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Doing my part to remind public on how to prevent mosquito breeding at home. Swipe to find out the five steps in Mozzie Wipeout.
#mozziewipeout #ourtampineshub

Any idea what this is??? This is what happens when you try to suck my blood! You DIE!!! #mozziewipeout #diemosquitos #diemosquitosdie

#IFightDengueFor Kai
The first signs of trouble were when 8 week old Kai nicked his face with his fingernail, as babies tend to do. The scratch refused to scab and heal, and other red specks started appearing on his face, like freckles. He didn’t have a fever, and was otherwise his usual 8 week old self.
We are forever indebted to our confinement nanny, whose instincts kicked in, and told us she didn’t know what Kai had, but that we had better take him to the pediatrician. The doctor took one look and said ‘get him warded right away. I’ll meet you at the hospital’. It turned out that those ‘freckles’ were capillaries bleeding under the skin, and the scratch wasn’t healing because his blood had lost its ability to coagulate. Kai was down with dengue fever.
Who do you fight dengue for? Join me in sharing a post on this for the #IFightDengueFor photo contest. Simply submit a photo of the person and yourself, along with a caption on your reasons for doing so and the hashtags #IFightDengueFor and #MozzieWipeout on Instagram or at http://on.fb.me/1X8U3xr  Stand to win weekly prizes with your entry.

Haohao has been shooting outdoors so much recently for the new series. Working so hard under the sun, Gong gong so worried about Haohao because maybe he shooting in dengue cluster area? Going to find out where the clusters are on the myENV app so that I can remind Haohao to do dengue prevention. I better give Haohao insect repellent to apply so that mozzies won't bite him! #MozzieWipeout

Kiasu me had to order all e mozzie repellent they had online to try to keep Elia safe! #mozziewipeout #staysafe #stayzikafree #damnthosemosquitoes #mypreciousone

Dengue prevention is important for every household! Watch me act as a deadly Aedes mosquito for an offline production here!
Make up by: @anna_en

Make sure the kids are protected from mosquito bites all the time. We put mozzie patch on them and apply insect repellent wherever we go, because one bite from dengue-infected Aedes mosquito is enough to make them seriously ill.

I'm not taking any chances with my kids and ensure I'm protected too! Let's also prevent mosquito breeding by doing the #MozzieWipeout regularly to remove stagnant water in our homes.

All dressed up to fight😌

#ifightdenguefor for you! It's a puzzling concept, but I always wonder why mosquitos tend to bite some people more than others. Unfotunately, I belong to the group who gets bitten all the time. Just stand next to me and you would definitely be #denguemosquitofree aha. #mozziewipeout

Moquitoes can enter and breed in stagnant water accumulated in bamboo pole holders, so make sure they are always covered when not in use! Hate mosquito bites so I'm not taking any chances 😫 There has been a rise in dengue cases lately as well, so it is important that we prevent mosquito breeding by removing stagnant water at home regularly! #mozziewipeout


It doesn't matter where we go, to the zoo, to the park or to the beach, #mozzieguard keeps us safe! It uses 100% Natural Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Repellent Patch, deet free, and is safe for infants and toddlers. #mozzieguard is our trusted brand!
Each packet comes with 10 individually packed patches in a resealable zip packet. .
Use promo code 《winnie》for free shipping! There's a 20% discount when you purchase online - https://kaisersg.com/product/mozzieguard-patch-10-packs-per-box/?gclid=CjwKEAjwqIfLBRCk6vH_rJq7yD0SJACG18frax6wHyRJrmXyWneIgaTVGxsqAWFPq90Am8xsO9TF_BoC0Dzw_wcB (direct link on profile)
#soniaong #arnoldong #mygems #bonding #park #outdoor #kaisersg #MozzieWipeout #DEETfree #protectthelittleones #LemonEucalyptusoil #singaporemom #MosquitoPatch #MosquitoRepellent #staysafe #AntiMosquito

A must when its outdoor! The #Mozzieguard 💓 Usually mozzie love her especially her legs maybe cause it looks fat and juicy but surprisingly they hates her that day with the patch on! 😂 #mozziefree #mozziewipeout But mama didnt have the patch on, so you guess who mozzie went to! #antimosquito #mosquitorepellent
MOZZIEGUARD 100% Natural Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Repellent (DEET free). Purchase directly from www.kaisersg.com for up to 20% disc! Use Promo Code "MOZZIE" for free shipping 🚢
Also selling at SPC petrol kiosk and EuYanSang TCM Clinics
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Current situation ; 20 bites and counting.
Also feeling miserable cos surprise sharkweek.

#mozziewipeout #vacaywoes

Let’s protect our families, friends and neighbourhoods against dengue. Do the #MozzieWipeout and get rid of stagnant water today.

Doing my part to remind public on how to prevent mosquito breeding at home. Swipe to find out the five steps in Mozzie Wipeout.
#mozziewipeout #ourtampineshub

The 'Do the Mozzie Wipeout' Campaign was launched today at Our Tampines Hub! Thank you Minister Masagos and Mr Baey for gracing the occasion!

We all have a part to play in keeping our environment clean and mosquito-free. Let's all pitch in and do the 5-step mozzie wipeout today! #ourtampineshub #takeme2oth #dothemozziewipeout #mozziewipeout #mozziewipeout2017

Honoured to be invited down to the Mozzie Wipeout Campaign Launch 2017 at Tampines Hub. We then proceeded to visit surrounding blocks to distribute goodie bags and educate the residents about the steps to a mozzie bite free lifestyle!
#mozziewipeout2017 #mozziewipeout #ourtampineshub

Thank you all for making efforts to keep Tampines GRC its green zone for Mozzie. Let us constantly remind ourselves to continue the 5 - Steps Mozzie Wipeout to safeguard us from dengue!
#TampinesNorth #MozzieWipeout

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