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Day 3.. process #glory #moyosoremartins

Gradually getting there with this 60x48 🙏🏽 oil paint and brown sand on canvas .. #moyosoremartins


Details of the progress ..now I start the detailing of the fabrics .. this painting too time ..I let them dry out naturally ..

Ki Òri mi gbé mi dé ibi iré!
Ki Èlèda mi masun 🙏🏽 May my head take me to my destination.
May my spiritual consciousness never be alsleep !


They told me to add the rest to it 🤦🏽‍♂️

I love the rawness of oil colors..I don't want my paintings looking like HD pictures ..I always want to capture the time we had no technology and smart phones and things ..I love the vibrant colors and the green ..I stick to tradition colors and strokes ... the cultural identification of Earth ..the spiritual consciousness of Man


Fabric details


I always have to wait for the calling to continue or complete a piece... sometimes weeks and months .. sometimes I stare at the canvas with no clue of what to put on it .

The energy in my studio is real ! It's a calling not a title.. we are deeper than what we could ever imagine we could ever be!

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