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It hasn't rained the whole time in Sedona. And last night before the storm blew in, a much required hike. #arizona #sedonaarizona #vortex #natural #nature_shooters #nikon #trip #traveling #hikinggear #hike #vagabond #movingon #photooftheday

Listening To You Within Me
PHOTOGRAPHY BY @emanuelgiella
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ada sebuah mata uang yang selalu berlaku disetiap masa dan itu adalah ilmu dan keterampilan. Jika anda tidak memiliki keduanya, maka anda tidak bisa membeli apapun.
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20 weeks of chemotherapy came to an end today. By far the most challenging 5 months of my life. It's in the past now, and I can move on to the next stage of this journey. I have learned a lot, my support system has grown beyond my imagination, my family has gone through every step of this with me, my relationship has become stronger, and I've realized I have the kind of friends who will show up every single time and never stop picking me up when I'm down. Needless to say I'll never be the same as I was before this experience, my world has been rocked too hard for that to be possible. But based on how I feel today, I'm going to be stronger and all around better than I was before. Thank you to everyone who sent a text, emailed, called to check on me, brought me a meal and lots of fresh juices, sent me a thoughtful card, the care packages, wrote a heart felt comment, and of course those who sat next to me through these long days in chemo. I would have fallen apart without all of the love I've been receiving. 16 rounds in the books. On to the next chapter... #fightlikeagirl #fcancer #chemowarrior #movingon

Thanks Mich for seeing it through to the end! You gave it everything! Time for the next chapter! #9married #marriedatfirstsight #breakup #movingon #nextchapter


Are you ready to date yet? Click on the link in my profile (or visit me on Facebook) for access to 7 important questions to ask yourself before you do! #breakup #dating #movingon #beyondtheblindside #healing #datingadvice

I got this printers drawer from "letgo". I conditioned it with teak oil and hung it at the top of the stairs of my little apartment. I filling it with life's simple little treasures. #movingon #letgo #naturesbeauty

I no longer will be with MAC. I'm glad I had the time over the 3.5 years to be with this company and to have learned so much and have gained so many friends out of it. I also accomplished something I never saw myself doing and gained so much knowledge.
It was a good time and regardless the circumstances I'm finishing it feeling great knowing I worked hard and impacted a lot of my team!
It's a chapter that's closed but I think it's a great thing because I'm ready to move on to something new! I'm excited for what's to come and definitely to have more time to focus on my studies and other personal things. I'm very close to reaching another of my goals with school that I'm ready to take it on!
I'm grateful for all the good and bad, for all the lessons learned and even more to see how much I've grown. I know what I want and I'm will take the steps to get there!
It's bittersweet to me but something deep down tells me it's all for the better. I'm in a good place in my life mentally and have great people around me so I can't complain, now I just have to think about my next move... And for all my fellow customers I'm will be freelancing so feel free to ask if you guys need anything 😁
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Yes one of my alter egos ia a spoken word artist😋Sometimes there are no explanations. People fall out of love. Same way they fall in.🍁 Not because they are ungrateful. No, that phase has just ended, unto the next one. It happens. All the time. That doesn't mean they betrayed you. Or took you for granted.🍁
We can't bend the heart, it dances to it's own beat.🍁
So you, yes please you, looking for explanations as to why, there are none. Set your self free & move on. Great things await you, the least of which is love.🍁
But only when you step forward will you find them. So go. Go be you. You're as beautiful single as you were in love. You just forgot. Here's a little reminder🍁
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Having a #ClearOut of all my #OldClothes that don't fit anymore. In the last 5 months I've gone from #XXL to #medium tops and 40 to 32 inch waist. Lost 25kg / 4 stone / 56 pounds. Mixed emotions chucking my entire #wardrobe out, but I never want to be able to fit in them again and #ILoveShopping so hey ho! #ExtremeWeightloss #Dubai #thecaloriecount #springcleaning #ownyourfat #movingon #newme #diet #fitness #calories #boom

There are bitter sweet moments when you walk the halls for the very last time. The halls that have changed your life, without a doubt.

Life gives you moments, gifts and opportunities you never imagined possible. Cherish those!!! Witnessing the beginning of life, the tears of pure joy in new parents eyes, as well as the tears of sadness as scared mothers and fathers cling to your words of hope for their precious, fragile and sickly baby.
These moments made me a nurse, more than any day in the classroom.

It is because of these moments, and the team that I worked countless tiered hours with, that I value and honour my nursing licence.

However it is the mother in me, that knows when it is time to go with the changing winds. That my family and our wellness have great things ahead of us.

So I say THANK YOU to each nurse who came to my side during critical moments, taught me skills i mastered and struggled with, and to the nurses I call my friends!
As a child I idealised Florence Nightingale, she set me for goals I achieved and a soul filled with accomplishment; a chapter in life now closed.

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