Guess what arrived today .... 🙌🙌🙌🙌😃😀😁😊😋🤗 So so happy !! Stopped breathing opening them ! They are GORGEOUS , a thing of beauty ! I didn't realise how good quality they would be , the padding inside and the soft tongue makes it feel as comfortable as slippers. The colour, the plate, the wheels , even the cushions , so so pretty 💕 I hope all of you one day will get to have this moment! Enter all the Moxi comps, get creative and skate hard, keep pushing you boundaries, fall in love with skating and skate wherever, whenever you can 😋 This was my dream and it came true ! Thankyou so so much to @moxirollerskates @moxiskateteam @estrojen @mrs_muertos @legs @pigeon for all your help and support and sending me the most beautiful skates in the world 🌎 I am totally over the moon 🌙on Cloud ☁️ 9 and love you all dearly. The days I first came across your videos and then drove across the country all on my lonesome , absolutely terrified, nervous, shy and full of self doubt were absolute game changers ! Bless all of the Moxi Skate Team for all the effort they put in to keep us all so pumped and inspired. ❤️💛💚💙💜 @estrojen you are a GODESS 👸🏽✨💫🌺🌸Thank you also to all my lovely friends that helped me arrive at this moment. I have had some fantastic support from a lot of lovely skaters. Love you all 💋 #moxirollerskates #jackboot #moxisummerofskate2017 #moxiskatedaily

My #bestnine2017 🤓#rollerskates #dog 🐈 and #music 🤘🏼You guys were into the #skates I gotta say! I get it. ❤️💙❤️💙 Peace ✌🏼 2017. Now let’s go throw the fire 🔥 on a whole new year and see what shit 💩 show we can nurture in 2018. #happynewyear #love @alicepooperpup #moxiskatedaily #moxisummerofskate2017 #grateful #skateorcry #rbf A whole lot of words follow. .
2017 was all about learning. When 2017 started I hadn’t roller skated since the 90’s. Now I skate (almost) every day. When 2017 started I had a cat named Katinka whom I’ve loved since 2006. Unfortunately, I had to let her go. I never thought I could do it but now I have a dog named Alice who fills my heart and stress level every day. Sidenote: if anyone can bridge those two names correctly without my help or google I will be truly impressed. When 2017 started, I would have NEVER taken the amount of selfies and videos that I ended up taking this summer (and since). I felt shame in posting so many self-centered images. I don’t anymore. Shame is a stupid weight to carry. Humility is one thing. Self awareness is not only worthwhile, but a necessity. Shame is a monster we carry around with us for No. 👏🏼 Damn. 👏🏼Reason!!! 👏🏼 Shame has nothing to do with us. It has to do with others expectations of us and those “others” can have all the expectations they desire, I am required to meet precisely none of them. Millennials, bless you for existing and for promoting self love the way you do. When 2017 started I was the Assistant GM of my concert hall, now I am the General Manager. When 2017 started, I still smoked. When 2017 started I was facing a cancer-related diagnosis and underwent some quite unpleasant treatment. As 2017 ends, while I might not be completely out of the woods, neither of those things remain on my plate. Keep going. Keep fighting. Keep loving. Life is too precious to waste it on anything less than the things and people that you love and that fill your soul with warmth. In 2018 I will continue to trim the fat. Streamlining is the name of the game. Quality matters. ❤️❤️❤️ Cheers! 🍾🥂

Tweensters and their trainer progressing nicely! Might need to build more ramps @adrenalinboardstore (nudge nudge) 🤞👍😄

Hoy arrancó el #moxitourargentina2017 con las increíbles de @estrojen y @mrs_muertos En @ehparkparadise_skatepark
Quede enamora de las chicas y aún mas del patín, esto recién arranca y se viene una experiencia hermosa gracias a @_cecilia_andrea_
Pd: me faltan mis fotos con las chicas!!! #moxitourargentina2017 #moxisummerofskate2017 #moxitourarg #rollerskate #patinacoco

Our #chickoftheday is flyin high! 🤘 @_naiquen_
No es una moto, es naiquen al pasar.
Mis ruedas no dan masss

#rollerskate #skategirl #moxitourargentina2017 #moxisummerofskate2017 #patinacoco @patinacoco @chicksinbowls #chicksinbowls #cibchapters

Nos encantan estas chicas! 😍👏👏
Regrann from @mmriverarubio - 💛Back to school

#rollerdancer #rollerdance #rollergirls #talaveradelareinaciudaddelaceramica #talaveradelareina #patines4ruedas

FIRST TIME EVER AT A SKATE PARK!! a few days ago on my lunch break! I was looking for a way to post the highlights and fails, buuut this is the best I could come up with on my iPad... there were better moments, but I'll post them individually ;) #rollerfalling #rollerskate #rollerskates #rollerskating #octowheels #suregrip #moxisummerofskate2017 #bigfootbikeandskate #moxiskatedaily #skateeverydamnday #suregripskates #rollerbones #skatepark #bonesreds

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