauren from #ElSegundoCheer for producing an amazing cheer💖💖💖Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you to help give these little girls an amazing time💕 @team180ss your professionalism and food delivery has always been consistent over the years!! I'm so happy to have our business relationship, everyone loves your food!!!! Lastly, thank you God for allowing me to do this🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽, I've come a long way, and giving back to all of these little girls just made me feel like I have a purpose here on earth, even more so now!!! I'm truly blessed💖💖💖#DonaldPennFoundation #MrsPennOhf #DominiquePenn #DonaldPenn

Today With My Family @180bosslady ❤️❤️❤️ Love you guys to the moon & back❤️ #MrsPennOhf #DominiquePenn

About 6 weeks ago while I was walking to my car with my bags full of Disney toys, a little voice said, "Mommy, Mickey Mouse!". When I turned around it was a little girl with gorgeous blue eyes with a sad face because she wanted something from the Disney store. With her mom trying to keep her quiet, I noticed that her mother has a slight sad face as well....My heart could not let me NOT give this little girl something that I has in one of my bags. So I gave her a Brave doll! The little girl and her family was sooo happy and thankful.....My heart filled with joy seeing the happiness that exuded from the little girl while she was holding her new doll. I just couldn't resist! I'm so happy she was happy!❤️ You know Mrs.Penn loves the kids!!......... Then I began to start something so great...Mrs.Penn Open Heart Foundation❤️ #MrsPennOhf #DominiquePenn

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