💥Happy 10th Anniversary 💥
🎬 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'
💥Trivia: All three previous Indiana Jones movies featured a Bond-like, mini-adventure introductory sequence that bore little or no significance to the main plot. In this film, the main story begins immediately after the opening credits, which includes the introduction of all of the main villains, along with the secret to the crystal skull.
💥Trivia: This is the only "Indiana Jones" film not to receive any Oscar nominations.
✔My Rating: ☆☆1\2 out of ☆☆☆☆☆
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Quite easily one of my favorite older movies
Total classic with such a fun story!
"April Fool's Day" 1986
-written by Danilo Bach
-directed by Fred Walton

Nine college students staying at a friend's remote island mansion begin to fall victim to an unseen murderer over the April Fool's Day weekend.

Deborah Foreman as Muffy
Amy Steel as Kit
Clayton Rohner as Chaz
Thomas F. Wilson as Arch
Deborah Goodrich as Nikki
Ken Olandt as Rob
Leah Pinsent as Nan
Griffin O'Neal as Skip
Jay Baker as Harvey
Tom Heaton as Constable Potter
Lloyd Berry as Ferryman
Mike Nomad as Buck
Fun Facts!
At the beginning of the film, Griffin O'Neal's Skip character is blamed for an prank-turned-accident which leaves a ferryman disfigured. In a bizarre case of life imitating art, O'Neal was indicted on manslaughter charges the following year for a drug-induced boating mishap that resulted in the death of Francis Ford Coppola's son Gian-Carlo Coppola.

While the crew was lighting a scene, Deborah Goodrich began reading a Cosmo questionnaire to her costars, which elicited a huge conversation that caught the attention of director Fred Walton. A few days later, Walton handed Goodrich the magazine and a new set of questions, and asked the actresses to improvise a scene which wound up in the final cut of the movie.

The cast assembled at a hotel in Vancouver just prior to filming and began hanging out to build a rapport and hone their characters to make it more believable that they were all actually friends.

Deborah Foreman came in early to audition for Muffy, but the director and producers didn't feel she was right for the part. They were close to signing several other actresses who backed out for various reasons. Foreman really wanted the part and petitioned for another audition - she blew everyone away the second time around and landed the role.

The film had an additional alternate ending scripted at one point. In that ending Muffy is left to believe she is alone on the island. Skip bursts out of a closet and 'cuts' Muffy's throat. She screams only to have the rest of the characters, thought to be gone, enter the room laughing - they pranked her back

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Joya and Jeff made the mistake of watching the movie "Biodome"! But they had a great time talking about: Real-life Biodomes, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Homeostasis, Music Torture, and "Biosphere 2"! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-70-garbage-patch-kids/id1178256962?i=1000411972701&mt=2


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What's your favorite scary movie? 🗣️👇

#wonderwoman #trivia 🗺 -Liam Hemsworth and Alexander Skarsgård were considered for the role of Steve Trevor. Liam Hemsworth's brother, Chris Hemsworth, and Alexander Skarsgård's father, Stellan Skarsgård, are part of Marvel's "Thor" films. -Steve flies a short-range aeroplane from Turkey to Themyscira, suggesting that the island is in the eastern Mediterranean. In most comic books, Themyscira is somewhere in the Atlantic. -Wonder Woman (2017) is the fourth installment in the DC Extended Universe, with Man of Steel (2013) being the first, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) as the second, and Suicide Squad (2016) as the third. #pattyjenkins #galgaldot #chrispine #robinwright #lucydavis #classicsuggestions #movietrivia

Congratulations, Camica!! #youreawinner #movietrivia #candbmarketing

The winner of the movie basket is *drumroll* Camica Salicco!! Thank you again to everyone that stopped by our booth at #businessconnection2018 and participated in our movie trivia!! #congratulations #youwin #movietrivia #candbmarketing #candb #marketing #advertising

#wonderwoman #trivia 🎞 -The scam that Sameer is running in the pub bears some resemblance to the notorious "Nigerian Prince" that was propagated via the Internet. He states that he is from an African country and describes his wealth in extravagant terms, thereby setting up the false offer of a share of his wealth in exchange for a small fee to help him extract it from his country. This form of scam, known as the Advance-fee scam, has existed in various forms since the 18th century. -The big fight on the beach was shot over a period of two weeks, involving two film units and six cameras. The shots in the scene were digital composites of two separate locations: one that had white cliffs in the background, and one with a beach big enough to accommodate the action. Director of photography Matthew Jensen said that, apart from shooting such a complex visual set-up with so many cameras, actors and stunt people, the biggest challenge was to keep the lighting consistent over two weeks of changing weather conditions. -After its domestic opening weekend, this film immediately became the highest grossing film about World War I (The Great War), and the first to gross over $100 million. #pattyjenkins #galgaldot #chrispine #robinwright #lucydavis #classicsuggestions #movietrivia

Lunchtime Funtime!!🔸🔸Reposting @lunchboxdad:
"Can you spot all of the movie references in this lunch? There are 7 of them!
I was thinking about #ThePrincessBride today so I thought I would share .... This is one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid, and my kids love it as well. Have you shown it to your kids yet? Let me know your favorite scene in the comments! .
🔸Container by #EasyLunchboxes
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#wonderwoman #trivia 🎟 -This film is banned in Lebanon because its star, Gal Gadot, is an Israeli citizen and Lebanon is officially at war with Israel. Like the authorities in Tunisia and Qatar who banned the film, the official "explanation" for it being banned in Lebanon was that Gadot had expressed positive views of her country (and the IDF) along with negative views of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, implying that if Gadot was an anti-Zionist they would not have banned the movie at all. -Director Patty Jenkins is a big fan of the 1970s television series and wanted Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner, who played Diana and Steve in that series, to make cameo appearances in this film. Unfortunately, Lyle retired from acting in 2005 and while Lynda was still active, she had conflicting schedules about her cabarets. -This is the first female-directed live-action film to have a $100 million+ budget. The film's estimated budget was $150 million. #pattyjenkins #galgaldot #chrispine #robinwright #lucydavis #classicsuggestions #movietrivia

Wonder what the plot is 🤔

From: https://www.google.com/amp/www.indiewire.com/2016/05/john-malkovich-robert-rodriguezs-film-100-years-will-be-displayed-at-cannes-before-2115-release-291273/amp/

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The last days Instagram was like an emotional rollercoaster ride for me... On the one hand I received a lot of lovely messages from people all over the world who really appreciate my work. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you!! ❤️ On the other hand I had to struggle with some accounts denying to give proper credit when using my pics or offering strange deals instead. ⚡️ (In that moments I almost felt like furious Carrie in this epic „Sex and the City“ scene 😉) I‘ll never understand why it is such a big thing just mentioning the person who originally took the pics... Well thanks again to everybody who makes Instagram a better place for content creators by giving positive feedback and never hesitating giving credits to the photographer. 📷 😘
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@ericrunn does A-Skips @kgstrengthtraining for warm-ups. Can you name this movie behind Eric??? #movietrivia #utahfitfam

#wonderwoman #trivia ✈️ -The top grossing film of summer 2017 in North America with a gross of over $410 million, the first time a live-action film with a female lead has led the summer box office since receipts were regularly tracked in the 1970s. -The discussion in the boat about "the pleasures of the flesh" was improvised. -The scenes of Themyscira were shot in Southern Italy, on the Amalfi Coast. Production designer Aline Bonetto said the location was perfect: "Italy had beautiful weather, a beautiful blue-green sea, not too much tide, not too much wave." #pattyjenkins #galgaldot #chrispine #robinwright #lucydavis #classicsuggestions #movietrivia

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