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This is my story.. This is my time. #movingforward👣

Your Perspective Is Always Limited By How Much You Know..Expand Your Knowledge And You Will Transform Your Mind..👤
😎Have A Nice Day World😎

I'm just in awe as to what's about to come into my life. God is shinning His light directly on me. What's getting ready to be released is going to be something great. #thankful #lwys #style #mensfashion #movingforward👣

Higher and Higher...dreams do come true. Follow your heart and use your mind.

LIFE will always try to make things difficult for you,but every time you overcome difficulties,you come out STRONGER.

#Every Summer has a story
#feeltheheat 🌞🌞🌞🏖🏖🏖

Just a quick now and last October pic. I have lost nearly 25lbs. I have realized that it doesn't matter what size I am, if I don't love myself I'm still not going to be happy. Hit a plateau, but gonna keep moving forward. #takingbettercareofmyself #loveyourself #movingforward👣

I see the many transitions and changing seasons that have taken shape in my life and I thank God for all the paths he has allowed me to walk on thus far🙏🏾 #appreciatingthejourney #movingforward👣 #lovingthewomanimbecoming #wce👑 #wcw

Dear God, I just wanna thankyou for everything for today, yesterday, tomorrow and forever, I'm thankful for my life. 🙏☝😊👊 -excuse sa pimple ko. HAHAHA 😂


LIFE will always try to make things difficult for you,but every time you overcome difficulties,you come out STRONGER.

#Every Summer has a story
#feeltheheat 🌞🌞🌞🏖🏖🏖

If you're not sure where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.

#staytrue #beconfidentinyourself #nothingtolose #movingforward👣 #beach #relax

Day 225

Now is it me or is the academy getting quieter? Or are post getting boring lol. Granted there a bit same e. So I'm going to try and jazz them up a bit. Not sure how but I will try.
So today has been a good day, almost.
Gym session this afternoon and half way through stiff leg dead lifts, the bottom of my back goes again!!!! I am now lost as to why?? I went and finished off on the leg press all was fine. Went on to a pull session, and apart from the deadlifts i completed everything. Even managed the run finisher from Monday that I missed.
So answers on a post card if you have any clue as to why my back is giving me grief!! Food today has been spot on. I have even tried a new food, avocados!! I had a chicken, bacon and avocado pita, loved it. So much so it's made it in to my meal prep this week. My little box with chicken, bacon, avocado and pita. All ready to be made when I want to eat it. Meals prepped for the next three days. So all good.
However I have coming up some long arsed late shifts. So I will need to rearrange my eating patterns for a few days. The good thing is I know how to do this now.
On another note, big weight of my mind today, as I became accountable for my future. Talking to a good friend of mine and putting it out there has made things real. I'm changing, life is changing. This is happening. I'm in control. It's my life!!! More studying today, got in a nice routine of working out, then spending an hour in the lounge at the gym, headphones on, no interruptions, getting shit done.
Onwards and upwards. Bring on the new chapter.
Keep it strong 💪 #weightofmyshoulders #mylife #movingforward👣 #onwardsandupwards

Day 224

Slight change of plan this morning, I was meant to hit the gym, but I was in so much pain from the bottom of my back, I felt it best not to. So I rested up instead.
Over the course of the day the pain has subsided, however DOMs in my arse and my legs has kicked in big time.
I didn't manage to get much done this morning, but this afternoon I managed more studying which is a good thing. Maybe I can get ahead of myself. Who knows.
Food has been good today. Missed breakfast, so made up for it at lunch. After this I didn't really eat much till late. Due to being busy and caught up in work. So now I have just under 1000 calories left to eat. Think by the time I go to sleep I can have this down to 500. This plus the 300 from yesterday is a good thing, but at the same time a bad thing.
I seem to have a hit more focus at the moment, so while I have it I'll use it.
In the gym though, think maybe I need to lower the weight a bit, just feel that I'm pushing so hard, it's putting me out of action for a day or two, causing me not to have enough time to complete the work outs for the week.
Keep it strong 💪 #keepitstrong💪 #movingforward👣 #restday #learning

I'm very thankful to be the owner of makeup artistry Champion and makeup Excellent Award! Hard work paid the price! I want to thank my family,love ones,relatives&friends support & concern!Thanks to my friends who let me keep practicing the makeup,even their domestic maid to be my practice projects! Love you all!💜💚💙💛💖 #ibebeautyexpo2017 #internationalcompetition #omcmakeup #hairdo #caucasianmodel #asiacarnival #carnivaldesigners #pearls #lace #red🌹💄👄💄👄 #awardwinner #makeupawards #signaturedesign#movingforward👣 #lifeiscolorful❤💜💚💙💛💖

International beauty expo Fantasy Double Awards Makeup Artistry Award Champion.& Makeup Artistry Award Excellent! This achievement make me feel so blessed,excited& surprised to be the owner of these Awards ! It was competitive as all makeup artistry designers comes with so many beauty masterpieces!The Asia carnival! Precious&memorable moments in my lifetime!!
#ibebeautyexpo2017 #internationalcompetition #champion #awardwinner #achievement💕 #practicemakesperfect👌 #stageimage #movingforward👣 #creativity #makeup #amandaprofessionalmakeup #lifeiscolorful❤💜💚💙💛💖

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