Walking where all the rich people walk at🚶🏻#angieyswtravels

Basics day

All white and quilted everything up on the #blog: www.whimsicalstatements.blogspot.com | waiting for HOCC to start now ✌️☺️ so happy that I managed to get a ticket!! #mpxootd #rwbdays

Came back to SR to help wipe the whiteboard. Am I student of the year yet?

Loved this dress so much I had to wear it out the moment I got it in the mail 💕 but the wind decided to blow a plate of chili onto my lap during lunch 😭 now my dress is... #mpxootd

The sweetest surprise by the mister who gave me subtle hints since 3weeks ago. Thanks for the unexpected and lovely roses! 🌹

POSITIVITY. Put aside negativity.

Camouflaging with the background🍃 (Photo by @jialinfoo)

I tried including my face, I really did. But I looked so funny I gave up. Haha. In upcoming @shopmissypixie HANI block heels that are super comfy! #mpxootd

It's been raining the whole day here which kind of sucks but anywho, Merry Christmas!🎅

Came to Hong Kong but bought a top that says New York USA instead✌️ Photo by my daddy @chouyip👨

New coat to my winter collection⛄️

www.charlenejudith.com| Blushing florals with @everlane and @shopmissypixie!

Took the opportunity to wear a dress on this really rare sunny day in HK (📷: daddy @chouyip)

Today's such a long day. Woke up with a headache and a leaking nose and I realized that I forgot to hook the rabbit's pee bowl to the cage and they spilled it all over the cage. Spent an hour washing the rabbits and they were like crazy demons jumping around cus they were so afraid of the wet cloth. Spent another hour cleaning the cage and when I was almost done, stupid dee dee peed on the cage 😡! Later, when I wanted lunch, I realized someone ate my Mac. Decided to cook my lunch, only to realize the stove broke down. Decided to drive out to eat, but the repair man for the stove parked his car right in front of the gate. Decided to walk out to eat and it started to pour heavily. Only managed to have my first meal of the day at 4pm. On my way back, some truck spilled soil all over the road and I ended up with muddy feet. 😪 The only highlight of the day: I just received the shirt I bought for Christmas. Couldn't resist it so I decided to wear it out today 😊 #longestpost #potd #igsg #igdaily #missypixie #lifeofdelphinna

Fall essentials

Waiting around for my non-existent White Christmas in white on white on white. ❄️⛄️❄️(📷: @siuffy 😘) #mpxootd

Ocean Park adventures yesterday🐠🐟🐬🐳

I'm secretly a shark✨

Today's get up for my little brother's concert👗🎻🎼🎶

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