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-:-:- I scream, you scream -:-:-
Discussing politics, global warming and impending parenthood over a magical cup of sprinkled dairy goodness.
Alright...I lied. There was a pigeon under our feet. That was the only topic of conversation. 'Be cool Carly , be cool'
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Monday just got a whole lot BETTER!! Ice cream really is what dreams are made of 😋🍦😍🌈 #mrfitz #getinmybelly #maltedpretzelcrunch #diabeticheaven

— thought of you
This looked way better in my head & I'm sorry the audio sounds choppy but let's just hope ig doesn't ruin the quality. Btw if anyone found Ezra Fitz's happiness could you pls give it to him. He deserves it. Aria is so distant and she keeps rejecting him lately which is so annoying bc when she was open to him and they were gonna get married, the while Nicole thing happened and he left to take care of stuff BUUUT when he comes back and he's ready to be with her, now she's rejecting him and all. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. This week felt like the longest week of my life bc I actually had something to look forward too.
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#ezrafitz #ezria #ianharding #pll #omgpage #endgame #mrfitz #pllwedding #eclipiticheartrct

Same @jadethirlwall same! Like Mr. Fitz is just the hottest English teacher, like please come to my school and replace the old and arrogant English teacher! I'll even go to my class everyday if he's the teacher😅
#jadethirlwall #littlemix #prettylittleliars #mrfitz

"Все началось с красной помады и пятницы. Провокаторши хреновы. В который раз убеждаюсь😏"- подумала я, лежа на столе.. #ВоМнеСидитСДесятокСамыхОбыкновенныхЖенщинТолькоВсеОниРазные #mrfitz #необъективнаяреальность #ночьнежна #ятолькомакияжсфотографирую



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