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Tryin to smooth out this lil step! 56/90
#moxisummerofskate2017 #dancinonmyown #lloydsrollerrink #danceskate

@MOXIROLLERSKATES "This is a very important Skater Service Announcement! DO. NOT HANG UP YOUR SKATES YET! We are extending 10 more days (starting tomorrow) to the #moxisummerofskate die hards who are continuing their challenge and dedicating some extra special prizes to a few selected skate addicts !!! This 📷 snatched from @xelamashup LONG LIVE #moxisummerofskate #moxisummerofskate2017 winners announced 9/10/17"
🏆Huge congratulations to the winners of the recently completed 90 days of skate! @jacksmarkers @coastalrose.skate @chloeopal 🙌🏼 way to keep it #freshfor90
@moxiskateshop #moxiskateteam

@moxirollerskates @moxisummerofskate2017

My 90 days of skate.

I had so much fun. I learned a lot and gave myself a much needed reboot.
Thank you everyone who would stop me and ask me if I skated that day yet, or told me they have been keeping up with my videos. I really do appreciate it and it kept me motivated. Im sure my posts will slow down even though I do intend to keep up my skating streak.
Thanks! 🎶When I Grow Up by Fever Ray🎶

My mini cones came yesterday! And they're neon! Tried some new stuff to test them out. When skating in the alley, knee pads 😂 #moxisummerofskate #moxisummerofskate2017 #moxisummerofskatebonus #skateeverydamnday #skatelife @moxirollerskates 99/90 8/10

Where are't thou clouds? #moxisummerofskate2017


Un champion un pátin! #moxiskatedaily #moxisummerofskate2017

Ok so this is my first time ever jumping on quad roller skates! Watched bunch of skating how to videos mostly from @ricardolino and @planetrollerskate and some ramp videos from @chicksinbowls , which I may not be doing justice for, but literally first time all my wheels have left the ground, so they must be teaching something right! The Excitement to try out my Bigfoot slide blox got the better of me and I figured if I was gonna try to jump might as well go balls to the wall :) . And I know I gotta work on bending those knees a bit more when landing still. The @bigfoot_bike_skate slider blocks I got from @bruisedboutique were in such a natural location that the step didn't feel awkward at all to land on. More to come soon, hopefully with a bit more action and maybe a small skate park in the near future!
#streetquadskate #moxisummerofskate2017 (I know it's fall now, but it's 80 something degrees still) #suregripskates #rollerskating #rollerskates #quadskates

Left the house before 7am, got home tonight after 8...so taking the trash out in my skates will have to do🤷🏻‍♀️ 🗑#mondayprobs #trashday #moxiskatedaily3 #moxisummerofskate2017 #s1rollerderby #scarypoppins

Had a skate date with @elinorshapiro and some sunflowers 🌻🌻🌻 #moxiskates #moxirollerskates #liferolls #moxisummerofskate2017 #quadskates

Where are't thou clouds? #moxisummerofskate2017

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