Strong hot coffee, the coziest capris & hoodie, and a beautiful towel = essentials for a chilly, windy, misty day at Long Beach for someone who doesn't actually surf or enjoys freezing cold water but still likes the ocean.

"Then Yahweh's shalom, passing all understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with the Messiah Yahshua." Philippians 4:7
Shabbat Shalom ♡
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There's nothing quite like a hike to remind you of muscles you forgot you had...and nothing quite like a hike with a good friend to centre you & make you feel like you can do anything.

Detoxing. In a way, it's one of those popular buzz words going around these days, used interchangeably with cleansing. {Technically they're not the same thing.} •
Often today people will try numerous "cleanses" or "detoxes" without truly knowing what they're doing, and actually cause more damage than good in the long term. Which is why it's important to learn the difference, and to learn which ones are truly healthful to do.
Personally, 1 detox a year with a few cleanses is what I aim for - cleanses that coincide seasonally, and not long ones either, just something to get back on track & to help my natural cleansing & detoxifying systems. •
So! Yesterday I started a liver detox program with my husband. We're doing the 21 day version of @stephencabral detox program. Personally, I'm doing the full 21 days to support my hubby, {he needs the full 21 days, especially evidenced by yesterday's response he was having 🙊🙈}. I love how Dr. Cabral integrates ayruvedic practices & medicine into the program, so I'm excited to see the results that come of this! I'll be sharing the journey through my stories {and perhaps my husband's if he allows me to!} So keep & maybe you'll be inspired to take the next step in your health journey too ♡
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A few days ago I shared my @causebox summer box on my stories...and I actually really love it!
I love Causebox because of what & who they are: empowered women empowering others. Each box is full of ethically sourced, high quality goods.
From the summer box I'm using the @drinkdstil water bottle everyday {as well as wearing the cute hair tie}. I checked out all the ingredients in the @karunaskin anti-oxidant+ face masks & I'm happy to say I'll be using one later this week 😉
And thanks to both the summer & spring Causebox I was able to feel a little more like a grown woman wearing the Kevia necklace, Symbology kimono, juice Beauty mascara and holding the Tribealive clutch {yay! for a non-diaper bag!!}

Sometimes relationships are the hardest things. I much prefer being alone & quietness. Give me a book to read {especially The Word} and something soothing in my cup and I'm set. •
On this cool grey Shabbat morning it's exactly what I need.

Yesterday in my stories I juiced up some fresh turmeric. This morning 2 1/2 teaspoons went into this warming cup of hemp/almond milk tea:

Almond milk, 1tbsp hemp hearts, turmeric juice, ghee, collagen, raw honey.
It's a warm hug in a cup. And The Word is a warm hug for the soul.
Shabbat Shalom friends, I hope you get filled up today.

Happy Friday and Shabbat Shalom Dear Friends!
May we take time to see the weeds in our lives perhaps really aren't weeds at all, but rather they're beautiful flowers with many healing properties.
Enjoy the gorgeous weekend Friends!

I was reminded in my coaching call yesterday that it's important to have fun...truthfully: I don't see myself as a "fun" person. I'm more serious. And honestly, over the past several years I've kinda squashed my "exciting & adventurous" side. BUT. I do recognize I need to branch out in this and at the very least smile more...
Tonight I got to watch my eldest daughter face a fear and she ended up having an incredibly FUN time...and then I got to have a little stress relief myself...

My cake pan I use every single Friday fits in my convection oven. I am grateful... so are kids & hubby cause they love this Paleo Honey Cake by @elanaspantry
It's so good {this time I used Ceylon cinnamon, game changer. I also added in reishi mushroom powder. Fantastic. For real. If you're not using medicinal mushrooms yet, what are you waiting for?!}
Happy Sabbath dear friends. May your plates be full {of the best organic, mostly plants dishes}, your hearts full {of rich fellowship & growth in YHWH} and may you get all the rest you require {since we are commanded to rest after all}. .
Shabbat Shalom ♡
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Hello Sweet Friends! It's been awhile as I've had little to no service {and still don't} so perhaps while the service is ok I'll do a little Friday Introductions:

I'm Rebecca: Friday night has quickly become my favourite night of the week, but not for reasons most do - it's Shabbat night, time for real rest! I don't do housework on Friday night's or Saturdays and I do my best to shut out all the outside noise. It's been a practice {and still is}, but the most worthwhile practice I'm doing yet. •
I just moved my family of five + a dog into a 33ft trailer. I'm currently enjoying the first fire of the season. I'm hoping to learn how to truly let go of what doesn't matter, clean less (hello small trailer living), and to spend more time with my kids & doing more of what I love. I also want to spend more time writing, writing, writing and more writing. •
I take a no-nonsense approach to health & nutrition. And I'm becoming even more strict the more I learn. I know lots will disagree with me {I generally don't agree with 'moderation' either} but I believe we are intended to eat the way our Creator intended us to, and artificial flavourings, colourings, additives, pesticides, herbicides, 'binders', 'fillers' GMO's and faux foods aren't included...I believe we need to cut the junk {body, mind & most importantly soul} in order to become who we're truly meant to be - and nutrition is vital to our entire being. •
I'd love to hear about you! Share with me something you're looking forward to with the warmer weather on its way!! {Or anything you want!} And I hope you enjoy this Shabbat as much I am!

My bottle says "clear mind" which is exactly what I'm trying to keep, despite the every growing to-do list {we're moving & there's just so much stuff 📦📦📦🚙} A great help to do that: keep my guts happy.
Seriously guys. Happy guts = happy life. No it's not the only factor, BUT it is a huge factor.
If your guts are unhealthy it actually affects numerous other parts of the body, including your mind.
One simple change: cut the junk, it's actually easier than we conjure it up to be: swap out your sugary drinks {like pop 🤢} for kombucha or water kefir.
Eventually, you'll be singing it's praises too.

For when you need to get stuff done. Or. For any occasion.

"In spring, new life appears out of what felt bleak. It's a time of planting new seeds, blooming, and celebrating. After winter, spring always comes. This is your fresh start." @laracasey

Tea is steeping, focus music is playing, essential oils are diffusing {3 drops clarity, 2 drops envision}, kids are in bed and the guests have gone home. It's now time to practice a little self-care by getting started on Powersheets & a goal-refresh. I know many take a bath or something of the like, but for me, a relaxing evening is going through my goals and seeing what's been accomplished, what needs to be adjusted and what needs to be set aside. Writing it all out is soothing. And I'm so looking forward to this one cause it's truly time for Spring!!

"The point of regret is not to try to change the past, but to shed light on the present." ~Journalist Carina Chocano

What a shift in perspective. Most of the time we're taught that regret is this terrible awful thing and we shouldn't live with regrets. Maybe, like many things, we're just need to shift how we look at it so it can benefit us instead of hinder us.

I had a big goal of finishing up my last course in my program I'm trying to complete, and I didn't think I'd make it... but then some how my husband had the day off...coincidence? Hmm...
So now to stay calm yet focused.
I love doing a variety of things to help me do just that {done my exercises & had my smoothie} so I'm adding oils into the mix today! Thanks to Katie @oil.breathe.repeat for sharing this calming, yet focused, Efficiency roller blend:
20 drops vetiver {anyone else think this one is super gooey??}
15 drops cedarwood
15 drops lavendar
15 drops frankincense {love love love this one!} Mix in a 10ml glass bottle {I reuse my empty oil bottles} and top with a carrier oil. Shake and roll! {She's got some more details in her post, so check her out of you're wanting to learn more about oils!}
Now to not waste my time...

Sometimes life can be hard. Winter is long; so many things demanding our attention; so much {mis}information out there; so many things taxing our bodies, minds & souls. •

And it all affects everything. Our cluttered minds steal from our presence. Our cluttered houses steal from our joy. Our cluttered diets steal from our health. No matter which way you look at it, we're allowing something to steal from something else. •

It's not surprising the staggering amounts of depression & other illnesses, which some say are growing in number. •

This is why it's important stay grounded. Grounded in our beliefs. Grounded in our faith. Grounded in our decisions to become the best version of ourselves we were created to be. •

Choosing to stay grounded doesn't mean it'll be easy all the time, or we'll never have "issues" but rather that we can keep moving through the hard things, not allowing the 'assaults of life' to keep us from moving forward & growing & pressing on. •

My main grounding choice: The Word of YHWH. He knows all the answers, He created it all after-all. I still have hard days {and truthfully hard months} but I keep going back to Him; to know how to move forward, to rest, for peace & wisdom. He's got it all and He I can have it. And He gave someone the wisdom to create really good organic gluten free beer. I'm sold. Shabbat Shalom. •

What are some ways you stay grounded when life feels turbulent?

"Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice." Psalms 96:12

While winter is most certainly still here, the daylight is lasting longer... Friday's are usually very full days of prep, today a miracle happened & I finished up most of it: but because of the beautiful weather I skipped sweeping & mopping and we went outside instead. Much better idea then making sure the floors were spotless. Fresh air, attempting to play on a snow-packed playground, deer watching, outdoor ice rink skating. •
I'm now very ready for Shabbat.

Ah! Today I reached another goal and am one step closer to becoming a Master Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach: I am now certified as a Holistic Cancer Specialist.
With cancer in the rise, what a blessing to be able to add this to my tool belt! While cancer is definitely a life-changing diagnosis, it doesn't have to be as scary as it is: with the right education, information and most of all support, a journey through {overcoming} cancer can actually be a positive one. I'm honoured to be able to go through that journey with others who need it to be a positive one.

Part of living a good life is eating good {real} food. And sometimes you've gotta try new "weird" foods in order to find good foods. Today my kids& I tried @crickstart cricket-olive crackers... couldn't even tell there were crickets in them! Gluten free, organic, simple ingredients you can not only read the name of but know what they are. Smeared 'em with @spreadem_kitchen beet & balsamic cashew dip. Worth a try to say the least. AND both companies are Canadian 😍

This year has been a year of many things I love: growth, life-giving activities, challenging thoughts, reflecting, perspective changes, spending time outdoors, learning, investing in my faith, marriage, children & self. It's been a good year. °
I wrote about my reflections today: movingupbodymindandsoul.com/reflections-on-a-year-gone-by/
Tell me your favourite growth experience from 2017 or some of your reflections of your year! °
Here's to a year gone by, and here's to a new year ahead, may it be full of more growth, good challenges, becoming more of who we're truly meant to be, and all of us moving up in body, mind & soul.

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