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10/10 people would buy popcorn at the movies if this was in the bucket 🍿
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🇱🇧BEIRUT🇱🇧 Do not destroy THE EGG ! pic by @luc_castel #design #architecture #landmark ----------- Famously called ‘The Egg’, the oval shaped movie theatre was part of the World Trade Center housed in the Beirut City Centre Building in downtown Beirut, Lebanon. Plans were drawn for twin office towers, as at the New York World Trade Center, but only one tower was built and that has now been demolished. Between the towers was a shopping centre (the first in Beirut), and perched on top of the shopping centre is probably the world’s most unusual designed cinema, in the shape of an egg.

The concrete structure was built as a 1,000-seat cinema in 1965, designed by Lebanese ‘modernist’ architect Joseph Phillippe Karem, who designed the entire project. In recent years, the building, battered by years of civil war, has been used as an alternative cultural venue, for raves, temporary art exhibitions and experimental theatre programmes.

It is currently owned by a real estate development company, and a large group of citizens are trying to make sure it doesn’t get demolished. It is one of the last original structures remaining from pre-war Beirut. I really hope that it is saved.

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S7E10: The Gum

🎥This past Sunday, Noah tried going to the movies to watch Sing! We went to the "dollar" theater so we weren't spending an awful amount on a movie that we may not actually get to see. He lasted about 45 minutes! (He has been to the movies before for Frozen when he was almost 11 months old!) Now daddy and I can't wait to finish the movie. It was so cute!! .
The reason why we left was only because Noah was getting a little loud and we didn't want to bother anyone (the place was packed!) This was just an everyday movie theater. His school books private viewings for our kids a few times throughout the year and next time they choose a movie that we think he would be interested in we will definitely go! .
When you're ready to attempt going to a theater, try packing their favorite snacks, toys, and things to fidget with. Also take a special blanket and/or stuffed animal if they have one. I took a picture of the theater so next time we go I will prepare him by signing "theater" and by showing him the picture. Try not to get too stressed out! Expect to not stay the whole time and if you do then WOW!! High five your kiddo and tell them how awesome they were! .
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"When you love someone you have to be careful with it, you might never get it again." A woman recieves a book written by her ex-husband, which details a violent revenge story, and puts her relationships in perspective. I was hyped for Nocturnal Animals since it stars three of my favorite actors: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michael Shannon. I didn't know much going in, but as the credits rolled I was shaken. If you love the art of filmmaking and are unafraid to confront the harsher sections of reality in a complex narrative, you have to see this film. Before I get into spoiler territory, I'll say that if you havn't seen it, Nocturnal Animals knocked La La Land out of my list of the top five films released it 2016. It may even have gone up to the top of that list. Now, some spoilers here... Nocturnal Animals is about several diffrent things, its narrative is controlled by Adams as she reads the more thematic story, so not only is the story about her and her life, but it's also about the relationship between fact and fiction. We see the "fiction" as harsh, realistic, and brutal, since in the fiction we are confronting the story of a man who's family is raped and then murdered. But, in "reality" the people around Adams are complaining about little things and nothing seems to have any value to them. In fact, people in "reality" seem to act more like fictional characters than the people in the book. It shows the process of a reader interpreting a novel, realizing which parts are related to their own life -like the death of the novel's protagonists family is relating the authors wife abandoning him- and which parts are too good to be true -like the cop who stretches and breaks the law to see the killers meet justice. Art and reality have a compatible relationship in Nocturnal Animals. Tragedy in fiction is used to expose tragedy in real life, and beautiful photography is used by the director to accentuate the harder scenes. Technical prowess aside, Ford has a wonderful and professional cast who bring their best to the film. It's really a remarkable, thoughtful, bleak, and exceptional experience!

At the the movie theater finally watching Beauty and the beast 💕💕💕💕 so I'll be quiet until it's over 😀

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🇧🇷 AMIGOS. Uma palavra atribuída a mtos em nossa vida. Mas prefiro manter apenas aos que fazem realmente parte dela DouglasFerreira e @monique_tedesco que tiro a foto 😍.
Filme muito bom Logan .
🎶Sob as manchas do tempo
Os sentimentos desaparecem.🎶.
. 🇺🇸FRIENDS. A word attributed to many in our life. But I prefer to keep only those who are really part of it DouglasFerreira and @monique_tedesco who shot the photo.
Good movie Logan.
🎶Under the stains of time
Feelings disappear.🎶 ------------------------------------------------------------
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#I only enjoyed this to about 80% in the #movietheater ... Let's try this again.. Shooting for 100% #today !
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🌬🌦⛅ ⬅outside right now!! I #LOVE it!!

The movie theatre: always a classic date night 🎥❤🍷 #repost @s.jserrano

Returned back to the movies today to see Beauty and the Beast again because I love it so much! Thanks for coming @teach2334
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Plaza Cinema Ottawa, KS. #movietheater #movies

We would show 1950's sci-fi films year round as well as movies like Earth vs the Flying Saucers... Anyone know how a 501c3 Nonprofit Foundation ==> (@utahufofest) could acquire a historic theatre in #CedarCity , #Utah and convert it into an #Area51 museum, #UFO Research facility/library, community theatre and gift shop - as well as a general location to host the #UtahUFOFest every year!? ;) #visitcedarcity #historiccedartheatre #movietheater #utahgram #tbirdnation #historic

Really hope to see this movie theater exist for another good 20 years. I love you Douglaston theater and the antiquity about it! ✨❤️
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Not exactly sure why this is even playing in theaters now but whatever. Great film btw. #reservoirdogs #quentintarantino #movie #movietime #moviereview #movietheater #cinemark

Aaand it was! Beauty and the beast took my heart 🎬 #cinema #movietheater #beautyandthebeast #disney #lovedit ❣️

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