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Is dat me in the mirror?? -Malcolm #bunnies #rabbits #mrbeansfriends

Turn my back towards Monday! #bunny #mrbeansfriends

It's a hard life being a free ranged bunneh. You wake the hoomin up for breakfast that's late, you go potty in the litter box. you run around and maybe do some binkys and then you flop from being worn out. And soon you will repeat this the next day. #mrbeansfriends #bunnies #rabbits #cute #instagrampets @mr.beansfriends

Happy Bunny Butt Fwiday! #BBF #bunnybuttfriday #bunnies #mrbeansfriends

We got a new soft bed ❤️ #newbed #bunnies #rabbits #mrbeansfriends

Is a Zebra Black with white stripes or White with black stripes?? 🤔 #bunnies #rabbits #zebras #zebraprint #mrbeansfriends

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mommies! #mothersday #bunnymom #bunnylove #bunnies #mrbeansfriends


OMB! Beans tooted again!! Phew!!

Hoppy BBF!

Do I smell smallpetselect???

Happy Black Cat Day! But let's not forget black wabbits!

What is the meaning of this, hoomin? I am NOT a designer Bunneh like those "designer dogs"!!

Look at my fluffy butt, look at it!!

Monday? Fump off! 😑

(Beans) my booplesnoot senses treats.. or maybe a banana!

Mug shot? 👮

Are your bunnies destructive? Do they try to chew up carpet? Why not provide them a cardboard cat scratcher (without the catnip of course!) place the scratcher in the corners they like to destruct, you may also sprinkle dried or fresh herbs on the scratcher to encourage this good behavior 😀

I'm looking for somebun to give me tweats!

Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered ❤️

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

Beans is so stunning 😍

Scaring hoomin in 3..2..1...

A video of the boys enjoying Beans cake 🎂 ending with Beanie Weenies butt blocking Malcolm's view! 🤣

Yummy bunny approved cake! 🎂

Hoppy 3rd Birthday Mr. Beans!

A morning routine should be #banana exercises! 🍌 🏋🏻

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